At the last moment of facing physical death, torido’s mind was at a loss, and these two words were left.

Because he thinks these two words can save him.
There was another explosion, and Rio felt himself flying when he was shocked.
Am I dead?
Rio Tinto moved more than a feeling of swinging around and not focusing on it, so I couldn’t help but think sadly.
Brother Duo, are you okay?
The familiar sound suddenly comes.
Rio Tinto suddenly woke up with a shock and turned to look at it. It’s really an old man.
In Rio Tinto, it seemed that he couldn’t understand what was going on, and then he turned around and looked around until he saw the four frightened golden apes who remembered the previous scene.
Je ne Suis pas Morte
Rio Tinto in more eyes once again turned to the old Xiao face a face of surprise way
The old man didn’t answer, but nodded than sure.
Brother Gou
Rio Tinto confirmed that it was silent for a moment and suddenly held the old dog and wept.
He was really scared. The moment just now was a passing death.
Hehe, Brother Duo, let’s talk about paradise first.
Encourage old Gou nai wry smile hurriedly way
Rio’s injury is not serious, but his protective Jin Jian has not been warm for a while and is afraid of recovery.
Brother Gou, where’s that son of a bitch?
Don’t see the assassin figure in Rio Tinto confused scold a way
Old Gou very calm way
Run away. How could you let him run away?
Rio looked unbelievable. He didn’t believe that the old man couldn’t keep the assassin.
I want to go after it, but I’m afraid you’ll die
Lao Gou’s hands spread out in a pool. H’s novel Naidao
Did you see who it was?
Rio Tinto also feel said bitterly way
No, but I think I already know who they are
Old Gou shook his head but channel
Who are they?
Rio asked.
Yinlang nationality
Old Gou than sure way
Silver Wolf clan, I have a grudge against them and want to assassinate me.
Rio Tinto more surprised than angry way again
I don’t know about this. I think Shen Wang might know something.
Old Gou mysterious way
Chapter three hundred and forty-four The same trick again
The news of Torrito’s assassination soon spread all over the Senate House.
When King Shen heard the news, he flew into a rage and immediately led ten black apes to visit the paradise to check the injury.
After finding out the details of the assassination, the king suddenly became silent and his face became ugly.
Uncle, those silver wolf killers tried to assassinate me.