Heart aunt looked at this suddenly more mature than they are, and her daughter’s last stubbornness in her heart was completely broken, and her palm caressed her heart, her soft hair, and then she nodded her teeth, and then she started the ancestral soul temple.

My heart is clear and my cheeks are always colored. Thank you, Mom.
Aunt Xin wiped tears from her cheeks and said, If you fail, this world will never be Kyubi no Youko again.
One day, I will recruit people to announce the news, and then I will send you to the ancestral hall.
The solidification atmosphere in the ancestral temple is always scattered at this time. Perhaps it is a final decision. My aunt’s cheeks are no longer depressed, but she laughs a little more.
It seems that the ancestral temple is a very dangerous place.
Suddenly, smiling, everyone in the ancestral hall was surprised, and then he turned his head and saw a figure leaning against the door when he didn’t know.
Lin’s big heart looked at that figure in a sunny way. Suddenly, one leng immediately wiped the cheek spray.
Heart aunt looked at Lin Dong and immediately got up and gave him a gift. Lin Dong, the younger brother, was reckless. Don’t take it amiss.
Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders and took a look at the heart shine. Can outsiders enter the ancestral soul temple?
It’s dangerous to get in there.
Heart sunny little face is a change at this time hurriedly daolin adults.
I’ll accompany her to the ancestral soul temple.
Lin is not a girl who opposes stretching and turning away, still mumbling.
It’s just casual comfort. How can comfort come to such a dead end? What a failure!
If the heart is clear, I can’t help but cover my mouth and spray together. Chapter one thousand and fifty-five Ancestor Soul Temple.
Lin moved on a tree trunk and looked ahead. It was a piece of land in Kyubi no Youko Village. At this time, almost all the Kyubi no Youko people gathered here, and the atmosphere was sad.
In the past, Aunt Xin said that she was going to rush into the ancestral soul temple, but it caused some commotion in the family. However, it was unexpected that people opposed some girls’ sad faces, and this kind of fear also made them quite desperate.
Lin looked at this kind of atmosphere, but Nai sighed and immediately asked Yan in his heart, was what you said last night true?
Last night, when Lin Dong said that he would accompany Xin Qing to go to the ancestral soul temple, the dragon, who had always seen the tail rock, jumped up and told him something about the Kyubi no Youko family in that ancient time.
In ancient times, the Kyubi no Youko family was also a big bully in the monster beast world. At that time, they were full of three reincarnation peaks, and their strength was strong enough. Jiufeng Kunpeng and other tyrants were comparable to the rock leisurely way.
Three metempsychosis wide Lin eyes a clot so strength is really terrible.
In those days, the Kyubi no Youko clan also followed my master’s side in the great war, which made a great contribution, but the Kyubi no Youko clan also became an alien. It is said that in that last battle, the last Kyubi no Youko Linghu in their clan put his life seal to suppress three different demons.
Suppress the Three Demons Factory
Lin’s eyes slightly shook in the flaming city. The pheasant wanted to destroy a different demon king without offering sacrifices. Wang Tianpan still had five ancestors. Even so, he was finally escaped by the different demon king, and the ancestor of the Kyubi no Youko family suppressed three different demon kings by his own strength. Although this was at the cost of his life, it was quite scary.
And I just doubt that Kyubi no Youko’s family has recovered. I’m afraid this kind of rock muses.
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly
You did go to the ancestral soul temple to see what was going on. However, Lin Dong heard something strange from his voice.
You haven’t said anything yet. Lin’s careful mind is suspicious
Hey, hey, this ancestor of the Kyubi no Youko family loved to devour the Lord in ancient times, and it’s hard to get some benefits after your ancestor’s death.