The ghost king sighed and said, "Maybe it’s because the gradual strength of the hundred families made the immortal emperor feel threatened. At that time, my Gu Wu clan was also exterminated, and the last part of people chose to compromise, taking refuge in the immortal emperor and becoming slaves of the immortal emperor. Master, his old man was seriously injured by several immortals under the immortal emperor and fled to the secular world through special means. "

Zhuge suddenly realized before dawn, no wonder, no wonder that when he met Gu Wu gens in the universe, the demon soul in his body would burst into such amazing resentment. At that time, the demon soul in him, that is, the ghost king and Zhuge Liang’s dim master, was injured by immortals and fled to the secular world. He wanted to establish a foothold in the secular world, but he was so badly injured that he could only end up depressed. The power he created in Kyushu was also wiped out by many schools of cultivating immortals.
So calculated, the words of the Ghost King and the Yan Queen have certain authenticity. But Zhuge Liang still can’t believe that the immortal emperor would do such a thing. And 20,000 years ago, the immortal emperor and all the immortals in the universe disappeared mysteriously. Zhuge has a feeling when he is not bright, and there must be hidden secrets in the meantime.
"When did this happen?" Zhuge asked without light.
"It’s been 20,000 years now …" Queen Yan sighed with emotion: "We Shura people came to the ghost world after death, but were suppressed in the purgatory of eighteen layers of hell, and we can’t live forever. It took me more than 20 thousand years to finally break the seal and escape from purgatory, but I lost all my training and had to start from scratch. "
Zhuge was silent before dawn. He didn’t know if he should believe the words of the Ghost King and Yan Queen. It is reasonable to say that these two people don’t need to deceive themselves.
"I heard that the immortal emperor and all the immortals disappeared 20,000 years ago. Is this related to your family?" Zhuge is not bright.
"What do you mean?" The ghost king raised his head, and he heard a little different meaning from Zhuge’s dim words.
"Is it really the immortal emperor who destroyed the hundred families?" Zhuge not bright frowned.
When this statement came out, the bodies of the Ghost King and the Yan Queen were slightly stirred up. The Yan Queen snorted: "Who else can have such a strong strength to pretend to be the immortal emperor?"
Zhuge bowed his head before dawn and stopped talking. Since he entered the universe, he has been longing for what happened 20,000 years ago, and he really wants to know what happened in 20,000 years. But now he heard the explanation of the ghost king and the Yan queen, which made his heart confused.
With a deep sigh, Zhuge gave a wry smile, and now is not the time to worry about it. He looked up at the Ghost King and the Yan Queen and said, "When you enter the wild fairy land, things will come out one day."
The Ghost King slightly bowed his head and suddenly said, "Brother, what are your plans now?"
Zhuge Liang said, "I want to go to the ghost world to see the reincarnation mirror, but since I’m here … maybe I can take this opportunity to go back to Kyushu."
"Are you going to the secular world?" The ghost king consternation way.
Zhuge did not highlight and nodded: "For hundreds of years, I want to see how Kyushu is now, and whether my family … still exists."
"I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult." The ghost king suddenly said, "The gate of hell in eighteen layers has been broken. If you want to enter the secular world, you can’t pass the gate of hell again."
"Broken? What’s the matter? " Zhuge’s face changed slightly when he was not bright.
The ghost king said, "Hell also has the law of hell, and the gate of hell is a loophole in the law of hell. Shortly after the last time I sent you back to the secular world with the gate of hell, the law of hell noticed the existence of this loophole and repaired it. Now the gate of hell in the eighteen layers of hell no longer exists. "
"This ….." Zhuge suddenly lost his mind and said, "Is there no other way?"
"You can’t say that either." Yan Nv Wang Dao: "Do you still remember the golden monkey skull? Hundreds of years ago, the monkey skull entered the secular world by means other than the gate of hell. "
"Monkey skull! ?” Zhuge didn’t move in his heart. How could he forget that he had benefited from the monkey skull when he was in eighteen layers of hell?
King Yan: "In the purgatory of eighteen layers of hell, there is still a way to the secular world. I just don’t know if that way is mended by the law of hell now, otherwise, I’m afraid there will be no other way."
Zhuge brightened up at once before dawn and said, "It’s better than nothing. Tomorrow I’ll leave for the purgatory of eighteen layers of hell."
The ghost king said, "That place is quite familiar. Let her take you back to the eighteenth floor of hell tomorrow. I hope it will be as you wish."
"Is that good? What about the ghost world? " Yan queen said some concerns.
