Chapter three hundred and seventeen The beginning of history

Chapter three hundred and seventeen The beginning of history
His mind soared tens of thousands of times, and at this time the chains wrapped around his soul disappeared without a trace. Demon Road is lying quietly beside the yellow pool, letting the years pass without any signs of waking up. It’s just that the array suspended in the air disappears at the same time, but it doesn’t disappear in the void, but it falls in the demon road and hides around his soul. From the new evolution, 108,000 stars protect the mind of the demon road.
As time goes by, there are more and more essence of the stars in the demon temple, and the aura is more and more abundant. After more than 300 years in the demon road, the aura in this demon temple and the ability to accommodate hundreds of thousands of small demons are needed for cultivation. And the spiritual vein contained in it, nourished by more and more star essence, began to expand a little.
Then nearly a thousand years passed, and under the supervision of the demon religion, the demon religion developed like a runaway wild horse, expanding wildly towards the surrounding forces. Within the scope of the demon temple, either completely surrender and announce to join the demon temple, or move or die out completely. In less than a thousand years, the island where the Demon Sect Hall is located was completely controlled by the Demon Sect, and some militant demon gods led countless small demons to start fighting in other islands.
On the one hand, they rob the magic weapon of fortune in the mortal empire, and on the other hand, they kill the clan of spiritual practitioners to win more fortune for the demon religion. Such crazy expansion, after taking control of dozens of islands in the Demon Sect Hall, was finally blocked by a powerful force on an island near the deep sea in the west.
I don’t know if it was the powerful clan that supported me. At that time, countless practitioners of the earth jumped out and killed a large number of demon family members in front of the two armies. Even dozens of big demons were grabbed by these practitioners as mounts, and hundreds of big demons were killed and reincarnated. And the other side is so tough, which has firmly blocked the size of the demon teaching temple in this island for more than hundreds of years.
However, the failure for a long time made the interior of the demon teaching hall unstable. Fortunately, the Eight Demons, headed by Tiger-headed Demon, joined more than half of the Demon Gods to forcibly suppress them, which barely prevented the division of the Demon Sect. However, even so, there are still more than a hundred big demons who have announced their separation from the demon religion, or have stood on their own feet, or have taken refuge in the clan of practitioners.
For all this, diabolism still doesn’t know. He is still asleep, but in his sleep, the six rules of fire, geomantic omen and the nether world he got evolved and deduced in his mind, which made the understanding of the demon road and several rules greatly developed. As for the rules of array prohibition taught by Taoist Fei Yun, there is no progress.
The island where the Yaojiao Temple is located has been called Wanyao Island, and all the Yaozu who live on this huge island are all members of the Yaojiao Temple. On this island, there are no more practitioners. Whenever someone practices the method of practicing Qi, a big demon comes out directly, which not only kills the practitioners who practice the method, but also kills all those who are related to them by blood. Even some big demons directly kill all the mortals in one city and one place in order to vent their frustration in fighting at the front line.
Here, I have to mention those black-robed weirdos in Y and N Cao’s hell. These people constantly appear near the demon teaching temple after the demon road falls asleep, intending to save their companions back. It’s just that those black-robed weirdos, though strange in practice, have no chance of winning in the face of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of demon family members. After the loss of tens of thousands of black weirdos before and after, y and n Cao Di completely gave up the possibility of robbing their companions. Just as they gave up robbing those companions, the fate of the demon temple suddenly soared several times.
Then the Tiger Head Demon led a bunch of demon gods to patrol the whole demon island. Whenever a demon family died, they actively used occult techniques to send these souls to other beasts, so as to take possession of them. As for the mortal soul, most of them were gathered up by the demon family and then thrown into the oil tripod that will never be fed.
This oil tripod doesn’t know that it has swallowed hundreds of millions of souls. After thousands of years of nourishment, Weineng is becoming more and more earth. In the end, in the absence of anyone’s course, it actually enveloped the tens of millions of demon islands in Fiona Fang. All the creatures who died on this demon island without any cultivation will be absorbed by this oil tripod in an instant after death, and then fall into the oil tripod that has never stopped frying.
It is these changes that have led to the complete disappearance of Y and N Cao’s influence on Wan Yao Island, and in the dark, the fate of that demon religion has soared again.
With the passage of time, there are tens of millions of large and small demons who have joined the demon religion. Just say that there are millions of demon families who stay on Wanyao Island all day. Among them, Tiger Head Demon, the eight demon generals and one hundred and eight demon gods have gained such a scale when they control the income in the later period. If they don’t control it, I’m afraid the number of large and small demons who join the demon teaching will more than double.
