These may not be what Mo Qin, a beautiful woman, is worried about. She is more concerned about the flow of high-level officials in China than the troops in China. She was most shocked by the news that 60,000 Chinese women went to China in the Star and China in the Capital years ago, which means that the two airspace China countries will make great progress in political and military affairs, which means that China countries will be more difficult to enemy.

Qian Yan’s demon king was trapped in Jiuchong Taiqing. She once asked the fangs assassins in the super bosses to assassinate the nine women of Hua Zhong, but it was a pity that the nine women of Hua Zhong were protected by the super bosses. The assassin always fails.
In fact, the assassination failed, not because the nine women were protected by super bosses, but because the nine women themselves were super bosses. Although the extremely yin force tactic on the 26th floor can’t be used in the five realms of the universe, it can be used by the spirit sleep. The fangs assassin was still trillions of light-years away, and his tracks were perceived, so the nine women had enough time to complete the preservation. Another reason for the failure is that the series of assassins sent by Moqin Beauty Daoist is too low, which is only equivalent to the practitioners of chaotic Yin-Yang and two-qi tactics who are trained on the twentieth floor at most. With such a difference of six levels of strength, once the nine women hide their tracks, how can these assassins find them?
When nine women enter the boundless airspace, they will preside over the affairs of the two-plane heavens and China. Moqin beauty Taoist lost the news of nine women. At the same time, I am afraid to send my precious super bosses to the boundless airspace to die because of the speed and shadowy appearance of Qian Yan’s demon king.
I should say. It’s a mistake for a Taoist priest to do this.
Nine women from China entered the boundless airspace and spent 10,000 boundless years in the neighboring countries of China. The remaining tens of thousands of boundless years were spent in Turin. For every 10,000 boundless years, nine women had 6,000 boundless years to visit Xiaokangtian, or to meet with Tianxin to discuss the affairs of the two-sided countries of China, or to enter the endless stream to cultivate their world groups that have reached hundreds of worlds. In the 4,000 borderless years when all countries are in China, Jiunv is doing a great thing, and the world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world-class world

I don’t know this fashion of the Meridian Emperor. With the fact that the Guanghuang ruins really transferred the Huazhongyu-level world repair to his hands, and the number of imported Huazhongyu-level world repairs became more and more huge, his loose-packed has been inevitably exposed, and when the magical baby Xuanwei Guanghua derived from the Emperor’s heavenly fall reached a critical point of condensation. Even if the Meridian Emperor doesn’t sacrifice and practice the emperor, his every move will be "seen" by Tianxin.
Therefore, Mo Qin’s beauty preacher keeps an eye on nine women’s tracks. It was a big mistake. However, Tianxin seeks to seize the emperor from heaven, because the business is confidential and he does not trust others to do it. The most important thing is to enter the world-class world-class study, and 99% of them must meet two conditions. When they grow up, they will study the internal internal energy scriptures without boundaries, while when they are Taoists, they will practice the internal energy scriptures outside the world. As a qualified selector of this important task, Tianxin can only trust nine women.
Not particularly so, Tianxin asked the nine women to send the world-class repair to the emperor, especially the world-class repair at the end of the world, and there is still one of the greatest hopes. Since the giant hand of Kun beast appeared in the boundless airspace, Tianxin has a vigilant concept of the upper bound of chaos. But the relationship between the chaotic plane and the infinite plane is far different from that between the infinite plane and the astral plane. In addition, the celestial center can’t be obtained even if it wants to go to the upper bound of chaos.
It is not the nature of heavenly heart to cultivate the inner but not the outer, and to take precautions to show the chaotic upper bound of the concept. Thinking hard for tens of thousands of endless years and synthesizing all kinds of data, Tianxin believes that the legend of "absence and robbery" in boundless airspace is not groundless and has certain credibility. So he designed a plan that "the world has reached the end of the sky blue and the world has entered the sky, and it has soared after the absence of the sky, so as to see the upper bound of chaos".
