Heart aunt looked at this suddenly more mature than they are, and her daughter’s last stubbornness in her heart was completely broken, and her palm caressed her heart, her soft hair, and then she nodded her teeth, and then she started the ancestral soul temple.

My heart is clear and my cheeks are always colored. Thank you, Mom. Aunt Xin wiped tears from her cheeks and said, If you fail, this world will never be Kyubi no Youko again. One day, I will recruit people to announce the news, and then I will send you to the ancestral hall. hum […]

Zhang Jun, who got the order, recovered from a serious illness. He entered the stock price code word for word. Now he needs to gently tap a keyboard to determine that the stock price is at 551. Zhang Jun is still hesitating and expecting a higher stock price. At this time, Yang Jiahui has reached out and tapped a keyboard, which is easy to complete in an instant.

Why are you so greedy to observe discipline? Yang Jiahui said mercilessly Zhang Jun smiled foolishly and then leaned back in his chair. Now his heart is completely relaxed. When he came to Yang Jiahui, he suddenly asked you why you didn’t sell a stock of Zhongtian Technology. I’m optimistic about this company. I think […]

In Huatianzong, Song Yun, an enemy of Fang Qingzhuo Song Yungen, had long thought that Fang Qingzhuo would succeed. Although almost everyone thought that Song Yun would definitely fail to challenge Fang Qingzhuo after three years, Fang Qingzhuo Gen would not give Song Yun a chance to grow up. He would not kill Song Yun in the cradle after three years.

I have to say that Fang Qingzhuo is very ruthless and very clever in killing the threat in the shape. Even if the threat looks so ridiculous and inconspicuous, this is the smartest way, which Song Yun appreciates very much. Although they are enemies, it is already an endless situation, but Song Yun has to […]

To expand the feather forest is to deal with those monsters outside the city. Su Mu looks very upset. He is a feather forest body. I’m afraid many of my brothers will go outside the city to destroy monsters. This death and injury will be quite huge. It will be much better to join the gas refiner in the new army of feather forest.

My father is going to be right about this matter. Today, when I came, I was already refining the gas in Zhen Zhen. Have you ever heard of the red-violet temple? Leitian is still arrogant, so that Zhen Zhen’s gas can’t always get along, but Zhen Zhen, who plays the red-violet temple in vain, can’t […]

Hehe, Lin Dong’s younger brother didn’t come to see his sister for so long, but you forgot others. When he was leafing through some files, Dong Su raised his charming face and smiled at Lin Dong, which was charming.

Lin was a little too much for a quick laugh. The beauty manager, who exudes a mature and elegant charm, teased her. She knew that Dong Su’s age was actually a big deal, but Xia Zhilan could also call her aunt because of her seniority. Come on, what’s the matter with your sister? Dong Su […]

Xiao Yan Lin looked at the tower-like figure, and a bright color appeared in his eyes. Xiao Yan seems to be stronger today than in the past, but his skin seems to be particularly rough and faint with a subtle purple and gold color.

This kind of fluctuation Lin’s eyes flashed, and he noticed a quite familiar wave from his childhood, which was Zufu’s power. It’s the owner of the universe who smiles and looks at a little inflammation and then nods, but he is satisfied with the owner’s choice of a new owner. Xiaoyan also took a smile […]

Shut up, Long Yin, raise my hand and angrily drink the wind. This visit is sincere. General Lin, you are really too radical. Don’t take it amiss when he turns to the wind.

The emperor must never slack off. Carrying a lance into the palace is a dangerous emperor, which is equivalent to rebellion. How can it be a precedent? Anyone who enters Tianlong Gate will be discharged by the guards, but this person still has a lance. It depends on the rules in my palace, but he […]