The strength and width of meridians have been greatly increased by several times. Compared with the imperial strength, the meridians are running at a speed of dozens of times stronger than the imperial strength, although the difference is one level, but they are like a qualitative change.

Zi Fu Yuan Ying Xing Qi opened her eyes, and two flame clouds were no longer trodden by Xing Qi to form two ties, which wrapped around Xing Qi like two streamers of clear red.
Xingqi’s random thought, deep flame and polar flame of ice flame, rushed up with the spirit force in the major meridians of Xingqi body. This time, there was no discomfort except a little candle pain.
Whoo! The golden light of the cave suddenly turned into red and clear, and the red and clear polar flames quickly rotated from head to toe, and then suddenly turned into two fire snakes again, which were sucked into the stomach by Xingqi.
At this time, Starkey also opened his eyes and a huge fist was smashed forward by Starkey! The golden light of Xingqi’s fist flashed unfathomable, and a huge hole hundreds of meters long and tens of feet long was smashed alive.
Peng hundreds of meters collapsed peak rock suddenly exploded again, and a strong gas rushed to the surface, and a golden light flew out of the wall rock.
"Ha-ha, this is the strength of the statue. Ha-ha, this is the strength of the body." A quarrelling man wrapped in golden dust on the cliff stood up and laughed wildly, and a statue of momentum spread out from the body
Laughing in the footsteps of a young man in a purple and gold robe, pondering with his eyes and hitting the Ke family.
"The venerable boss has reached the venerable rank!" Bai Yu, Shuang Tian, Le San and Xue Yang’s master broke rapidly and arrived at the stop for a few miles. The purple-haired young man was dancing with a strong breath.
Star strange smiled at the arrival of white, and nodded his head to Yan Feiyang and Huamu, thanking him. His eyes turned to look at Ke Meng scale, an angry and murderous machine locked to Ke Meng scale and others.
"Are you a member of Ke family or a hand of Ke Mo? Did Ke Tuo bring you here for the stain?"
Cuomo and Ketuo both looked weak with the flashing eyes of Xingqi, but they still got up the courage to binge drink, "Hum, it’s also right for Xingqi to get a little interest for taking my Kejia brand and family order. You’d better be smart enough to hand over my family’s things and Violet Crystal. Seeing that your young talent is abnormal, it’s a rare talent. We Kejia can also let bygones be bygones or hum."
"Otherwise, how do you want to kill me? Let Ke Jia get away with it. Ke Jia is so grand and generous. I’d like to see Ke Jia. Let bygones be bygones. Haha"
Xingqi laughed wildly at Cuomo’s hand, Ketuo, with a face of disdain.
"Hum! I was not afraid of you when I was fighting the emperor, and I was not afraid of you when I was fighting the emperor. Even more, I was not afraid of you when I was fighting the emperor. "
Xingqi was humming with great momentum, but it shocked Como’s hand, Ketuo, with two eyes and two ears.
"Hum even if you are a statue, but your family? Don’t you want to let your family be buried with you! " Como hand retreated to Como scale side still threatened.
Master "die bucket emperor unexpectedly dare to threaten" star, a face of Yin kill into a golden light.
For Cuomo, Xingqi has been killed. The family of Xingqi has always been a rib of Xingqi. This Cuomo hand has directly committed the biggest taboo of Xingqi.
Actually, when Xingqi learned that these people who wanted to sneak attack on themselves were Ke family members, Xingqi thought that he had no one to lose anything. Forget it for the time being, and wait until his family strength is certain before getting even with Ke family members.
However, I didn’t expect Cuomo to say that his family was threatened. A powerful family like Kejia, especially Cuomo or Kejia, is extremely cruel. People must have done something to destroy others’ families.
Xingqigen doesn’t want to bet on whether Kejia will really dare to move. Xingqi, who has a strong family, would rather kill the crisis than let Xingqi, who is hiding, feel that Kejia is completely antagonistic.
"Not good!" I heard that Cuomo’s hands were so naked that they threatened to light up again.
Zheng! The figure of the green light flash star strange is too fast, so fast that Ke Meng’s dirty sword is ready, and it also sweeps the back of Star strange, and Star strange has gone straight through Cuomo’s chest hall with one hand.
"Well, if you dare to threaten me, I will be prepared to die." With the cruel words of Xingqi, Xingqi suddenly shot a powerful knife.
Bang, I was smashed into Cuomo’s hand with the help of StarCraft, and my eyes suddenly stared. When I wanted to say something, I was violently cut by StarCraft’s hand and civilized into thousands of flesh foam.
