Here is a supplement to the growth of the blood-blue world. When Tianxin accidentally fell into the ancient yellow space, the predecessor of the blood-blue world, the science and technology of the ancient yellow space was highly developed. This so-called development means that compared with the weak bodies of the ancient Huang people, their science […]

These may not be what Mo Qin, a beautiful woman, is worried about. She is more concerned about the flow of high-level officials in China than the troops in China. She was most shocked by the news that 60,000 Chinese women went to China in the Star and China in the Capital years ago, which means that the two airspace China countries will make great progress in political and military affairs, which means that China countries will be more difficult to enemy.

Qian Yan’s demon king was trapped in Jiuchong Taiqing. She once asked the fangs assassins in the super bosses to assassinate the nine women of Hua Zhong, but it was a pity that the nine women of Hua Zhong were protected by the super bosses. The assassin always fails. In fact, the assassination failed, not […]

Without the protection of Master Dan, the Qi of Heaven nourished by the spirit pulse seems to have sensed something, and it began to roll violently, and yet a strange roar emanated from it. The spirit pulse is slightly shaking, as if to come back to life.

Wang Guang didn’t delay time. He threw out the red sand bursts with a bite of his teeth and tried his best to encourage mana to begin to absorb. Under this full absorption, another diabolical surprise appeared in front of his eyes. I saw the endless air and water in the sky generally drilling into […]

Although it is surprising that Real Madrid will keep an eye on Tomlinson, it is only reasonable in Mendes’ view. It is not said that Real Madrid had already taken an interest in Tomlinson before Ancelotti. Although the coach of Ancelotti is tottering, few Real Madrid are qualified to replace the Italian coach. Actually, it is based on this consideration that they have the idea of changing coaches, but they can’t risk finding a coach who is not as good as Ancelotti.

There is one thing before Real Madrid change coaches, that is, to find a coach who is at least better than Ancelotti. Of course, the so-called "better" is actually a very complicated and subjective screening condition. At present, the whole European football barely meets this condition, and there is a possibility that Lin Sen is […]

Qin Shaojie also attend to not top a lot of, two wings instantly wrapped himself up, just like a silkworm chrysalis, then, I felt that I was hit, qi and blood churned, and people were also smashed out far away by the differentiated lightning.

The power of this last lightning bolt was so powerful that even Xingtian was repelled. Even Yuyoko had to do his best to carry this lightning bolt to ensure that he was not injured. Although it was divided by the Xingtian’s square shield, its power was not weak. Qin Shaojie was already physically weak, and […]

Chapter three hundred and seventeen The beginning of history

Chapter three hundred and seventeen The beginning of history His mind soared tens of thousands of times, and at this time the chains wrapped around his soul disappeared without a trace. Demon Road is lying quietly beside the yellow pool, letting the years pass without any signs of waking up. It’s just that the array […]

"This Poseidon fork material is good, unfortunately, refining it, but it seems to be a layman. Only simple materials will be piled up. However, the conditions are enough in the future. Why don’t I just "recycle" the Poseidon fork and re-smelt it into a new spiritual treasure? "Qin Chu will only have a shell Poseidon fork and throw it to Xiaobai.

Removed the ban around, the movement outside, then clearly came to my mind, Qin Chu heart induction, he looked up and looked over to the new town. "How can there be such a powerful energy fluctuation?" Qin Chu eyebrows a wrinkly, he is now a powerful yuan god, can clearly sense the violent energy fluctuations […]

Pearl will be caught by crows? Under the command of his master, he flew up and down, twitching from left to right, unwilling to be taken away by crows or caught by crows.

At that time, one wanted to hide, the other wanted to catch, and only the violent wind that the two armies were tossing in front of each other made it stink. The crows condensed by Fu Bing fought more and more fiercely, not only absorbing the mana of Fu Bing, but also croaking and barking, […]

Bang bang bang.

In this terrible moment, there are two creatures who explode into blood fog. Lin Dong, you will regret that you dare to kill us Shengguang Dynasty people. The day after tomorrow, you will be with the lost dog Li Sheng, whose pores are full of blood. He growled bitterly. Big brother won’t let you go. […]