To expand the feather forest is to deal with those monsters outside the city. Su Mu looks very upset. He is a feather forest body. I’m afraid many of my brothers will go outside the city to destroy monsters. This death and injury will be quite huge. It will be much better to join the gas refiner in the new army of feather forest.

My father is going to be right about this matter. Today, when I came, I was already refining the gas in Zhen Zhen. Have you ever heard of the red-violet temple? Leitian is still arrogant, so that Zhen Zhen’s gas can’t always get along, but Zhen Zhen, who plays the red-violet temple in vain, can’t keep silent.
Know that Honglian Pure Land Sect ranks second among the six schools of Buddhism.
You’re not going to beg for alms, are you?
Hum, what benefits do you want? Zhen Zhen has been so excited since she was born.
Weapons, of course
Zhen Zhen listened to the leitian words and just wanted to laugh at them, but he listened to the leitian way. I heard people say that this gas refining equipment is divided into four levels: the magic weapon of Xiandao and Xuanyin Sect is a small Sect. I want an arrow of 10,000 soldiers and a sword of French soldiers.
It’s impossible for Zhen Zhen to flatly refuse to say that soldiers are hard to find, that is, treasure soldiers are not everyone’s refining weapons in Xuanyin Sect. The most difficult thing to refine is 10,000 feather arrows, which is simply a knowledge of refining devices.
A treasure soldier’s arrow can be damaged almost 10,000 times before it can be damaged. No sect can refine so much without that ability, and even ordinary soldiers can play a wonderful pure wave.
Then you’ve gone to the Lord protector to find my father. I pushed the tea lamp in front of me in vain, but I got up to leave.
Leffler hurriedly took leitian sleeves and said, Xiaobai, everything is easy to discuss.
I didn’t discuss Zhen Zhen’s anger at this time, saying what he was when he was a gas refiner. If not.
Leitian suddenly turned his head and stared at Zhen Zhen Road. If it wasn’t for my profit, you would have beheaded me. Yes or no
Zhen Zhen gas knot She was ordered by her master to knot Leitian, but I don’t know what two people are tit for tat. On weekdays, the kung fu of saving energy in front of Leitian can provoke her to be angry.
Zhen Zhen said with a cold heart, it’s good. You are such a waste in my eyes.
She also figured it out that leitian’s such a waste doesn’t make sense, and he didn’t cage himself. Besides, how many years can the Dajin Dynasty know that such people sacrifice themselves, cultivate immortal ways and live forever?
The white starting point nodded and looked at Zhen Zhen’s chest. It’s not bad to tease the Taoist priest. Unfortunately, he’s a straw bag. No wonder the great Jin Dynasty pressure refiners have been like you for thousands of years
The imperial secret passage is not good. Although the gas refiner respects himself, he also knows that it is the gas refiner’s arrogance and refuses to lose his usual courtesy. Even his father would not say such sarcastic words to the gas refiner.
Good leitian. I’m going to take your life today, too. Zhen Zhen said, flying a pale yellow paper symbol from the cuff. This paper symbol is bright red cinnabar. It took nine symbols to fly. Zhen Zhen put hundreds of strong lights on the cuff.
Leitian closed his eyes, drew a sword and chopped it. He was chopping at his weapon. It was an arc machete.
The big light operator broke out in the eyes of leffler and others. Suddenly, the eyes were ready to be born with vitality. It was hard to hurt them to close their eyes. He lost his broken sword and jumped at it. Zhen Zhen was in the position where the female practitioner cursed Ling Feiwu with a machete.
Her leitian rank is the same, but she has just entered the stage of refining refined gas, but she has more practice of refining gas than leitian.
Leitian although the science of uniting the blue thunder true solution but didn’t refined gas attack means is home, Pojun gangqi congenital gangqi difficult to preserve one’s health can’t compare with innate vitality, but the attack sharpness is not weaker than refined gas.
Leitian sword will blow Zhen Zhen machetes fly to Zhen Zhen, full of vigor, losing the control of machetes and forcibly swallowing one mouthful blood only to see that Leitian has arrived.
White can’t start two weapons in the body, but he still punches and punches. He jumps over the table and directly kicks Zhen Zhen in the chest in the middle. Zhen Zhen’s blood can no longer be swallowed and sprayed to the side.
"Zhen Zhen drank a finger and gently leitian felt that his body was bound by Ling, and his second foot could not be kicked any more.
Zhen Zhen sneer at the corners of her mouth. Even if Wu is powerful, she can’t match the spell. How can she be injured by Leitian if she is not influenced by Jiuding? Thought of this, she is more and more resentful that a ray of white light in her mouth is sprayed straight to Leitian neck.
Xuanyin Sect is not good at refining weapons, but this Geng Xin Jin Jian is cultivated in the heart, which is not durable and sharp, but is not a weapon.
Today, I have to cut this guy off and say that my master killed Yu Guogong and left no chickens and dogs.
Dull weapon into the meat sounded, and Zhen Zhen was dismayed to see that there was an extra tip on his chest, but it was leffler who stabbed her body with a sword behind her back. Leitian bound suddenly disappeared, and he had already smoked his belt and smoked it hard in that white light.
On his deathbed, Zhen Zhen saw that he had smoked his belt, and suddenly he was desperate. This belt was less of a Taoist device, otherwise he would certainly be able to cut the gap and kill himself.