"Jade, I want to call you to forget to help Daidai manage these sea families, just don’t know if you can come out of my body? !” Nine-fold spiritual communication to Xiaoyu Road.

"I’m afraid this is impossible!" Xiaoyu explained, "My life form now depends on the host. Once I leave the host, I will enter a dormant state and cannot act normally! Unless …! "
"Unless what? !”
"Unless my life form can be evolved and get higher life attributes, I will have the opportunity to leave my host’s body and still be able to maintain normal life activities!"
"Well … aye!" Nine heavy brain flashes, saying, "my dragon skills can work on any life, to achieve the effect of racial evolution! I think as long as your race evolves, your life form will naturally improve, right? !”
"Yes, master!"
"That’s easy, you come out of my body!"
"Yes!" Xiaoyu promised, and after a few seconds, she broke a hole in the palm of Jiuzhong’s hand and got out. As soon as she got out, the silkworm chrysalis-like body immediately began to ossify and shrink.
Nine heavy hurry, immediately display the dragon skills, give jade thoroughly remould oneself.
When the skills are displayed, you will see Xiaoyu, who has completely become rigid and shrunk into a cocoon. At once, the cocoon shell is crunchy and cracked, and a five-color glow emerges from the cocoon. In the glow, a tiny and delicate figure flies out.
"Ding, congratulations to the player who is sacred. The golden silkworm method Xiaoyu succeeded in Longhua, and the race success of Xiaoyu evolved from the golden silkworm method to killing dragons and butterflies, and the skills were alienated; At the same time, the poisonous race produced by Xiaoyu has also evolved into a killing butterfly with offensive attributes! "
At the end of the system prompt, Xiaoyu, who evolved into a butterfly killer, also completely emerged from the cocoon, fanning a pair of colorful wings with dragon patterns on them and landing on Jiuzhong’s palm.
Jiuzhong looked down at Xiaoyu’s new image after evolution, which was definitely a veritable thoroughly remould oneself. Before evolution, Xiaoyu looked like a bug, but after evolution, it broke into a butterfly and became a humanoid dragon butterfly elf with noble dragon attributes.
"master ~! !” Xiaoyu had been hiding in Jiuchong’s body before, and the door couldn’t get out, and the second door couldn’t get through. Now she can finally come out and look at the world outside, especially Jiuzhong, as her master, who seems a little excited and dances back and forth on Jiuchong’s palm.
"It’s really a big change for women, and it’s getting better and better ~!" I am very satisfied with Xiaoyu’s present appearance. When I am happy, I don’t forget to check the new attributes of Xiaoyu … The basic attributes are really weak and a little pitiful, except for agility, other attributes have not even reached double digits.
But Xiaoyu, after all, is not a fighting creature, so Jiuzhong doesn’t expect much from its basic attributes after evolution, and he is already very satisfied with being so beautiful.
Then, Jiuzhong swept Xiaoyu’s skills all over again. They are still the two skills, and the skill names have not changed. They are still "spawning" and "queen’s will".
However, the content of skills has changed. First, it is the skill of "spawning", and the eggs hatched are no longer poisonous, but killing butterflies; Then there is the "queen’s will" skill. Xiaoyu can not only control the killing butterfly to parasitize the target creature, but also control the killing butterfly with the attack attribute to attack the enemy. Of course, this attack skill belongs to the killing butterfly, not Xiaoyu.
These evolved into poisonous methods for killing butterflies. The basic attributes obtained after evolution are somewhat exaggerated. They are powerless from the original hands, and even have no hands. Now they have the lethality of the general 20 or 30-level wild monsters, and this is just their zero-level attribute. They also have the attribute of upgrading, and they can upgrade their level through killing, thus obtaining a higher damage per second.
Although it is troublesome to cultivate grades in the early stage, once the grades are cultivated, the killing effect that can be exerted is absolutely extraordinary.
However, the fly in the ointment is that there is a fatal flaw in this kind of killing butterflies, which makes them unable to become the existence of fate.
