It seems that the previous big explosion did not harm it.

Hey, this guy’s not coming, is he?
True to the front of the lotus, the dark punishment Wu suddenly hesitated to look at each other. When the punishment Wu saw that the dark punishment had no hand, he dry coughed.
That’s right. This time, we have a chance to join hands and try to see how it reacts.
Black also know delay had to discuss a way
Punishment Wu nodded without hesitation but retreated more than ten zhangs.
Black eyebrows a wrinkly also retreated more than ten zhangs.
Can see that they are really very nervous at this time.
But by this time, the two had already retreated and had to gamble.
When they looked at each other again, they condensed a black mountain at the same time, which hit the lotus terrace in the world.
Although they didn’t force their hands, they didn’t play any tricks. Truly, truly, they made a blow.
When the black awn beat the lotus, he saw the golden light flash and the flame fluttered and made a light sound.
Is this a ring will be black punishment Wu Qiqi got a fright and hurriedly back more than ten zhangs.
When I looked at it with horror, I saw that the lotus platform had been shaken back by several zhangs. Its golden light seemed to be stimulated, and it suddenly rose up and lit up the surrounding emptiness in an instant.
The five-color halo in the golden light can be clearly seen in the slow operation, which gives people a sense of vitality, but there is still a little gray-white light in the center, which is destructive and frightening.
It looks like a lotus platform, and at this time it is a strange roulette wheel, which contains the mysterious power of life and death.
It’s not good to kill him
Black punishment immediately felt bad, and dare not leave your hand again. Qi Qi incarnates a black mountain and directly crashes into the golden light.
The strongest blow of the two big monty actually hit the lotus platform, and when the golden light exploded, it made a muffled sound, and the lotus platform flew straight to smash a big hole in the cave wall and disappeared.
Black criminal force stayed in the place with a face of doubt and checked it again.
No loss
That’s right. After the force attacked Dushi Liantai, they didn’t even feel the anti-seismic force.
No, we’ve been tricked
Suddenly, the dark one suddenly reacted and woke up. The energy in H’s novel was unexpectedly gone without a trace of explosion. It was obviously absorbed by the lotus.
When they looked at each other quickly, Qi Qi jumped on the big hole.
But as soon as they got to the mouth of the cave, their blaster body stopped in horror and backed away with a horrified face.
A golden light suddenly appeared in the dark hole, and gradually rose and shone on their faces.
What’s in there?