Zheng! Ke Meng scale holds the green light sword and is stabbing the star’s waist, but it is like being blocked by something. As the star suddenly rises up, the sword is glowing with green light and bent into an arc, but the green sword is hard to swing away.
"How can it be impossible? Absolutely impossible?" Ke Meng’s scale exclaimed. He didn’t care about the death of Ke Mo’s hand, but he even broke his own sword and made Ke Meng’s scale as heavy as an ice valley.
Previously, the palm didn’t see clearly, but Xingqi could explain by what artifact was blocked, but this sword can’t be said any more. Xingqi can’t always know that his sword is going to hit his waist. Let the Excalibur block his waist.
Staring at Xingqi’s eyes suddenly and violently, he turned angrily, and Ke Menggui feared that the enemy was strong and not terrible, and he had to fight hard. But in front of him, Xingqi just let himself be cut and his skin was not broken, so the enemy was the first time that Ke Menggui met him.
"You’re not a person, not a person." Ke Mengguan looked at Xingqi and backed up in fear. I didn’t know that with such a baby as Xuan Shu Xuan Yi, Xingqi Ke Mengguan was a monster in his eyes, a monster that he couldn’t kill himself.
Now the shock is not only that Ke Meng’s scale watched the smoke fly, but both Yang and Huamu almost fell to the ground, and several people in Xueyangmen also stared at Xingqi with incomprehension and fear as if they wanted to be mad.
"escape!" In fear, Ke Meng’s dirty consciousness turned into a meteor and shot away in the distance.
"Hum sneak attack I want to escape is not so easy" howls several knife mans from the star strange body suddenly and violently shot out of the scattered KeGu all.
Whoo! Yang Fei and Hua Mu, who were smoking cigarettes, suddenly opened their eyes again and couldn’t believe that the stars turned into a streamer and rolled into an arc. As soon as they rushed to several miles away, they just stopped Ke Meng’s scale from turning into a meteor.
Bang bang! The stars scattered and the knife gas hit the five Kegudou emperors, and they were violently scattered by the knife gas, and all of them were violently scattered into blood flowers, while the seven Kegudou emperors who were killed were even more hurriedly fleeing for their lives.
Hum! After hearing the sudden sound behind him, I looked at my family’s five emperors and turned into a pool of blood. Ke Meng’s dirty face was even more numb, but when I turned my head and looked at the front, Ke Meng’s dirty face was even paler.
Whoo! Ke Meng’s scale stopped more than 30 meters away in front of Xing Qi, gasping for breath, and Ke Meng’s scale trembled.
This Xingqi is really not a person. He didn’t even let himself get hurt, but he couldn’t even escape. Looking at Xingqi’s calm face, it shows that Xingqi is waiting for this early. How fast is this? Is it just promoted to Dou Zun and has strength?
"The so-called friends in Xingqi Pavilion are not easy to pick up. On behalf of Kejia, I apologize to Kejia. I am willing to redeem Geziyan Crystal at a high price. How about Kejia’s heavy money or heavy treasure?"
Ke Meng’s scale suddenly smiled at Xingqi and leaned down to accompany him.
"I can’t escape Ke Menggui today, but I’m also the elder of my Ke family. I have the elder and the second elder of Samsung Dou Zun." Seeing that Xing Qi was indifferent, Ke Menggui was indifferent with his eyes closed.
"Then you can go to hell!" With his eyes closed, Ke Menggui didn’t hear Xingqi’s movement for a long time, and he signed up himself to shock Xingqi’s face. His smile was still alive, and a cold sound rang in his ear.
"poof!" A silver broadsword was propped up from Ke Meng’s dirty body through Ke Meng’s dirty dementia. Looking at this new broadsword drinking his own blood, he slowly turned to look at Xingqi.
"You know, I hate threatening you, but you can’t live." Xing Qi gently whispered Ke Meng’s dirty words, and Luo Yan’s knife suddenly and violently smashed the rotten knife.
Boom A sudden explosion and a shower of blood and stars wrapped in golden quarrelling with one hand holding a mustard knife and heading for the dense forest outside Heyang City.
He Yang City is more than 20 miles away! Three figures, one red, one silver and one blue, rowed through three figures, and three figures broke out with three powerful momentum, rapid and powerful, and the momentum dragged behind them, which brought a * * wind to all the places where the three people had been.