The reason for doing this experiment is that Tianxin trusts the penetrating power of Shen Ying Xuan Wei Guanghua. Since he is in the infinite plane, he can understand and command Zhu Tianhua countries through the Shen Ying Xuan Wei Guanghua derived from Xingyuan Zhutianhua countries. Naturally, he can also understand the situation of the chaotic upper bound by sending Hua Zhong World to the chaotic upper bound. Although Tianxin can’t understand how strong the world that successfully survived the robbery and merged with the sky-blue world is, but
However, even the world can be integrated. To some extent, even in the chaotic world, it exists as an individual. Tianxin believes that with the continuous grandeur of the natural world and the mixed world, the natural world can be completed. He must be able to sense the tiny brilliance of the baby in the ascending body, and form a preliminary understanding of the upper bound of chaos by scanning the mysterious brilliance of the baby through spiritual knowledge when the ascending body walks around.
Of course, this is only an experiment, and Tianxin is not sure that it will succeed. Therefore, the main purpose is to snatch the emperor from the sky or let him return to the extreme airspace of the outer world at a certain moment; Even if it is the information of the upper bound of chaos, Tianxin also feels that it is more practical to rely on the Meridian Emperor. As long as the mysterious baby is derived from the emperor’s arrival in the sky, the words and deeds of the Meridian Emperor will be in the period when he holds the emperor’s arrival in the sky. It is inevitable to be "eavesdropped".
Legend has it that the strength is constantly sublimating, and the cultivation of extreme wisdom opens the horizon …
In the face of cloud nine and the chaotic upper bound or chaotic plane with only a little concept, Tianxin exerted all its strength, racked all its brains and used all the forces that could be used.
Facts have proved that hard work pays off.
After another 600,000 years, Tianxin’s hope for the emperor’s arrival in the sky was 80% achieved. In the 600,000-year-long period, the ruins of Guanghuang sent 60 trillion Yu-level Taoists to the emperor, and almost all the two non-military Taoists in the three countries with infinite plane were sent out.
Only when there is scale can there be an effect. With 480 heavens and the earth and layers of blockade, the emperor’s heavenly fall was finally ignored by the mysterious baby Guanghua, which was derived from the gathering of 60 trillion Huazhongyu-level Taoists, and connected with the "main brain" of Tianxin.
The five realms of the wild and the wild.
This moment. The meridian emperor, who was practicing outside and eating the starry sky, suddenly felt uneasy. The emperor is the emperor, and the spirit is amazing. Plus it was an extraordinary moment, and I soon found out that it was wrong.
It’s just that Rao Ziwu is as fine as a ghost, and he wouldn’t have thought that something was wrong with the emperor. The only way is that it was discovered by Qian Yan, or someone in the upper bound of chaos entered the infinite airspace.
The Meridian Emperor once again showed off all his energy, observed the internal and external situations, and regretted seeing nothing, but never went to his mind.
"This fellow will suffer in the future."
Heavenly heart is great. It feels good to "peep" through the increasingly refined "god’s arrival".
In the spiritual uneasiness of the Meridian Emperor, Tianxin began a new round of deployment. After 700,000 years of endless development, many countries in the two-dimensional world have been grasping each other. Nine women kiss each other, whether it is the sky area of Xingyuan Zhuhua or the three sky areas of the infinite plane, they have all been in harmony to a certain extent. However, the development of borderless airspace by many countries in China and all countries in China has reached a point where it is hard to see. The tusks in the borderless airspace in the outer space belong to heaven and earth, except for thousands of heaven and earth near the limit airspace. It has been occupied by all the countries bordering China and all the countries bordering China.
There are still not many people who soar in the sky, but this is caused by the time of the sky. A clear day is equivalent to 130,000 boundless years. In the boundless world, 700,000 years have passed, but in the nine clear days, there are only a few clear days. On the contrary, if you break through the micro-sky, more micro-channels will soar into the chaotic micro-sky.
In short, everything is under control.
If the Meridian Emperor starts now, he can still play. If we don’t start it now, when the new deployment of Tianxin is completed, the Meridian Emperor seems to have no better ending except to escape to the upper bound of chaos.
In a blink of an eye, 300,000 endless years passed.
It’s time for the Meridian Emperor to seize the original boundary sky, and it’s time for Tianxin to advance into the infinite airspace. Just because the Meridian Emperor gave up the outer limit airspace, it is actually pioneering for all countries in the infinite plane to advance into the infinite limit airspace. Open up, just open up, and leave it to the development department.