That is, they are all disposable items, and there is only one life. No matter how high you have worked hard to cultivate them before and how powerful damage per second you have, once you hang up, all your previous efforts will go down the drain, and you will have to re-cultivate them with the new-born killer butterfly hatched by Xiaoyu.
"… this is really a bit pitted!" Seeing this cheat people defect of killing butterflies, Jiuchong realized that this killing butterfly can only exist as a killer weapon, and it is impossible to use it at any time as usual.
In one sentence, it is to raise troops for a thousand days and use them for a while.
Finally, Jiuzhong really found that these killing butterflies have skills, but there is only one thing that is unified-three thousand cuts.
Although there are some shortcomings, on the whole, Jiuzhong is very satisfied with the evolution of Xiaoyu and its poisonous methods.
"So now you obviously, should be able to out of my body and independent activities? !” Turn off the property of Xiaoyu, and Jiuzhong confirmed it to Xiaoyu.
"All right! But …! " Xiaoyu changed the subject and said, "Although I can leave my master’s body to act independently now, my own safety factor will also drop sharply. Once I am killed by my master’s enemy, Xiaoyu will leave my master forever!"
"I will never allow this to happen!"
Chapter five hundred and fifty-five in the heart of the sea
Jiuzhong said, "In the future, you will stay in the village and forget to help Daidai manage these guys. You don’t have to go out, so no one can attack you!"
"Yes, master!" Xiaoyu promised, patting little wings to fly away from Jiuzhong’s palm and landed on Daidai’s shoulder.
"Wow, what a lovely elf!" When she saw the elf-like jade fall on her shoulder, Daidai was overjoyed.
"Daidai!" Jiuzhong patted Daiyu’s little hand, glanced at the sea people under the eyes and said to Daiyu, "If anyone dares not listen to you in the future, you can ask Xiaoyu to clean them up. Xiaoyu promises to clean them up!"
“…………! !” Hearing this, the following people of the sea felt that they had just left the den and then fell into the den. This one is not a good thing either. Look at the way he looks at Daidai’s slutty eyes, so he should be careful to be a demon in the future!
No matter what they think in their hearts, Jiuzhong learned about the situation of forgetting to think about the village, accepted it all and made proper arrangements, and said goodbye to Daidai temporarily, left the hometown of forgetting to think about it and returned to the outside.
"Oh dear!" Outside, I saw that Poseidon’s position had become empty just now, and he patted his thigh with nine heavy strokes. "Lost lost, how could I forget to get rid of Poseidon’s body first? How do you say Poseidon is also a famous god? Even if a person dies, his physical value is certainly not small, and there are many uses! Tut tut, what a pity! "
"How, this young lady said right? !” Just then, she stayed in the crowd who didn’t leave on the spot. Feng Dance said to the other daughters, "I told you that this guy would definitely beat his chest if he didn’t see Poseidon’s body after he came out!"
"Ha ha, Brother Chong, don’t worry, we have helped you get rid of Poseidon’s body!" Xiang Xiang princess came forward and brushed nine heavy arms.
The time spent around Jiuchong is not short. Princess Xiangxiang already knows the identity and name in Jiuchong’s reality, so she no longer calls her the name in Jiuchong’s game, but directly changes her name to Brother Chong. Although she also wants to call Jiuzhong a tiger as intimate as Shen Yue, Princess Xiangxiang is very smart. She doesn’t use the same name as Shen Yue, but uses a "heavy brother" who is a little distant from the "tiger".
Nine heavy so smart, how can you not see the princess xiang xiang’s mind, for such a smart and sensible girl, what can he say, just love it.
"Xiang Xiang, you protect him!" Feng Wu pursed her lips and said, "We should not tell him first, so that he can ruin his intestines!"
"Sister, it seems that you first reminded Big Brother!" Luan’s son was clever at this time, and a word pierced the implication of Feng Wu’s words just now. "So you are still the one who protects your big brother the most ~!"
"I didn’t …!" Feng Dance blushed when she heard that her face was red, and her fist was flamboyant to deal with Luan ‘er. "Little girl, it’s time to pretend to understand, and it’s obviously aimed at me, asking for a beating!"
