Jade Qing master one leng, she didn’t expect this person to be so generous, not only to give it, but also to react after five people took the flying sword and said with a smile.

"I didn’t expect you to be so generous, and I’m not sentimental. If you have anything to do after the sword is collected, I will never refuse. I hope we can help each other."
Helping each other is her goal. At first, she begged Master Youtan to transfer from western magic to Buddhism in the hope of having a positive result, but
Master Youtan accepted Qi Xiaer as a servant.
It’s not that it’s difficult for a man to get less if he gets less. She likes to get attached everywhere, just hoping to find some help and finally get a positive result.
Although not too white, Master Yu Qing thought, but Song Chang-geng showed his kindness to Master Yu Qing several times, but he saw it in his eyes. He knew that this friend could make friends with each other enough to be his friend. Obviously, Master Yu Qing also thought so.
Dai Xiangying and Xu are still there begging Song Changgeng, but they ignore him. He was just about to take some disciples to some introductory methods. A Zhuang Ding came to report that the red-faced Taoist priest is back.
Bai Qi, they hurriedly said to ask Song Changgeng to know that two days ago, Dai Xiangying and Xu went to Lvjia Village alone in anger, and the result was caught by the other magician.
Bai Qi and Ling Yunfeng went to save them, but they were almost caught. Later, a red-faced Taoist rescued them. When they came back, they knew that the Taoist was Emei’ Wan Li Feihong’ Tong Yuanqi.
When I was in Ciyun Temple, Song Changgeng met him on the 16th day of the first month, but neither of them said anything. I didn’t expect to see him here again. It seems that there is a defected brother opposite him.
Wan Li Feihong’ Tong Yuanji came in and saw Song Chang Gung here, too. He couldn’t help talking to Master Jade Qing without even talking to him.
Song Chang Gung knew that he was still angry that he had switched to the Qingcheng School and pulled Shuangying to keep things. This man was so tolerant that he couldn’t help shaking his head and was not in the mood to argue with him for leisure.
At this time, I went out to rush rice, Dai Hengyu came in and met with Tong Yuanqi, a’ Wan Li Feihong’. When I saw that I couldn’t insert anything, I asked Xu if he finally did. Who did you accept?
At this time, Ling Yunfeng knew that it might be hopeless after listening to Ling Cao’s story about Ling Hun. This great-great-uncle doesn’t even care about his own sister’s life and death. She naturally doesn’t care about this junior.
If he really wanted to bring his younger generation with him, he should have collected himself when he was a child. Now, Cui Wugu, the white dragon girl, didn’t say anything about collecting himself. It seems that there is no chance.
So she went back and knelt down to beg for Song Changgeng, hoping to accept her entry. Looking at her, Song Changgeng was angry. He couldn’t help sneering, "What do you think I am? Come and go if you want? "
[End of Volume]
Chapter 11 Baiyang Illustration
(First, I’ve looked at what I want to say, and I’ll forget it. But if you have opinions, don’t be vague about specific things, and don’t say something hard to listen to. If you like it, you can give up if you don’t like it. If you have opinions, you can talk about it. What is ugly? Show your high quality? Don’t respect other people’s labor? If something is updated and unstable at home, please recommend some collections if you like. This is the motivation for my life. Thank you brothers and sisters.)
Ling Yunfeng knew that she had just made waves, and now I’m afraid it’s here that the fairy tale will be broken, and tears will fall like rain for a while.
Wan Li Feihong’ Tong Yuanqi couldn’t see the past and sneered, "Master Stuart is really good. You have to pick up such a good qualification and don’t wear it."
Song Chang Gung gave him an oblique look, bored and grumpy. "How dare I be a’ get’ word? It’s just that I’ve been studying for more than ten years and beheaded a devil who has been practicing for hundreds of years."
Compared with your predecessors, I’m still far behind. I dare not mess around if I accept a disciple. I dare not talk about it if I dare to look at my honesty and want qualifications. I can’t compete with my predecessors, hehe
You don’t have to ask your mind about your qualifications. This woman and her fiance are both qualified. Take it. Anyway, you are not afraid of rebelling against Luo Jiu. Isn’t that it? "
"You f * * king me …" Tong Yuanji, a’ Wan Li Feihong’, got up suddenly and he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it. It was his mistake that Luo Jiu came here.
With a bitterly thrown robe sleeve, he said coldly, "Since you are here, the great Xia naturally won’t leave me like this." Then he turned to go out.
Jade Qing master hurried up and appealed to Zhou Qingyun to look at Song Changgeng a little sadly. She didn’t expect this guy to lose face to his legacy elders. It’s really sad.