【 Chapter 376 Provocative 】
Peng! Three huge meteorites and meteor-like curtain colors are shining brilliantly. Huaguang passed by the edge of Heyang City, and it was like a bamboo. It hit the strong wind of the Kiel Mountains, and the whole Heyang City was violently broken and the wind screamed constantly.
There are three meteors in Heyang City, and the pressure is shaking again, but the whole people in Heyang City are noisy, and the night falls. More than 100,000 people in Heyang City are looking at the direction of the Kiel Mountains.
It’s another master who wants to fight the Qier Mountains. There are two masters who have fought the Qier Mountains. The residents of Heyang will know that this is another master who fights the Qier Mountains.
It is absolutely fear for ordinary people to feel the power of non-human talents, but it is also fear and fear for the people of Heyang City after many wars for the first time, but it is extremely exciting for the second time. Heyang is a bit wild, and the citizens still have to go out of the city to the Chil Mountains to realize the power of the master.
The night wind blows slowly in the Chier Mountains, and the scene is quiet. Six meteors rush in and turn into six figures. The stars are far away from the seven bucket statues, and the wind blows to several bucket statues, and the wind is scattered.
It turned out to be six fights and five fights except blood Yang. The position of the statue was obviously surrounded by the stars, white and happy, and three people were completely dumbfounded
The newcomer is the enemy, and the boss of Xingqi is in danger. From these, the momentum given off by the statue of fighting is that the emperor of two small stars can tremble and feel that the strength of these five statues of fighting is far greater than that of the boss of Xingqi.
Now these fucking fights have five enemies and one plan, which makes Xingqi surprised the man of God, white, and two days are not lucky for Xingqi. The two of them are cursing several fights in their hearts and shamelessly praying for Xingqi’s boss to escape safely.
Xing Qi, with Luo Yan’s knife in his hand, scanned his eyes and rushed to the six big fights. The master smiled and showed strong confidence.
However, Teutonic, Violent Mountain and other bucket statues have carefully looked at these. In recent years, the purple and golden hair of the famous crane-raised youth can’t hide his fine black and bright black eyes, but he is full of pride, even if he is indifferent to himself.
This indifferent mind really makes people sit up and take notice, but this arrogant momentum makes people appreciate the four fights, and they not only think of being such a genius in their hearts.
Teutonic statue of four fights looked at the newly-built statue of Star with a confident smile, and was relatively fearless of himself. Wait and look at it indifferently. Blood and yang all looked gloomy and uncertain.
Is it because Xingqi really relies on something or is he guilty that he calms himself? Teutonic Four Fighters can’t hold it in his heart, but Xingqi just entered the honour level and easily killed Kejia One Fighter. This is a fact before his eyes.
From Ke Nanfeng, I know that Kejia’s piece of black gold medal that can quickly promote the practice is so fast that the black gold medal is suspicious, but the practice skills of Xingqi are definitely different
The black gold medal means that Qi Hengguo’s imperial capital has reached a consensus that no one can take it for himself, but Xingqi’s achievement method has made the four fights more and more successful, and it can easily slay the masters who have been promoted to the same level for many years. It has been said that Xingqi’s achievement method is very powerful.
In addition to the blood yang, the three forces of Kejia, Qishamen and Sunset Mountain are fighting against each other, and they all have ideas that you can’t get even if you can’t get others.
Between such ideas, such a strange situation has been formed. Ke Nanfeng wants to kill Xingqi for revenge, but he has to face both Teutonic and Violent Mountains, but Teutonic and Violent Mountains have other scruples.
Another bucket of the family has fallen, but another bucket of the family has fallen. Ke Nanfeng’s eyes have become as deep as a forest when he looks at the bloody rain and the blue rainbow that is directly inserted into the ground.
Powerful, tyrannical and murderous like a storm, Ke Nanfeng’s heart is brewing. If it weren’t for the Teutonic and violent mountains on one side, the emperor warned Ke Nanfeng to dial the sword and kill him.
"I have seen the master!" "Seen blood statue" Yan Feiyang led a few blood Yang masters and flowers and trees to bow to the blood Yang with a smile on his face. "Well, Fei Yang left you a few people from there to remember that you are not where you stay." Blood Yang nodded indifferently and smiled at flowers and trees, waving his hand to let blood Yang let people go back to Heyang Villa.
Yan Feiyang and Hua Mu flew to the side of Blood Yang, and Yan Feiyang explained what was happening to Blood Yang.
At that time, Xue Yang learned from Ke Nanfeng that the family actually had a bucket of honour and took more than a dozen bucket-level imperial masters to encircle the Star Family in Heyang City. When Xue Yang came, he hurried back.