Qin Shaojie also attend to not top a lot of, two wings instantly wrapped himself up, just like a silkworm chrysalis, then, I felt that I was hit, qi and blood churned, and people were also smashed out far away by the differentiated lightning.

The power of this last lightning bolt was so powerful that even Xingtian was repelled. Even Yuyoko had to do his best to carry this lightning bolt to ensure that he was not injured.
Although it was divided by the Xingtian’s square shield, its power was not weak. Qin Shaojie was already physically weak, and the real yuan was overdrawn. If it weren’t for the wings of Raytheon, he absorbed most of the force of lightning for him, thus Qin Shaojie was really immortal and disabled.
1 of "bang", Qin Shaojie directly fell to the ground, his eyes suddenly turned black, and he only had time to see a figure flying towards him, so he couldn’t support it anymore and passed out directly.
Telepathy, like the relevant departments of China, is so mysterious that it has always been known only by its name, but not by its shadow.
Ling Fang, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, suddenly felt a tingle all over her body. Then, with a shake of her hand, the bowl in her hand came out and fell to the ground with a bang, and it was smashed to pieces.
"Sister Ling Fang, what’s wrong with you?" If Qiu heard the sound, she hurriedly ran into the kitchen, only to see where Lingfang was standing.
"I … I don’t know." Lingfang’s voice trembled. Just now, she seemed to feel that something bad had happened. This feeling made her feel uncomfortable all over, and even said that she was vaguely afraid in her heart.
"What’s the matter?" Autumn if some worry asked.
At this point, Lingfang’s face was pale, her eyebrows were tight and her body was trembling. This makes Qiu Re very scared. They are all practitioners, and it is impossible to say that they are sick.
"I … I really don’t know." Ling Fang said, and suddenly ran to the living room, picked up the phone on the coffee table and found out Qin Shaojie’s phone number. I dialed it.
"Sorry, the number you dialed is power off." The voice that reminds you to turn off the phone comes from the receiver.
Dial again.
"Sorry, the number you dialed is power off." It’s still that mechanical voice.
"Sister Ling Fang, what’s the matter? Is something wrong with Brother Qin?" If autumn seems to have thought something, she asked softly.
Lingfang didn’t speak, but tears slowly flowed down her pale cheeks.
"No, Sister Ling Fang, Qin Dage will not have an accident." Autumn if hurriedly embrace LingFang, nasty said.
"He … had an accident." LingFang shook his head and murmured.
"No, Qin Dage is so powerful, how can something happen?" If autumn hard shook his head. She didn’t believe that Qin Shaojie would have an accident so easily.
"I feel it."
"What do you feel? Sister Ling Fang? " If autumn asked in a hurry.
"Just that kind of feeling, let me very afraid. I have never been afraid before. " LingFang trembling said.
"No, no, Qin Dage didn’t also come back last time? He will come back this time. " Qiu Re said consolingly, but tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Yes, he won’t die, he will come back." Ling Fang murmured, "Yes, Shao Jie, he is a descendant of Heaven and Dan, and he should be robbed. How can he die easily? No, he won’t."
"hmm? What a strange feeling. "
In the magic altar, the mysterious man in a black robe and mask suddenly said.
"Lord, what’s the matter?" It was Qin Shaojie who talked with him once.
"What a strange feeling, I suddenly can’t feel the existence of Dan Chuanren that day." The mystery man said to himself.
"I can’t feel his existence?" Asked the wind crazy confused. "Is he dead?"
"I don’t know, but I really don’t feel his existence." The mysterious man said. "He shouldn’t die so easily, so how can he become a descendant of Tiandan?"
Just, I hope he is not really dead, otherwise, it took us thousands of years to get the Tianbao Box and the descendants of the Magic Zun. If he dies, our thousands of years of hard work will be wasted, and the Tianbao Box is just an ordinary box.
Legend has it that the descendants of Tiandan are doomed to disaster in this world, and this disaster is the descendants of the Magic Zun and the Tianbao Box. The two ancient spells in the Tianbao Box, one positive and one evil, are the disaster.
As the saying goes, there is a destiny. Even if Qin Shaojie has never got the treasure box, one day, the treasure box will be opened by him, and the disaster will begin.
Thousands of years ago, Huangdi, a descendant of Tiandan, fought Chiyou, a descendant of Magic Dan. Now, the descendant of Magic Zun is the Tu who owns Magic Dan. The reincarnation of the Millennium, a battle between good and evil, is slowly kicking off.
Just as the mysterious man said, Qin Shaojie will not die. On this day, Dan and Mo Dan, two descendants, will die, and they can only die at each other’s hands. Just like the first world war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, either the Yellow Emperor killed Chiyou or Chiyou killed the Yellow Emperor. This is a rule set by God, and no matter who it is, it can’t be changed.
PS: Three lines are written together, so it feels a little messy. However, it’s still a shame to ask for some tickets at night.
Volume 3 University, I’m coming
Chapter 209 One night before liberation
Perhaps, as the mysterious man said, only the heavenly Dan and the magic Dan can kill each other. The wind can’t kill Qin Shaojie, nor can the king of Garuda. Similarly, even Xingtian, who is not bound by the rules of heaven and earth, can’t kill him.
When Qin Shaojie woke up in a daze, he only saw a dim candlelight and a woman with a long white dress.
"Sister?" Qin Shaojie gently cried.
The woman in a long white dress heard the sound of Qin Shaojie and slowly turned around.
"Are you awake?" Asked the pavilion.
"Is it you?"
"Of course it’s me. This is my room. Who else can I be?" Maoting said faintly. But there was a strange emotion in his eyes.
"I’m still alive?" Qin Shaojie asked, trying to support his body with his arms and sit up, only to find that he had no strength at all.
"I, I what’s the matter? Aren’t we in Mount Kent? What about the king of Qin looking at the bone mirror? " Qin Shaojie asked three questions in a row.
"Don’t move, lie down and rest."
Said, and the pavilion picked up a towel, put it in a tub with water, came over and helped Qin Shaojie wipe his face and said.
"You have been in a coma for a week."
"No way." Qin Shaojie exclaimed. "That, that two foreigners? Are you alive? "
"Alive, brother has brought them all back and watched them in the back hill." The pavilion said.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. If the two of them are dead, it will be terrible." When Qin Shaojie heard that Pique and Jason were still alive, he immediately gave a sigh of relief.
He doesn’t care about the lives of those two people, but he understands that if you don’t kill Boren, Boren will die because of you, and the ordinary man is innocent and guilty. If those two people die, the responsibility will definitely be on him. He is a man of practice and should not kill ordinary people.
"How did we get back?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"I flew back."
"How did you fly back?"
"imperial sword"
"…" Qin Shaojie a head of black line, paused, then said. "Sister, dare you say a few more words?"
The pavilion looked at Qin Shaojie, still the expression of the iceberg goddess who owed her two hundred dollars, and said. "On that day, the situation was urgent. My brother took the two barbarians in the first step and hid. After I got the mirror of the king of Qin, I missed avoiding the thunder and lightning. When I found you, you passed out. Then, we went back to the cave, and when it got dark, my brother and I flew back with you and those two barbarian swords. "