However, after all, Yin and Yang Avenue is the top ten avenues in the ranking. When Yin and Yang Avenue was completed, it was not obvious that he was especially now. Sun Hao practiced Yin and Yang Avenue in dzogchen. Finally, Sun Hao suddenly found that Yin and Yang Avenue also produced a powerful magical power.

The effect of Yin-Yang Gate is that one thought of Yin-Yang and one thought of life and death is powerful, and Sun Hao’s understanding of Yin-Yang Avenue directly generates an avatar. This avatar needs Sun Hao’s ghost spirit and wizard spirit to work together to display specific effects. If it needs to be tested in actual combat,
After practicing at this stage, Sun Hao already has six ultimate paths in dzogchen, namely Samsara Avenue and Shidao, which have generated powerful magical powers. Unexpectedly, Yin and Yang Avenue has also generated magical powers.
That is to say, at this moment, Sun Haoshen Avenue avatar has three.
What is this concept?
This is equivalent to Sun Hao’s ability to directly challenge the imaginary world, that is, the strength of Brother dzogchen who practiced three ultimate avenues.
Of course, I don’t know if there is such a friar in the virtual world
Sun Hao, however, realized the change of his magical power and couldn’t help laughing happily.
Step by step, I am getting closer and closer to the avenue.
By now, Sun Hao’s strength has reached a very high level. When the magical powers of three kinds of avenues appear, the appearance of Yin and Yang gates will directly push Sun Hao’s combat effectiveness to the level of almost reaching the apex of the virtual world.
Of course, today is destined to be the time for Sun Hao to achieve great success.
I don’t know how many years it took Sun Hao to digest it. It’s the head of King Kong but the God of King Kong Yuan. The energy contained in it is so vast.
A steady stream of true yuan poured out from the Yuan God to Sun Haozhou.
This rushing speed makes Sun Haomai’s network branch practice expand like a flood.
Jianmu swayed his trunk, absorbed enough energy and kept climbing into the void.
King Kong’s skull is a white-eyed king Kong Yuan God, which can transform dark matter too.
King Kong doesn’t know how many years it has accumulated.
If it is normal, it is impossible for Sun Hao to refine a white hole, even if it is destroyed.
However, it happened that King Kong’s skull was identified as a bio-type that can be refined, and it was just that King Kong Yuan God was so powerful and had such a transformation ability that he could well restrain the white hole.
After years of nibbling, Sun Hao’s sumeru condensation tower helped Wu’s spirit and ghost’s spirit finally digest King Kong Yuan God bit by bit and accepted the whole huge energy of King Kong’s head.
At this moment, Sun Hao’s three avenues at the same time, dzogchen’s massive and pure energy spewed out.
Avenue comprehension condition overfulfilled
Pure energy can make the pulse network branch practice feel bloated, and it is natural that all the promotion conditions have been achieved.
Sun Haoyuan shook his eyebrows slightly in the long whistle, and his body shone with light golden light. Mahayana made a mid-term breakthrough.
Sun Hao advanced strongly into the late Mahayana period.
Sun Hao, who has no friar around him, just floated up and laughed in the Yuan God. After going through the dangerous road, he was only one step away from the real zenith of the virtual world, Mahayana dzogchen
Even if it’s successful, it’s all right, Johnson. At this moment, Sun Hao’s heart is still full of unspeakable joy
It is not easy! Finally, I took another step.
After a long time, the secret and Luo Pengfei floated from it and left and right. Sun Hao was slightly shorter than Sun Hao by half a head. Qi Qi Lang said, "Congratulations to Daoyou for going further and climbing the peak again."
Sun Hao laughed, "Happy with Happy"
The three men looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was indeed the same joy and joy.
Tao cat and Luo Pengfei are Sun Hao’s deputy souls with some independent will, but the roots have completely accepted Sun Hao’s will and volunteer, that is, they are one with Sun Hao.
Sun Hao’s ability to fight alone in the late stage of advanced Mahayana has reached the mid-term level of Mahayana, but it has surpassed their past level.
This is why they never thought of progress in those years.
