Without the protection of Master Dan, the Qi of Heaven nourished by the spirit pulse seems to have sensed something, and it began to roll violently, and yet a strange roar emanated from it. The spirit pulse is slightly shaking, as if to come back to life.

Wang Guang didn’t delay time. He threw out the red sand bursts with a bite of his teeth and tried his best to encourage mana to begin to absorb. Under this full absorption, another diabolical surprise appeared in front of his eyes. I saw the endless air and water in the sky generally drilling into […]

Pearl will be caught by crows? Under the command of his master, he flew up and down, twitching from left to right, unwilling to be taken away by crows or caught by crows.

At that time, one wanted to hide, the other wanted to catch, and only the violent wind that the two armies were tossing in front of each other made it stink. The crows condensed by Fu Bing fought more and more fiercely, not only absorbing the mana of Fu Bing, but also croaking and barking, […]

Bang bang bang.

In this terrible moment, there are two creatures who explode into blood fog. Lin Dong, you will regret that you dare to kill us Shengguang Dynasty people. The day after tomorrow, you will be with the lost dog Li Sheng, whose pores are full of blood. He growled bitterly. Big brother won’t let you go. […]

Xiao Yan Lin looked at the tower-like figure, and a bright color appeared in his eyes. Xiao Yan seems to be stronger today than in the past, but his skin seems to be particularly rough and faint with a subtle purple and gold color.

This kind of fluctuation Lin’s eyes flashed, and he noticed a quite familiar wave from his childhood, which was Zufu’s power. It’s the owner of the universe who smiles and looks at a little inflammation and then nods, but he is satisfied with the owner’s choice of a new owner. Xiaoyan also took a smile […]

Hungry eyes can also be heroic?

Endure to laugh wildly impulse, her face twitched and nodded. After a big turn, she went to the small lounge to nurse her baby through the stunt of nursing Kang Jian. Lift up the cotton material and reveal the beautiful shape of the breast. The breast is a little bigger and a little firmer during […]