Hundreds of miles in size, the Demon Sect Temple is quietly suspended in the air. Some small demons who have just started their spiritual wisdom came to this holy place under the leadership of their parents, and then dropped their own blood on the Demon Sect Temple by the method handed down from the Demon Sect, which is regarded as officially joining the Demon Sect.
Every year, nearly 10,000 new-born small demons join the Demon Sect Hall in a specific season, which is why Tiger-headed Demons give up recruiting external demon families on a large scale. After all, the parents of these new small demons are all members of the Demon Sect, but after they join the Demon Sect, they are much easier to manage than other small demons, and they can also make other big demons settle down.
You know, joining the Demon Sect Temple means that you can get a fruit to increase your mind, get compensation from the whole Demon Sect Temple, get a lot of rare and precious auxiliary cultivation, and get a lot of cultivation methods, refining devices and even some powerful magic weapons. These are all important reasons why those members of the cult choose to let their children join the cult after they have offspring.
It’s another year when the little devils join the Demon Sect. On the side of the huge Demon Sect, more than 10,000 little devils drop a drop of Jingxue on the Demon Sect Hall, and then declare to be members of the Demon Sect.
At the end of the last small demon’s descent into the demon temple, a breath of the earth emanated from the deepest part of the demon temple. This breath is extremely earth, and it turns into a cloud column with a thickness of hundreds of feet and goes straight into the sky. Under the traction of breath, all the creatures on the whole demon island trembled, and this trembling is exactly what they did.
The wind and cloud changed, the sea rolled thousands of miles away, and the demon families who swam in the deep sea roared all the time, releasing their own breath to resist the breath that looked like the change of heaven and earth.
"From today on, all the demon families in the world can join my demon teaching. As long as you have great perseverance, my demon temple will not refuse you. All demon families who can set foot on tens of thousands of demon islands are free to choose whether to join the demon religion or not. " The voice of the demon road that has disappeared for thousands of years not only rang on the island of Wan Yao, which is tens of millions of miles in size, but also crossed the endless ocean, and there were creatures on the continent hundreds of millions of miles away who heard the voice of the demon road. "From today on, our demon sect will take the demon clan as its foundation and do things that compete for luck. If someone stops it, hundreds of millions of demons will negotiate with you."
"Now our leader preaches, and people who are predestined friends come to Wanyao Island to listen to the lecture." Yao Dao said this, and then after a short silence, he began to preach, but this time his voice just sounded on Wan Yao Island, and as soon as he crossed the boundary of Wan Yao Island, the voice disappeared in an instant. And just before the lecture of the Demon Way, he had sent a message to the Eight Demon Generals, the Eighteen Masters, the One Hundred and Eight Demon Gods and the remaining Demons through the secret method, and called them back to the Demon Sect Hall.
Silence, when the demon road began to preach, all the creatures on the whole demon island were silent. The predatory beast squatted on the ground and listened attentively, and its food was not far away from him.
People who are busy in the field put down their shovels and rakes, kings and officials who handle state affairs put down their work, and those who kill people put down their steel knives and began to listen. Some people did that intercourse, but they also stopped forcibly.
The Demon Sect Hall only accommodates 108,000 members of the Demon Clan, among which only the Demon Clan with great chances can enter. The first batch of demon families who joined the temple near the temple can go in, because they are the first batch of demon families. Eight demon generals and 18 masters, as well as 108 demon gods and the remaining big demons can also go in, because they have been recognized by the demon road, which is a big chance. And some demon families who have been practicing in the temple of demon religion have great opportunities.
Big demons with high merits can go in, and powerful and persevering demon families can also go in. However, in less than half a day, there were 108,000 demon families in the demon cult hall, while other demon families either delayed their time because of their hurry or were trapped by their enemies, so they lost the opportunity to step into the hall.
It is said that when the 108,000 demon families stepped into the temple of demon religion, illusory stars emerged above their heads. Accompanied by the diabolical sermon, countless words emerged from the stars and merged into their minds.
At first, they were able to understand the theory of demonism, but later, more and more demon families could not understand it. In the end, these demon families seemed to listen to the gobbledygook, just trying to memorize the words of the demon road, and then waiting to figure it out later. Some demon families don’t quite understand it in front, but when they talk about it in the back, they can understand half a sentence. In this way, it is also caused by chance.
