"If the report is nothing, I’ll go back! “

It was not until this time that Wei Zheng converged on a pair of bright eyes.
After taking a deep breath, answer calmly as much as possible, "Nothing more. Go home … Remember to do what you should do, don’t touch, and don’t touch the king. You won’t be mistreated by an old man who follows the king.
Chapter six hundred and forty Zhang Yan anger
Looking at Kelly Y Zhou’s fading back, I thought that before he turned around, no one noticed that he was unwilling to defend himself and knew that he had a good heart and the other party didn’t listen.
With the status getting higher and higher, Zhou Yuan is developing towards the minister step by step.
At this time, the first thing that came to Wei Zheng’s mind was Wei Zhongxian and the famous carpenter emperor who had just died less than a few years ago.
Just from Kelly Y Zhou, there is no doubt that I am heading for the position of Wei Zhongxian.
But will I be willing to be a carpenter emperor who is suppressed by the minister …
The answer is that it is obvious that a soldier comes from a military background and holds a tiger and leopard army, and he is absolutely not allowed to have that kind of tiger and leopard soldier who can control himself.
If you want the other person to appear this kind of spearhead, you will kill him in the cradle.
So just blink of an eye and a decision is formed in Wei Zheng’s mind.
Wei Zheng deliberately contradicted Wei Zheng and questioned Wei Zheng in less than a day in Kelly Y Zhou Wangfu. Things spread to Beijing like a plague.
Faced with this shocking news, Wei Zheng didn’t expect to be the first to find himself and ask about the situation. It turned out that Zhang Yan was sealed by himself …
Looking at his eyes with a smile, Zhang Yan directly asked with a full face of anxiety, "The report Wangfu said that those things are true … the military adviser really Wangfu contradicted you but also questioned you …"
Wei Zheng didn’t answer, but asked with a meaningful face, "How many times have I told you that no one can call me husband …"
Say that finish directly pointed to the side seat mouth way "come and we sit and chat … but you haven’t come to your husband for several days, don’t you want to … since you’re here today, I’ll do nothing to accompany you …"
With the status of Wei Zheng getting higher and higher, all his ministries except Zhao Yun are gradually alienating themselves.
Many people see themselves as the local tyrant of the Tiger and Leopard Army, but this local tyrant is really tired.
Only when there are two princesses in front of them can we put on all kinds of masks and really relax our business.
The reason is very simple.
Their two princesses, one is big princess and the other is a former queen. Their status and status determine that they will not be bound before Wei Zheng.
And it is this restraint that allows Wei Zheng to lead such a short and normal life.
Once queen Zhang Yan knew the emperor’s pain very well.
Although Wei Zheng is not an emperor yet, many people see him as an equal with Chongzhen.
Just after the words of Wei Zheng were finished, Zhang Yan put away his face and anxious expression. He was very obedient and sat beside Wei Zheng …
After a warm heart, I can’t let go of Zhang Yan or lead the topic to the problem that I just came out.
"Husband, you haven’t answered my question just now … is the strategist really against you …"
Facing Zhang Yan’s worried eyes, Wei Zheng didn’t hesitate, nodded very positively and answered …
"Yes, everything Wangfu said is true …"
After being affirmed by Wei Zheng, Zhang Yan’s face worry was directly replaced by anger.
I spent more than a year with Zhang Yan, and Wei Zheng saw Zhang Yan get angry for the first time …
Weizheng a pair of incredible eyes staring at a full face of anger Zhang Yan directly said …
"Husband, I know that women can’t do politics, but I have to say this …"
"Although the strategist is your right-hand man, he is a great hero of the Tiger and Leopard Army, but no matter what, my husband, you can’t continue to longitudinal him … now he dares to contradict you. After that, can he directly suppress you and make you a puppet emperor?"
"Princess, I know I shouldn’t say this, but I want to say that this is both for you and for myself …"
See the along while didn’t respond to come over, still a face of shock WeiZheng Zhang Yan continued …
"Husband, do you know what is my first thought after hearing the news? It was Wei Zhongxian who controlled the imperial court and harem for more than ten years, Wei Zhongxian … Minister Wei Zhongxian not only controlled the imperial court’s desires, but even the imperial court’s harem was controlled by him … "
"I don’t want to see this happen again for someone who has experienced it …"
It was not until this time that Wei Zheng finally understood the specific reasons why Zhang Yan was so angry.