"Holy, we not only disposed of Poseidon’s body for you, but also have a surprise for you!" At the sight of all the women defecting, Wu Xinlan followed suit.
"Ah, you! He is so spoiled by you! " Seeing the performance of the daughters, Shen Yue shook her head helplessly, and then stretched out her hand and fished out something from her backpack to show it to Jiu Chong. "Tiger, what do you think this is? !”
“……!” When the daughters saw it, their eyes turned to Shen Yue. "Ha ha, you are not the same!"
"This is …! ?” See Shen Yue hands, nine eyes suddenly wide rolling, "the heart of the five elements! Where did it come from? ! Oh …! "
Just say that finish nine heavy oneself already thought of, "don’t like the original burning lamp ancient Buddha’s heart is the heart of king kong, this is the heart of Poseidon? !”
"Exactly!" Shen Yue nodded. "This is in the heart of the sea with five elements of water!"
"Gee …!" Nine heavy took the heart of Poseidon in the heart of the sea, "what a surprise, Poseidon this cargo can also send Lao tze such a gift after death! Make a profit! !”
Jiuzhong has been collecting the hearts of the Five Elements for a long time, in order to resurrect Pangu, the strongest spirit of war in Chinese mythology. Up to now, the game has entered the middle and late stage, and the hearts of the Five Elements have only collected the hearts of the earth and the hearts of King Kong. This shows how difficult it is to resurrect Pangu and spirit of war.
But I didn’t expect that Poseidon unexpectedly gave him a in the heart of the sea with a heart of five elements. This gift is even more valuable than getting the whole Atlantis.
"I didn’t expect you to be so kind to me!" Nine heavy some moved to Poseidon has died, "don’t worry, I will not mistreat you! You listen …! "
Nine heavy turned to deal with the Poseidon’s body daughters, "you must make the best use of Poseidon’s body, a little bit can’t be wasted! Only in this way can we comfort Poseidon’s spirit in heaven! Do you understand? !”
"see! Hehehe ~ ~! !” See nine heavy that serious appearance, the Kunoichi in stitches.
"Ahem, be serious, I’m serious!"
"Ha ha ha ha ~ ~! !” The daughters pushed their luck and burst into laughter.
"… forget it!" Nine heavy turned around, facing has been surrounded by hell crazy flower forces, are waiting for their next fate of Atlantis’s various sea clan forces.
During the time when Jiuchong went in and forgot to miss his hometown, the large forces of Atlantis siren that Poseidon left in the middle had also rushed back to Atlantis. Because of Poseidon’s death, they also lost the significance of support, so they almost brought back those siren troops and soldiers who had surrendered their guns with Poseidon, all of whom were like prisoners, squatting in the square, waiting for the next fate.
"Ahem-!" Nine heavy deliberately cleared his throat, attract the attention of these siren, hell crazy flower players are pointing weapons at them, they also dare not pay attention to, and then said, "I know, you follow Poseidon evil is also forced to helpless, as a last resort, because each of you sea clan has important hostages in his hand! But now, I have killed Poseidon, the demon, and your spring is coming. I dare not say how well you can live with me in the future, but it will never be as hot as following Poseidon! "
After listening to Jiuchong’s words, the millions of siren troops in the square still looked listless collectively, and it was obvious that there was widespread resistance.
When Jiuzhong saw this, he gave a bright smile and said, "Just say that you may not believe what I said, then you should always believe what they said!"
Chapter five hundred and fifty-six Seafood
Say, nine heavy directly start the call function of the puppet diamond on the golden trident, and summon all the important hostages of Daidai and other sea families directly from the forgotten village.
A dazzling light burst forth, and all the hostages of the sea people, led by Dai Fen, appeared on the spot.
Seeing these sea hostages, there was a commotion among the siren troops at once, and excited voices broke out one after another. Some called Wang, some called the leader, some called the prince, some called the princess, and some called the queen. In short, it was all kinds of names of the five flowers and classes.
"Wow … these people seem to have a high status among all the sea clans. They are all lineal royalty. Poseidon’s hostage selection is also reliable!" See the commotion of the square siren forces, nine heavy secretly muttered.