"Let’s go, don’t come over." Xie Yiming’s painful whining never forgets to wake me up and stay away.

Seeing the dead baby torture Xie Yiming quickly and dying, I couldn’t stand waving a dagger any longer and was ready to pierce Xie Yiming’s body and arm again towards the dead baby.
If I can’t live, I’ll die together. I can’t watch Xie Yiming die tragically without helping me. This is my only thought at the moment.
"Xiao Ran, stop it. This is an illusion and retreat immediately." At this time, Jiubo suddenly drank and Jiubo’s tone was pecked.
Hearing the nine tones, I waved my dagger and cut to the dead baby. I stopped and stepped back quickly.
Although I believe that Xie Yiming is suffering from misery at present, it is not an illusion, but I also have inexplicable letters about Jiubo’s pronunciation.
I’m surrounded by a hundred baby walls, and I’m afraid of everything.
Nine "broke into the baby wall and Xie Yiming and the dead baby figure suddenly disappeared.
Actually, it was an illusion just now. I was scared when the veins stood out on my forehead jumped violently. At the same time, my heart was relaxed. It was not that Xie Yiming suffered that torture.
Jiubo stood beside me with his Lu Banchi in his hand.
"Little Ran looked at it carefully." Nine "Shen" ordered Lu Banchi to slowly raise his hand and give a strange pattern by painting at the hundred babies.
Jiubo, this moving baby wall, the dead baby’s shrill and miserable cry is in line with the baby wall tremor, and those babies who are in high execution have a tendency to falter.
I looked at the hundred baby walls with my eyes, but the only live baby was found in the crumbling pile of dead babies.
The only live baby whose eyes fall out of the orbit is the central retinal vein and central artery, which keep them from falling to the ground and just hang their cheeks and shake them from side to side.
Chapter two hundred and fifty A line between life and death
Black blood flows along the wall of the baby, the only living baby, but it flows out of the eyes and eyes, but it flows out of the mouth, and the blood is bright red.
Black and red blood flowed from the same live baby, especially the two eyes that fell out of the eye socket of this live baby could stare at me intensely.
So I can’t say how strange I feel about what I see in front of me
"Wait a minute" saw that the only live baby on the wall of the hundred babies appeared in shape. I stepped back and clenched the dagger in my hand. I was ready to make the disease rush and jump to kill the only live baby, but Jiubo suddenly pronounced it to stop me from moving.
"This live baby won’t work even if you hit it with one blow. He will explode with your fatal blow, and the juice will trigger a serial explosion of more than a dead baby." Jiu Bo’s eyes didn’t answer my questions before Bai Ying’s wall.
Jiu Bo’s puzzle made me feel like I was drenched with ice water from the beginning in winter, and I just felt a little happy because I was always peeping through the position of a live baby.
This is not to be afraid of anything. When I was spinning, I heard the crash of the belly of the dead baby. I was also worried that if they burst into the belly and sprayed medicine juice, I would definitely be hiding.
Is this a good dream come true? I feel that I have the potential to crow
The fact that "it’s time to continue" and see the live baby close at hand makes my heart depressed.
Jiubo didn’t answer my question. His face was dignified. After a while, he continued to point with Lu Banchi’s middle finger.
I saw Lu Banchi’s rich congenital vigorous spirit come out with the nine-bo dynamic blaster and stay in the position pointed out by nine-bo Lu Banchi.
I noticed that Jiubo pointed this time, if the lines were connected together, it would be like trying to form a huge net to cover the baby wall.
Babies wall because nine "move dead babies and live babies again is the shrill cry that one or two dead babies have fallen from the crumbling Babies wall.
Falling off the wall of a hundred babies, the dead baby crawled along the ground in the direction of Jiubo and me.
I didn’t expect that the dead baby would automatically rush to attack. Seeing that the dead baby was getting closer and closer, I was so shocked that I couldn’t nail it in place. I didn’t know what to do at the moment.
I glanced at Jiubo and saw Jiubo’s hand moving faster, and his face was a little white.
Jiubo’s reaction made me afraid, and I was even more nervous. I clenched my dagger and my palm was already sweating.
Forced to calm down, I stepped forward to block the baby waiting to die in front of Jiubo, and I blocked it first.
Jiubo came to save me, and I am grateful for this, as I can’t let Jiubo get ahead of me.
I am eager to live and afraid of death, but this does not prevent me from trying to protect Jiu Bo ‘an’s idea.
If my life can give Jiubo one more chance to escape, then I won’t give up easily.
Goodbye, my love, goodbye, grandma, goodbye, master, goodbye, my friend, goodbye to the world.
When I took this step forward, my heart suddenly calmed down, except for the overwhelming emotion in my heart. I have already seen death.
I smile faintly at the corner of my lips and stare at the slow-moving dead baby, who will attack when they are forced to the front.
No matter how slow the dead baby moves, it always comes to my eyes. I waved my dagger and stabbed the first dead baby who came to my eyes.
But my dagger hasn’t reached the dead baby’s body yet. Behind me, Jiubo tugged at my arm and pulled me back.
Nine "suddenly let my dagger stab the dead baby, and fell to nine" milli "to guard against me, and I almost fell down.
"It’s easy to die at any time, but that’s what cowards do." Jiubo was furious
I frowned at Jiubo’s sudden gesture and ignored Jiubo’s rage. My eyes looked at those dead babies again.
The time has come. No matter what Jiubo says, I can’t just sit back and wait. I can’t attack Jiubo first by a dead baby.
But I once again looked at the dead baby who had just approached me. I saw that the dead baby turned around and climbed towards the baby wall again.
At the same time, the only living baby in Baiyingbi makes a purring sound.
From this sound, the baby walls are crumbling, and the dead babies are once again stacked tightly together. Those dead babies who fall to the ground are also moving closer to the baby walls and returning to their places.
Jiubo has just finished pointing. If those points are connected together, it will be a huge net.
With the return of the dead baby, the net automatically locks the baby wall, and the baby wall is folded more and more towards a narrow place.
"Jiubo" saw that situation and my heart was filled with surprises.
"Hum" nine "is still a calm face didn’t give me a good face.
"Jiubo, I was wrong. Forgive me this time." I slip away and admit my mistake.
There is life and death, and that life is still given to me by Jiubo. I don’t care about Jiubo’s face.
"Nine" mistakes can improve a lot. You adults have a large number of prime ministers. If you can punt in your stomach, please spare me. "Look at nine" pursed lips and still look dark. I apologize again.