This sermon lasted for a hundred years. During this period, some creatures couldn’t hold on, so they were busy with other things, but they couldn’t hear the sermon of the demon road anymore.
As the demon preached, tadpole-like words appeared in front of the demon, and some classics stored in the sutra depository flew out of it and hovered in front of him. These tadpole-shaped characters are integrated into those books, or the books are divided into two, or seven or eight are merged into one and then divided into one. Among them, the mysterious changes are simply beyond the comprehension of the following demons.
During this hundred years of sermon, Yaodao’s mind woke up, but his soul was still groggy and he didn’t know where he was. At this time, I only saw pictures wandering in the demon spirit. There were scenes in which the great powers who had disappeared for countless years realized various rules, and there were also scenes in which they fought and killed. But more, it is the change of heaven and earth again and again, and the evolution of rules again and again.
Looking at the collapse of the world in that picture, the world was built by countless powers, but the demon road was not sad or happy, just watching it quietly.
In all the pictures, Yaodao has seen countless powerful experiences, but only Isag, the master of ancient ghosts and gods, has not been seen. However, he has already got all the memories of the other party, so it is not a pity. Just a little confused.
All the pictures are fused and broken, and finally turn into clouds of light and completely blend into the demon soul. The strength of the soul makes him more quick to deduce the rules he controls. And the more rules he has, the more he knows about the world. Later, before Taoist Feiyun and the evolution of the world, all the chains of mysterious women entangled in his soul emerged.
Following the spread of these chains, the demon’s mind soon discovered Fei Yun Taoist and the mysterious woman.
I saw Taoist Feiyun still sitting in her so-called paradise, but she frowned from time to time, but she was in trouble in practice.
When his mind appeared beside the mysterious woman in chains, what he saw in his mind surprised him.
I saw the mysterious woman standing on the top of a tall giant, surrounded by all kinds of powers that were resurrected from the ancient battlefield before the evolution of the world. They seem to have fallen into a deep sleep, quietly suspended in the void waiting for others to wake them up. When the diabolical mind was wrapped around the woman, her eyes trembled slightly.
Just then, a powerful force emerged from this void, which easily cut off the mind detected by the diabolism and cut off the chain between him and this woman’s soul.
"The world will? The so-called heaven? Do all the rules come from? " The soul of diabolism is thinking quietly. When the inexplicable power cut off his mind and chains just now, he suddenly found that a huge ball of light was formed around this woman and countless creatures who had been resurrected in ancient times. Outside the light ball, there are countless puppet practitioners who attack the light ball crazily. In the mind detection of diabolism, the strength of these puppet practitioners is more earth than before the evolution of the world.
Although the chain link with this woman is cut off, the demon road knows where she is. "You can want to stick to it! Although I don’t know why you fell asleep in the past, being original will definitely wake you up, and together we will kill those puppet practitioners and resist the black water that gushes out of the broken space. "
Demon way secretly make a determined effort in my heart, but she did not think about how long this woman and those who have been resurrected in ancient times can persist, and instead gathered her soul and continued to feel the images. At this time, his mind suddenly stopped preaching.
"When you leave here, you can tell the scriptures you have heard to other demon members, and don’t hide your gains because of greed." What happened in the soul is known to the demon mind one by one, so it’s time to speak and let those demon families leave. However, he secretly told the Eight Demons to wait for a bunch of big demons who really controlled the demon teaching to stay.
These big demons are not fools. They have been hanging out with that mortal for thousands of years, which has already made their minds alert. Knowing that Yaodao left them to ask something this time, they all sat there quietly and motionless, thinking about how to deal with Yaodao’s inquiry for a while, and watching curiously the dissipation of illusory stars overhead.
After more than 100,000 small demons left, a tiger demon took the lead to stand up and tell the demon road about what happened in this thousand years. The tiger demon told the story in detail, while the demon road divided a small part of his mind to listen. As for his hair, his mind continued to deduce the six rules in order to master them thoroughly as soon as possible.
After the tiger demon finished speaking, other big demons got up to add. Finally all said, diabolism is angry.
