"Well, well, I really learn from beautiful sisters. My junior high school classmates often show me what I can do."

Liu Yu, a dead pig is not afraid of scalding water.
But Ruoqiu was furious.
Junior high school. This is incredible.
"Did you harm Hu Niang in junior high school?" If autumn stare big eyes.
"Lie trough! Am I that kind of person? "
Liu Yu, this is called recruiting the black.
Besides, I completely confessed that.
"Then why don’t you tell me honestly?" If Qiu is angry at losing.
The explanation of "it’s just a small video, they showed it to me" just made sense.
"I said, why are you so bad? It turned out that junior high school was bad!"
If Qiu is at ease, but her face is still very impolite, it is normal for a girl to come to Taiwan.
Everyone understands
If you get up in the autumn and get breakfast, Liu Yu won’t go out today and sit on the sofa and watch the news quietly. It happened that the incident was reported last night.
It is said that that guy Tang Kang has been greatly praised for this and is expected to be promoted.
"He! Him! Him! "
At this time, an indignant voice came, and people didn’t see this swearing voice almost all over the community.
Liu Yu tilted his head lazily.
Ah ….. I found that our sauce is so handsome.
"Yo, what’s so hot about killing Mr. Matt this morning?"
Autumn name Tang that call a face of bad luck "I was a ghost last night, I had nightmares by four female the ghost lun ah lie trough and I got up and found my hotel! !”
When he said this, Qiu Mingtang’s hands shook.
It can be seen that I was served in place by several female ghosts last night.
Liu Yu frowned with a ghost, which is harmful to strangers’ health. It is a trivial matter that the yang is sucked away. If it is full of evil spirits, it will easily lead people astray.
"What’s the matter with you? I didn’t say let you touch him." Liu Yu looked at the four female ghosts.
"Adult pardon … please listen to our explanation"
Four spectres were scared and quickly knelt down.
If these four spectres are too vicious, they can’t stay on the cliff, and they can be beaten to death.
"Yeah … well, last night, we wanted to play a trick on him, but we never imagined that this person had an impure mind and touched himself in the evening … we helped him solve it without holding back …"
Liu Yu took a few shots in the face?
Four female ghosts are different from each other. "Six cannons …"
Six cannons, I’ll go!
Qiu Ming Tang, your life is really hard. You can walk back without saying that you climbed back.
Liu Yu tortured the four ghosts and banned them from playing for three months as a punishment.
"Sister … you see what’s wrong with me. Give me some medicine."
Qiu Ming Tang is also afraid of death. He seriously suspects that he has sleepwalking.
"You deserve to be sick."
I’ve heard that ghosts tempt you, especially ghosts. If you knew it, you shouldn’t have let you go to your room with ghosts. You are the second best person in history after the great god Ning Caichen.
Ghost, you are definitely a first-class expert.
"ah? Not a brother-in-law … I think the virtual brain circuit is a bit hard to come over. "
Qiu Ming Tang’s face is a little white with a pair of kidneys overdrawn.
"What did you dream last night? Give yourself a sigh? "
Liu Yu didn’t good the spirit said and then turned to let Ruoqiu make some tonic soup for this little one tonight.
There is still half a day before the late appointment
Liu Yu took Ruoqiu Street for a walk.
This time, Ruoqiu didn’t give herself any courtesy-she added a lot of expensive clothes, Naixiang’s bag and Yan Hong high heels.
We’ve talked about it in a circle, 700 thousand
She came out of a poor family and really didn’t enjoy it.
But Liu Yu is rich and free.
Everything was put in the trunk of the car, and the two of them continued to go shopping and eat.
Don’t pretend to be forced to take a vacation today
Two people will get home at seven o’clock in the evening.
Qiu Ming Tang’s face is a little better after a day’s sleep, but his hands are still shaking and his back is still sour.
When preparing to approach the point, Liu Yu drove away and went straight to Yao’s house.
At the same time, the Yao family has prepared a banquet to wait for the’ Master Liu’
"Xiao Ran is getting faster now. Why didn’t he come?"