Tianxin and Jiunv’s eyes quickly turned to Xingyuan world.
In 5102, the Earth-Taijiuji interstellar calendar was in Xingyuan age.
On the day he arrived in Xingyuan World, the Meridian Emperor felt extremely dark. According to his plan, the joint civilization of the boundary and the sky opened a passage from more than a dozen boundary days to attack the Qiyuan sky area of the various countries in the Xingyuan plane. In order to cover up this main strategy of capturing the Qiyuan boundary day, before that, he made an all-inclusive study of the starry sky and drifted to the Xingyuan sky, trying to rely on the Kuntian area of the various countries in China as much as possible, posing a threat. As for the lightning-and-fire-filled heaven area and the spiritual weapon-repairing soldiers in many countries in China, they were handed over to Simba civilization, thousands of lightning-and-mars, and the fangs-and-gods repair and world repair that he brought to Xingyuan world.
The plan is perfect, and the joint civilization of heaven and earth has been secretly preparing for war for millions of endless years. In their understanding, it should not disturb the public affairs department of Xingyuan Zhutianhua, because there is no increase in the garrison troops of Huazhongguo at the opening of Kaiyuan Jietian and Dijun Jietian.
But just at the last moment, the tunnel between Dijun Jietian and several adjacent Jietian and Qiyuan Jietian collapsed, blocking the army of Jietian joint civilization in Dijun Jietian to open deep space at this end.
What makes the Meridian Emperor feel dizzy and secretly is that the tunnel of Jietian Dongkai collapsed in less than an interstellar day, and the boundary between Jietian and the joint civilization of water, blue and barren came the news of the invasion of many armies from all over the world, headed by the spirit fighters at the organizational level of the Legion.

Chapter six hundred and twenty-eight Take it all (on)
Jietian "
Before the meridian emperor spoke, the emperor, the actual helm of Jietianlian Xi civilization, let out a cry in his heart. Millions of years of endless preparations, most of the troops of Jietian Lianxi Civilization concentrated on opening deep space for the goal of opening up the original boundary. Although Chen Bing was added to the border, there was no way to stop the armies of Zhutianhua and many other countries with legion-level weapon soldiers as pioneers.
"What a thousand yan jun, and I forget it. Only this time, I’m afraid you can’t count me. " The Meridian Emperor quickly recovered from the initial blow. When he looked at his headquarters, everyone added, "You will quickly consolidate the army and fight the invaders, and I will solve the invisible boundary between the world and the sky."
They agreed, and the Emperor was the most anxious. If such a fierce war is not stopped and let it spread, the heavens of the emperor and the world will definitely be destroyed, just like the snowy world, and there will be no stars.
The Emperor led a bunch of confidants to leave the joint civilization of the world, while the Meridian Emperor showed his hand, dodged a black axe and began to slash at the intangible boundary of the world.
With the ability of the Meridian Emperor, it is naturally difficult for him to cut off the intangible boundary between the original boundary and the boundary, but it is not a matter of time to open a passage for the army to enter.
With this time difference, more spiritual warriors emerged from the dark sky of Xingyuan, or rushed to the deep space between Qiyuan boundary and Dijun boundary days, or crossed the tunnel between Qiyuan boundary day and Shuilan central boundary day and Kuntian spirit world, and moved to Dijun boundary day and thunder and fire big sky area.
The Star Wars are protracted wars.
All 800,000 high-and low-order Lingqi legions in all countries of Zhu Tianhua have been put into battle, and the regular legions with a total of more than 100 billion in the areas of Zhu Tian have also set out for the predetermined meridian to take all the stars, and the Xingba civilization and the Emperor’s boundary and heaven have jointly fought in the battlefield of civilization.
At the same time, Tianxin also started the maximum transmission of nine-day Hualien from the well-off days to the five realms of the universe, and the 80,000 Xingyuan Lingqi repair corps cultivated by the five realms of China in recent millions of endless years. Assemble in the small five realms, dig up the earth-star channel from the small five realms and enter the star world, killing the winner-take-all starry sky of the Meridian Emperor.