"Ha ha, it’s good to say that you, a senior like me, are angry to walk out with a few words, but it’s hard to say that you’re not pleasant to listen to."
Song Changgeng smiled and said that it seemed as if he had not spoken just now, which made everyone feel strange. Several new disciples thought,’ This master is not easy to serve!’
Jade Qing master hurriedly advised Tong Yuanji in the past that he would have a narrow-minded name to sit there angrily and say nothing after such a walk.
See the cold atmosphere awkward jade qing master chuckled "accept disciple things to do" ling girl, you guys get up and beg him not to promise before you talk about your things "
Then he turned to Tong Yuanji and asked, "Have you seen it there? Do each other have any experts? I just came here today and I’m not familiar with things here. "
Tong Yuanqi calmed down and got back to the topic and said, "Others are just a few guys who escaped from Ciyun Temple. Fa Yuan’s leader is gathering there, mainly because the southern mountain people are very powerful."
"Oh, I don’t know if this southern mountain man is a man. What can I tell you about him?" Jade Qing master asked curiously that she was still a little worried about what old demons would lead to.
Hesitated Tong Yuanji or said, "This man named Yao Jiang is a red bodhi old zu in southern Xinjiang with a special collar and is very good at making all kinds of poisons."
"We really don’t have any magic weapon to control poisons here. I remember Grandma Jin in Hengshan has a’ five elements of fire needle’ to specifically control these poisons. I’ll ask her to come," said Master Yu Qing thoughtfully.
Tong Yuanji quickly stopped her and said, "Don’t go. Luo Daoyou won’t come. It’s good for her to be here with the red bodhi old zu in southern Xinjiang."
Then he said to the female flying Xiong Mei and the female Dapeng Cui Qi, "It’s still time for you to go back and let the teacher borrow the five elements of God Fire Needle."
Xiong Mei, a female flying girl, and Cui Qi, a female Dapeng, quickly got up and promised to say goodbye to everyone. Song Changgeng suddenly said, "When you go back, tell your commander that I will go to Hengshan for revenge."
Everyone is one leng female flying Xiong Mei and female Dapeng Cui Qi are also there. After they looked at each other for a while, they said, "I must take it to leave."
Looking at the departure of two people, Master Jade Qing can’t help but feel a little difficult. She really wants to settle the personal enmity between them. After all, both of them are her efforts to win foreign aid. She doesn’t want any damage in both aspects.
Song Chang Gung, like circumstances, took out ten pieces of red from his dry Kun bag and said to Master Yu Qing, "This is a mother’s thousand’ hongyun scattering needles’ to restrain poisonous insect masters and take them to sacrifice and refine them."
Seeing this magic weapon, Master Jade Qing’s eyes lit up, and her beautiful eyes flowed gently. "I’m going to Hengshan for treasure, forgetting that you’re a rich man. What other treasures do you have to take out together?"
Before Song Chang Gung spoke, I heard a light smile outside. "I also heard the little brother say that a basaltic egg was exchanged for thousands of years’ treasure of Lu’s predecessors. I still don’t believe it, but now I really believe it."
With the words, the white dragon girl Cui Wugu came in slowly. Ling Yunfeng saw her eyes brighten and she ran to’ poof’ and cried and said.
"Great-great-grandniece Ling Yunfeng met Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-
The white dragon girl Cui Wugu gave her a look and said with a little regret, "Let’s talk about it later. I’m here for another business."
Say that finish ignore lingyunfeng turned to song Chang gung and jade Qing master, they said, "I didn’t come here and met my family who heard him say that a new mountain man is the red bodhi old zu gate in southern Xinjiang.
I’m afraid that if you don’t know that you’ll be in trouble when the time comes, you’ll come to tell me that my husband and wife are going back to attend the institute, so you won’t intervene here. "
Before anyone else could speak, Song Changgeng jumped up and said, "I have just heard the words and I am thinking about countermeasures. Just when Wu Gu came, I have something to ask. Please lend me a step."
Say and white dragon female Cui Wugu walked to the courtyard. When they passed Lingyunfeng’s side, they obviously saw the trace of resentment and dissatisfaction in her eyes and looked at each other with cold heart.
When I got to the courtyard, Song Changgeng took out a roll of silk and said, "This is a copy of Guangtiantian for the reference of the virtuous couple. I would like to ask Wu Gu to take me to the Huayu Cave in Baiyang Cliff, Wind Tunnel Mountain to learn’ Baiyang Picture Book’."