"It’s okay." The ghost king waved his hand: "I’m here on the defense line of the ghost world, and those ghost fairies can’t help it for the time being." As he spoke, the Ghost King took a meaningful look at Zhuge Liang and said, "Elder Martial Brother, since you are here, please call out Master, I want to meet him."
"Ah?" Zhuge was stunned when he heard the news, and his face suddenly showed danger. "It’s not that I don’t want to," he said. "The master should still be asleep now, and I can’t wake him up."
"Well …" The Ghost King sighed a little, saying, "Then go and see the master’s body. Now my master’s body has been moved to a layer of hell."
As the ghost king entered the magnificent palace, the palace was supposed to be the territory of a king in a layer of hell, and now it is occupied by the ghost king and them.
The palace is very big. Zhuge Buliang followed the Ghost King to turn left and right in the palace. He met a lot of ghost repairs along the way, and he cast a look of awe at the Ghost King. Then he glanced at Zhuge Buliang strangely. Obviously, they have already learned about the existence of Zhuge Liang from other ghosts.
Before coming to a somewhat cold slant house, the Ghost King raised his hand and hit it with a soul force. The closed slant house door "boomed" and a cold breath came head-on. In this slant hall, there is a thick layer of ice, just like an ice room.
This is an ice room transformed by the Ghost King in order to store his master’s * * near the world.
This ice room is not too big, only half the size of a basketball court. In the center of the ice room, a burly body sits there, with thick hair and resolute cheeks. Although it’s just a corpse, sitting there still gives people a strong threat.
Zhuge Buliang and the ghost king stepped into the stone room, looking at the familiar * * in front of them, Zhuge Buliang felt a little sigh with emotion and bowed deeply towards him. After all, this is one of my own teachers, who can’t help saving himself from danger many times, and also taught him the Taiwu Heart Sutra and the Upanishads of Gu Wu. This great kindness is also worthy of Zhuge’s not bright worship.
"Hum ~ ~"
But at this time, the mutation happened, and a transpiration of black gas emerged from Zhuge’s dim body. And almost at the same time, the body sitting on the ground suddenly moved, and even opened his eyes. Although his eyes were empty, there was a breathtaking black mountain shooting out.
"What’s the situation?" Zhuge was startled when he was not bright, and the ghost king standing beside him was also shocked.
At this moment, Zhuge Buliang felt that a demon soul sleeping in his body woke up, and thick black gas suddenly and violently poured out of the body, condensing into a burly figure in front of Zhuge Buliang, just like an entity, with black hair like a waterfall and intense eyes.
The demon soul sleeping in Zhuge Liang’s dark body actually took shape and came out.
"Master!" The ghost king immediately exclaimed, and his voice trembled.
At this moment, the cold body also stood up and walked with stiff footwork towards the burly man condensed by the demon soul. The demon soul also stepped forward, and two identical burly men stood face to face, just like a mirror.
Zhuge is not bright and the ghost king is far away, looking at this scene in consternation.
Suddenly, the body suddenly opened its mouth, and the demon soul turned into plumes of black gas and rushed toward the mouth of the body, like a sea of rivers, and the demon soul was completely swallowed up by the body.
"Master is going to merge with * *." The ghost king was delighted and said, "It seems that the master’s soul has completely recovered."
At the moment, the burly * * seems to be resurrected, and the black gas is surging, which sets it off like a fiend, and the black mans that are more than two feet long are spewed out in his eyes.
The next moment, a huge momentum surged out of this body. Zhuge Buliang and the ghost king were retrogressed by this momentum except the icehouse. In this regard, Zhuge is not bright, which is quite unexpected. It is understandable if he is just shocked by this momentum. But the ghost king is a master who is equivalent to the level of a half-step fairy, and he can’t compete with this momentum, so he was shocked to quit the icehouse.
Chapter 581 In Kyushu again (on)
The Shimen in the icehouse is tightly closed, blocking Zhuge Liang and the prince of the devils from the outside.
"This … what is this?" Zhuge was surprised at not being bright, because he felt that the demon soul sleeping in his body had vanished.
The ghost king’s face was full of smiles, saying, "Master … Master’s old man’s house is about to return, and now his soul and * * have merged. As long as he is given time, he will be able to restore his original peak strength."
Zhuge Liang also subconsciously clenched his fist, and felt lost in his heart because the demon soul returned to the ontology, which means that Zhuge Liang lacked a secret weapon. In the past, whenever Zhuge Liang was in danger, the sleeping demon soul in his body would contribute to give him a hand. This demon soul has always been regarded as its own plug-in by Zhuge Liang.
I opened the plug-in when I couldn’t beat others, but now the demon soul has returned, and the plug-in has disappeared. When I meet any strong enemy in the future, I can only rely on myself.