"You are really rubbish. I have given you the affairs of the demon cult hall of our leader, but you don’t know how to control the demon cult flexibly. It’s really disappointing for our leader." With a snort of cold, Demon Road stretched out his hand and pointed out these big demons and said, "There are thousands of demon families in the Demon Sect now. Can’t these thousands of demon families destroy even one clan?" Let the word out, just say which clan you will only kill, and if anyone stops you, kill them all. Thousands of demon families, one person can blow that door away, but you are afraid to take action. "
"The king, small demon and others called the demon race, the more the number of those practitioners called. At most, a small demon called millions of demon clan members to kill the clan gate. I never thought that the other side also called a lot of clan gates to stop it. The small demons were no match for them because of their low mana and lack of means. After some battles, we have a huge loss. " A demon god stood up and felt ashamed of Se, saying, "If it weren’t for the protection of the leader, it can’t be said that the little demon disappeared in that war, and there was no chance of reincarnation."
"What’s the solution?" Diabolical frowned and continued to ask.
"That y and n cao hell also don’t know why mixed up with those practitioners, say to want to destroy the demon in addition to the magic, the demon race killed us all. Nowadays, there are millions of islands in the sea, and practitioners on almost every island have joined forces to strangle members of the demon race. The spies lurking on other islands sent by Xiao Yao returned, and a large number of demon families were killed. Some demon families were arrested and kept in captivity by them, or used as mounts, or refined the magic weapon of Dan medicine, among which cruelty was more severe than ours. And they have the help of Y Ρ n Cao Difu’s weirdos, the death of the demon family, and the soul doesn’t even have a chance to be reincarnated, so they took it in an instant. " The demon god hesitated a little, exaggerated things a little and said.

Chapter three hundred and eighteen diabolical calculation
Chapter three hundred and eighteen diabolical calculation
"How dare you!" Smell speech diabolism rage, his hand playing nòng, their scarlet se nails hit each other, give out a clank sound. The big demons around felt dizzy, and the soul hidden in the demon house almost jumped out.
"Gather all the members of the Exotic Demon Sect, and if there is nothing to worry about, gather them for our leader on this Demon Island within one year." Demon way make a determined effort, but it is going to take the island’s practitioners.
"King Qianqiu, now there are tens of millions of demon members gathered on the island, and there is no need to wait for the call. They haven’t left yet after listening to the leader’s sermon! " Tiger demon stepped forward and hurriedly said. "If you want to make an attack, it’s better to be good at this time. Now the little demons are in high spirits and don’t need to boost their morale." Tiger demon knew that the leader had made a decision at present, and they had no ability to stop them, so they had to offer suggestions and cooperate with the diabolical action.
"Pass the word, let them tidy up, and summon thousands of little demons to go out." Demonism is not a procrastinator, he immediately made a new order. Commanded, more than one thousand big demon dispersed to clean up the manpower. While diabolism sat in the temple of diabolism and began to deduce the things on that island.
Originally, he thought that the rules of his perception had skyrocketed, so it would be very easy to deduce a small island. When he thought about it several times, all he saw was a mist. I can’t see the future of that island at all. Although he was confused and worried, he didn’t want to change his plan. In his view, even if the tens of millions of small demons are consumed, he will not have the idea of being distressed.
Three days have passed, and a tiger-headed demon said that thousands of small demons have been collected. Now, it’s just waiting for the demon road to show up and lead the people to kill the practitioners on that island.
After Yaodao walked out of the hall, he found that hundreds of ships with the size of thousands of feet were suspended in the air. These ships were forbidden to wander around, and countless thick holes emerged. Around every ship, tens of thousands of members of the demon cult circled.
"Leader of the century, this is a magic weapon for ships. Although the power is not large, it can load many strengthened operators and carry demon clan members. There are magic weapons for these ships to serve as mounts, but in three or five days, we can reach the island hundreds of millions of miles away. " There was a demon god who saw the demon road and wondered, so he quickly came forward to explain it. "This thing is unique to those practitioners, but some practitioners have taken refuge in us, so they have contributed this technology, and it is their contribution that makes Xiao Yao and others have no worries about fighting in the sand."
Demon Road nodded when he heard this, and then he opened his mouth and blew out a demon wind to fall at his feet. The demon wind rose and instantly suspended him in mid-air. At this time, he began to speak: "I am the leader of the demon cult. As members of the demon cult, it is time for you to contribute to the demon cult today. Everyone who takes part in this expedition will be rewarded with a fruit to increase his mind when we return victorious. If anyone dies in battle, my demon Sect will definitely transfer this thing to your descendants, or your reincarnated body. The two armies confronted each other, causing numerous casualties. If someone escapes on the battlefield, don’t blame our leader for being ruthless. Presumably, the oil tripod and others also know it. "