When he looked up, he was shocked to see that Violet was not popular. It was his elder martial sister’s position in Zi Xia Wonderland, and both he and Dolly could not compare with each other. They hurried forward and asked, "How did the elder martial sister get hurt and who was so bold?"

Bai Meng shook his hand to signal Huang Lingzi not to panic and said to Tianyu, "Yuer sent your master back to heal!" "
Huang Lingzi didn’t ask Bai Meng until Qinglian and Tianyu left: "How did the elder brothers and sisters get hurt?"
Bai Meng shook his head and sighed: "The open-air machine was injured by the secret. This mirror of destiny is a double-edged sword after all. It seems that you can see everything in the world, but you can’t say anything, or you will be injured by the secret in the mirror of destiny."
Huang Lingzi sighed, "This mirror can’t tell you that my brother and I sent the violet away again this time. I’m afraid that the elder martial sister got a glimpse of Violet’s destiny. I think she will have a great disaster in the future, otherwise the elder martial sister wouldn’t have warned her!"
Bai Meng said, "This mirror is mysterious. People with three dragons and three phoenixes have a good fortune. People with six dragons and six phoenixes have a good fortune. Sister Zhongtian is also proficient in mystery, good at calculating congenital and acquired divination. So she can see the mystery of the world with this mirror, but she knows the pain well, but she can’t speak. It’s really painful. I have asked Tianlong Zi to take the mirror so as not to delay her meditation! "
Huang Lingzi smiled indifferently: "Tianlongzi has been good at pointing the mirror for many years. It must be that the teacher elder sister said it too thoroughly. Tianlongzi will be able to grasp the discretion and remind him appropriately."
It’s useless to say more about this. Bai Meng shook his hand and said, "Forget it. Let’s go to Huangshan first!"

Chapter one hundred and eighty-six World War II Huangshan Tiandu Peak
Let him return from the five mountains, and visitors will look at the peak and sigh and watch the neon. "
Compared with Lotus Peak and Guangming Peak, Tiandu Zheng is the most lonely and magnificent, though not the highest. Strong and vigorous, Li Zhuo’s surface is dangerous, steep and magnificent, and its momentum is vast, which is the most magnificent among the Huangshan peaks. Far straight to Genting, there is absolutely no half way, that is, people who fix the truth can climb it since ancient times.
When I came last time, all kinds of scenery were blocked by the black wind and dark clouds of the disciples of the Magic Sect. When I saw Bai Meng today, I couldn’t help but sigh: "It really deserves to be a wonderful place called’ Heaven and Man City’."
At first glance, Huang Lingzi saw that someone had already started again. He not only smiled: "It turns out that we are half a step late and two disciples have already started. Who is not tempted by such a beautiful world!"
Bai Meng sneered: "I’m afraid they won’t fight if I’m not afraid of them. Today, I don’t think it’s the best policy to provoke them to fight!"
Huang Lingzi couldn’t help laughing. "Brother is so spicy. In that case, let’s go now!"
Two people were about to come forward to the Taoist cloud altar when they suddenly flew in. When they saw it, they were the literati in Shushan Town and the real people in Taiqing Moon and Liao Dynasty.
The two men flew in and said to each other, "Huang Lingzi, the patriarch of Lingbao, is a real person. I hope that your departure will not ruin our past friendship!"
