Thousand colors are you telling the truth? Nie Fenghua asked tentatively and gently.

Qianse lowered her eyes and blushed slightly. She buried herself in his arms and said gloomily, when brother gave me some.
Well, how long will it take? I can wait for Nie Fenghua to hold her tightly.
Now that she has decided to leave Cang Ao and wants to live a normal life, she should try to face a new life and feelings.
She is not a saint, but she can not be moved in front of such a gentle man who is willing to give everything.
Maybe her heart will love someone forever.
But she will repay another person all her life.
The fiftieth chapter Cang ao fan wai 1
The fiftieth chapter Cang ao fan wai 1
Beautiful women are often unlucky.
Either the envy of others or the political sacrifice.
My mother is a beautiful woman. She is the most beautiful in a harem.
She embraced her father’s 3 thousand pet.
However, the palace is a battlefield of gunpowder, father, and every woman is her enemy.
Even if mother and father are blessed, they can’t escape from the dark side day and night.
But she never told her father that she had been wronged.
She always faces everything with a smile because she has her father’s love, which is enough.
Helianlou, the woman who came from Helianguo to kiss, is enchanting in beauty.
She is now the biggest threat to her mother because her mother’s smile is gone.
I used to accompany my mother and father every night to come once every three days, two of which were accompanied by Helianlu.
Father, who once loved his mother in every way, has already given half of his love to the new princess.
Looking at my mother’s sad eyes every day, I gradually realized one thing. Maybe my father’s love is my mother’s face.
When I was ten years old, there was a rare drought in South Vietnam, and there were burning, killing and looting everywhere.
My father is so anxious every day that my mother doesn’t know what to do with it.
Finally, it was HeLianLu who took her dowry and bought food from other countries to save a South Vietnam.
I remember my father called me to the imperial palace one night.
He told me that HeLianLou took the silver for two years from the national treasury of South Vietnam.
I was shocked at that time. This money is not a small sum.
Father told me again that the national treasury of South Vietnam is not short of money.
I was stunned for a while, but my father didn’t tell me these things, because I didn’t understand my father’s good intentions until I grew up gradually.
He’s here in Lillian. He doesn’t love her.
Unfortunately, my mother had already passed away at that time.
There is no doubt that Helianlou has been sitting on the throne of the queen who has been lacking.
My mother fell ill after she became a queen from Helian Lou.
I never knew that a person could languish so quickly and so badly.
Only a few days ago, my beautiful mother was terminally ill.
On that day, my father almost stumbled to his mother’s bed. He held her hand and kept saying don’t leave him.
That is, my father stayed with my mother every day, and my mother went anyway.
Before leaving, she took her father’s hand and said something fatal to him.
She said that I will never be the first in your heart, since you didn’t make a promise to me and let me go.
At that time, my father was still dead, shaking his lips and not saying a word.
It was March when my mother died. The sun shone and pears fell, and snowflakes danced in the temple, which filled everyone’s sight.
In fact, it’s not a snowflake, it’s a pear tree full of pears.
I heard that pear blossoms were flying all over the yard like white snowflakes on the day my mother was born.
Father, she built the pear palace, and she planted pear trees.
Pear drop is also mother’s name.
Since the death of my mother, the pear hall has been dusty, and it has also dusty a woman’s life story.
It’s March again. I saw a man in a yellow dragon robe flying all over the sky, staring at the falling petals of pear trees.
He is the most admired man in my life and my father.
Seeing my father’s eyes is even more sad.