"I will pay back the blood revenge in those days!" Zhai Ling is calm to a low voice, and the streets are already quiet.

Du Jin fell to the ground in hatred and panic, while Ling Xue dared not move stiffly.
Looking at Zhai Ling’s slow departure, the dim light in the night and the dim back, both of them ruthlessly vented their hearts. "Zhai Ling, I will let you die a natural death!"
"get out!"
A roar is mo candlestick with an iron bar picked up from nowhere and broke into their field of vision.
Don’t dare to scold my eldest brother in your eyes. I don’t care if you are a girl or not.
The two screaming iron bars waved and jumped out. Although they didn’t hurt people, they also let them flee from here.
Zhai Ling didn’t do it because he was going to solve the problem once and for all, and he didn’t want to worry about endless trifles.
And don’t ask for help. You don’t need many reasons to be brothers.
It was too soon before, but Ling Xue and Du Jin fled. At the moment, they met a virtual school meal, and they forgot that their tragic faces were full of laughter just now.
And blue back don’t want to take a reason two people but also because of the same hatred Zhai Ling and don’t like at the beginning to be indifferent to two people, but casual eyes still contain the contempt for two people in front of me.
Ling Xue and Du Jin paid a lot of money to invite their mighty gold family master Lan Xun to be definitely the one who can easily crush an ant in Zhai Ling.
But …
"Are you sure you want to get involved?"
A sudden but very indifferent sound, three people later.
The stunned three people looked back only to see that they were the last to see anyone at the moment … Zhai Ling.
Zhai Ling stepped on a soft blanket and looked up as calm as looking down at the blue back.
The atmosphere suddenly solidified and became very cold with the evening breeze, which made people want to tremble.
Blue back up and raised my hand, but it was broken down into incoherent moves because of trembling. It is a fact that Zhai Ling can’t be beaten, especially since he is now feeling humiliated.
He pushed Ling Xue and Du Jin to the gold card with a sullen face, turned around and walked without saying a word, without even taking a look at Zhai Ling’s actions. Zhai Ling passed by at will.
Also stay where you are, stunned and suddenly fear Ling Xue and Du Jin.
Isn’t Lan Xun a master of the golden family?
Isn’t he a master of the seventh floor in the gathering period?
But before what Zhai Ling will be so despondently bowed their heads and left?
Suddenly, a night breeze came and shook, and the shadow of the moon became hazy. I don’t know that all people have more chill in their hearts, especially Lingxue and Du Jin.
They couldn’t imagine that Zhai Ling would suddenly leave after he appeared. They looked up and saw that Zhai Ling had already stepped away.
Just a few seconds, they both felt a huge message, which also made them look at Zhai Ling with more panic in their puzzled eyes.
This is because Zhai Ling left the instant and gently spoke a word.
"Enjoy this time."
Surprised by Zhai Ling’s current status, I am also afraid of Zhai Ling’s current status
I can’t believe that the teenager they slaughtered in the slums is now the object of their eyes.
In a daze, they were frightened, frightened, and took measures. In the cold wind, the two men took the road and fled, trying to deceive themselves and avoid the place where Zhai Ling appeared
It was just a few minutes ago that they clamored to kill Zhai Ling, and they fled in a panic again.
But I never thought that two scarlet eyes in a dark place passed by in a flash.
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6. Restless nights
It’s night again, but because it’s an island, it looks pale and lush, and the moonlight is a little deeper
It’s windy but cold.
Will make people tremble with fear.
For example, at the moment, the restaurant lights behind Ling Xue and Du Jin have suddenly become the soft light that keeps chasing demons in their hearts, but it always stings them when they look back in astonishment and suddenly hurts.
Only the heart cries as a foil.
I wish I could get out of there.
I wish I could escape from Zhai Ling.
Rushing through the tree and stepping on the rugged stone road, the friction is dry but the hysteria is rapid.
Escape? But can you escape fate?
When the restaurant lights have become dim, I don’t know how far they have gone to Takuwa, Du Jin and Ling Xue are also greatly uncomfortable, breathing heavily and the quiet jungle path rings.
But for a moment, a shadow passed by, and there was no blink of an eye. The shadow was wrapped in a coma and the two disappeared into the night.
The light is too far away, the moonlight is too dim, and it is a shadow. You can’t see the shadow at all.
Even if there is someone, there is no way to find out who it will be.
The lights in the restaurant are still warm and popular. Zhai Ling’s inquiry about cherry blossoms slightly explained that one is that in the past, classmates had to report hatred.
Sakura is very clever. She didn’t ask about anything. She took Zhai Ling and said that she would let him see the delicious food in a virtual heaven.
It’s rare to relax. Zhai Ling naturally won’t refuse, but Tang Fan touches the tip of his nose with the cherry blossoms in their bitterness eyes.
Suddenly there was a shrill scream in front of the door.