The Meridian Emperor did have the ability, and the tough and heavy boundary material cut off the sky under his black and bright axe. In just one interstellar day, he opened a channel with a diameter of one billion light years. With the opening of this passage, the Yuan Shen Xiu and the World Xiu brought by the Meridian Emperor and the joint civilized army of Jietian gathered here flocked to Qiyuan Jietian, and fought fiercely with the garrison troops of Huazhong countries that had been arranged in large arrays at this time. The Meridian Emperor continued to widen the passage. There are many strange things in this fellow’s hand, but he can dissolve the infinite bridging force of intangible quality and make the channel open at a speed of thousands of light years per axe.
Ten interstellar days later. Tianxin arrived in Lingshi City, and the diameter of the boundary passage opened by the Meridian Emperor has reached tens of billions of light years. Of course, the scene of the passage at this time is chaos, and the troops are constantly coming from the other side of the boundary of the Emperor, and the countries of China have also increased their troops in an effort to keep the enemy out of the boundary of the original world.
"This fellow is really not afraid of the ending of a dragon swimming in shallow water and a tiger falling in Pingyang! In this case, the deity surprised him. "
"Look" at the Meridian Emperor who is wielding a black axe. A strange smile appears at the corners of Tianxin’s mouth, and he sits in a corner of Lingshi City. In the millions of endless years of well-off days, the latest achievements of internal energy are running, and the methods of birth realm, chaos realm and chaos realm are concurrent. At the same time, it sends a call to the magical beasts that have been tempered for millions of years in the sea of thousands of breaths on the edge of the blood-blue micro-world group.
Under the crazy turn of internal energy, the mysterious and micro-brilliance of the divine baby in the Xingyuan area of Huazhong countries quickly completed crystallization and gathered in the Qiyuan area bit by bit.
The meridian emperor, who is pioneering the passage between heaven and earth, suddenly frowned, and he sensed that a huge force was forming and approaching.
"It’s not like repairing Guanghua outside, its shape is light, and its state is like water …"
Emperor Ziwu put down his black axe and carefully realized the mysterious brilliance of the baby. He knew that this power was so powerful that it was as harmless as a drop of water when it dispersed. But if it is gathered into a sea of interest, it is not good for him. If the rest of the sea is still manipulated, his life will be miserable.
However, the meridian emperor did not have much time to experience the mysterious brilliance of the baby. Thousands of magical beasts were killed in nine interstellar days, and the body that had completely digested a drop of Kun beast’s blood exuded a terrible smell, which attracted the mind of Meridian Emperor.
As Tianxin predicted. If it is in such a position as the infinite airspace, the Meridian Emperor can be a semi-creative creature without birds, but in the astral world, many magical powers that need chaotic environment can’t be used, and powerful instruments such as the emperor’s arrival in the sky can’t be sacrificed.
Longyou was played by shrimp in shallow water, and the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by dogs.
With only the motive force and limited instruments, the Meridian Emperor was destined to be played by thousands of magical beasts soaked in the thunder and fire of Xingyuan for millions of endless years.
This is not to say that the magical beasts can take the Meridian Emperor, but there are six sky-blue worlds and eight earth-green upper-level worlds that are rapidly turning blue, which are arranged in an eight-barren array to provide the power source, and they are fused with the blood of Kun beasts, and the endless sea formed by the cremation of Xingyuan thunder and the world’s boundary shell has been refined for millions of endless years. The magical beasts have been able to afford the Xingyuan plane and the infinite position. Infinite source of strength, the most tenacious body, when the Meridian Emperor was entangled, it was difficult to get out. When the mysterious baby of Tianxin was condensed into a thousand magical beasts, the joke of Meridian Emperor’s "inaction" in the star world arrived.
The meridian emperor’s heart sank, and he was a discerning man. The breath of a thousand magical beasts is just the breath of the ignorant, but obviously it has endless stamina. The most annoying thing is the body of the beast, which is full of light and color, and contains the power of terror mines and chaos, and swallowed a little bit of chaotic Yin and Yang.
Meridian emperor can’t think a lot, and when he turns around, thousands of magical beasts have become magical bodies, and countless colorful brilliance accompanied the beasts to roar and pounce on him.