In particular, Tao cat sensed the change of his body, and thought about the past of Professor Sun Hao, a young boy, and couldn’t help sighing.
Luo Pengfei’s feeling is also quite profound. Congratulations to Sun Haohou, but he said to the Tao cat, "You always press me a little before the nose. Hey hey, I’m afraid I’ll be a little better than you from now on."
Yes, Luo Pengfei Avenue is the reincarnation avenue, and Sun Hao’s practice is the second ultimate avenue. Luo Pengfei’s sentiment has been strengthened. Now Sun Hao’s reincarnation avenue dzogchen has far surpassed his past level, and his strength has faintly overwhelmed the causal avenue.
Tao Tianji smiled and said slowly, "Don’t be too happy. It won’t be long before the agarwood practice speed causal avenue comes. Maybe I can crush you again after the agarwood causal avenue dzogchen!"
Luo Pengfei didn’t argue with Tao’s secret about who would suppress who. Actually, it’s meaningless to argue about this. They are all Sun Hao, the two branches of Sun Hao’s will. Actually, Sun Hao’s two distractions can’t fight each other.
Luo Pengfei is hey hey smiled a few big mouth said "no, what do you think? Will the causal avenue be so easy to understand? "
Tao Tianji said with a smile, "The difficulty of understanding the reincarnation avenue is not much weaker than that of the causal avenue!"
Sun Hao burst out laughing.
Tao cat and Luo Pengfei also laughed.
Luo Pengfei smiled at two pairs of Sun Hao and said, "Aquilaria sinensis, I’ll sink into the eyes of reincarnation and seriously realize that this strange eye can see if I can master his magical way. If it’s against you, I can do less and give it to me."
Sun Hao said with a smile, "Then please Daoyou."
Tao cat chuckled, "The old devil has mastered the eye-turning, hey hey, agarwood. You should go easy. Don’t stare at someone who is pregnant then …"
Luo Pengfei one leng instantaneous burst out laughing again stare who who is pregnant this can have.
Chapter DiErJiu Two Ancestors Return
The jade virtual palace has a long white light shining on the four continents around it, which are like four huge pearls hanging around it and slowly rotating around it.
Yuxu Palace Terran Holy Land
The terran foundation of the mainland around Yuxu Palace is called Terran Four Stars.
These four stars are sin star, holy star, magic star and war star respectively.
From ancient times, the terran four stars were not generated in one generation, but were retrieved from generation to generation and hung around the Jade Palace.
Don’t Samsung is like this. I don’t know which Terran will be able to move back. It’s too old to be verified.
The origin of the war star, but the Terran is wide and fascinating.
More than a thousand years ago, the Terran was faced with a catastrophe. The fairy land Dima Fairyland was about to fall, and it was said that it was a virtual beast like a fly.
The Terran has two ancestors, Sun Haosun and Chen Xiang, who always control Abel’s war star to be born and fight for thousands of years to save the people from fire and water and destroy the diamond in nine days.
Compared with the world war I, the world was shocked by the ghosts and gods; The first world war was thrilling …
War star power resounded through the universe
The second ancestor won a great victory and returned to the war star to achieve the brand-new Terran holy land outside Yuxu Palace. The fourth star is also the most desirable spiritual place for all Terran monks at this stage.
An absolutely unique ratio of Abel war star
For thousands of years, a terran monk has been able to board Abel War Star. Whoever can board Abel War Star once will benefit his generation and brag about it.
Abel war star has too much composition. It is said that it is the remnant of virtual King Kong who was injured and splashed down.
The biggest feature of Taizi is that it can improve the monk’s spiritual constitution qualitatively. Many monks encounter bottlenecks and can break through in an instant if they turn around Abel War Star.
It is said that there are no civilians or mortals on Abel War Star, and even mortals can practice martial arts when they arrive at War Star, and their descendants can generate spiritual roots with high quality.
Abel’s war star has really surpassed Terran, and his mainland has become a real monk’s longing for spiritual practice star.
However, compared with other mainland Abel war star access conditions are also ridiculously high.