Bai Meng’s face turned cold, and they asked them in a cold voice: "That seven-star Taoist temple is a small temple under my orthodoxy, and this Tiandu Peak is mine. You are fighting on my site to grab Tiandu Peak. Can I not come? "
Zhen Wen’s face was a blast. Liao Zhenren, who was about to get angry, stepped forward and stopped Zhenwen Zhenren and said, "Don’t worry, Patriarch. We have already discussed that if the patriarch likes Tian Zheng’s land of feng shui, then no matter how the two religions win or lose, this Zheng will be regarded as the boundary of the patriarch. We just don’t want to build a temple. I still hope that the patriarch will take a step back and avoid it for a few days! "
Bai Meng was slightly surprised but sneered: "The divide-and-conquer method doesn’t work here. Get out of the way and don’t let me beat you into reincarnation. No one can stop me from going in today! "
Zhenwen Zhenren was so angry that he burst out laughing and shouted, "I have long disliked you." Today, let’s do some strokes. If you win, I will let you pass! "
"You’re not qualified to stand in my way. Since you don’t walk on Tongtian Avenue, if you have to give me a hard time, you can only be reincarnated!" Bai Meng glanced at him coldly and was about to make a move. Huang Lingzi smiled and said, "Why do it yourself?". I’ll take care of this town. Surely the real people in Yueliao won’t stop you! "
With a sneer, Zhen Wen’s real person has already sacrificed the sword of Yuanyang thunderbolt, one purple and one red, each of which shines brightly. Huang Lingzi sacrificed the sword of Jiugong and shouted, "It’s another magic weapon to rob the Nangong Sect. I want you to give it back to others today!"
Zhen Wen’s real person flew up a five-color divine light to protect his whole body. When he touched the Excalibur in Jiugong, it was a shock. Huang Lingzi was surprised. It turned out that the magic weapon for protection was made of Chinese milk vetch crystal.
He immediately took back Jiugong Excalibur and set up Jiugong Huang Yuzhong. With a wave of his hand, he flew out of the twelve sun and moon deities, symbolizing a dragon beast, tightly surrounding Zhenwen reality but quietly releasing Jiugong Xianhuan.
Although it was not low, the town scholar did not expect Jiugong Xianhuan, and he did not know what it was made of. The five-color divine light could not resist and was suddenly locked in the neck.
Without panic, the real person of Yueliao shook his Taoist robe and said to the fairy ring of Jiugong, "Come back after breaking the sun!"
"I’m back from breaking the sun … er, what’s going on?" He read a few clever tricks, and the Nine Palace Fairy Ring still didn’t move, so he was in a hurry. Zhenwen real person is also in a big hurry, and his head is full of shouting. He can’t help but grab the fairy ring of Jiugong and want to break free with force. The real person of Yueliao angrily said, "Didn’t you fucking say you could take it back? Hurry up?"
Huang Lingzi and Bai Meng smiled at each other and deliberately didn’t recite the spell, just depending on what they did. When the Jiugong Fairy Ring was taken back by Bai Meng, Yin Hu Sui Jun said that it was a wonderful tactic. Refining and changing the wonderful tactic was to prevent the Taiqing Sect from setting a condom for itself at a critical time. No matter how big their magical powers are, they can’t help it.
The real people in Yueliao were all sweaty and hurriedly said to Bai Meng, "Two real people invited you, but … please accept this fairy ring!"
"Wait until you kill something!" Bai Meng didn’t wait for Huang Lingzi to ask himself and immediately ordered it.
"The fairy ring turns!" Huang Lingzi shouted Jiugong Xianhuan and immediately turned a circle. The human skull of Zhenwen reality rolled out. Being tied up by Jiugong Xianhuan, the Yuan God can’t escape the pity. This late Du Jie figure died here in such a muddle.
It’s a pity to say that if Bai Meng makes moves, Zhen Wen’s real person must be careful, and Huang Lingzi will make moves, and he will have a careless mind. Look at Huang Lingzi’s throwing out of Jiugong Xianhuan or too clear to send those old guys patting their chests to ensure that they can take back the magic weapon, but they just died inexplicably.
Now, Zhen Wen, a real man, has been reborn with three souls and seven spirits.
Yue Liao reality and Bai Meng cast a glance, and their eyes were a little obscure. They quickly turned around and drove the flying sword and fled back.
Bai Meng knew that there was a magic weapon in this town’s literary reality. He immediately took over the body in the golden light of Zi Xia Fairy Hall and refused to leave a whole corpse.
Now, no one has stopped Bai Meng and Huang Lingzi from flying to the Seven-Star Taoist Temple, only to find that there are four or five couples fighting in the avenue.
Because the number of Taoist disciples who were humiliated last time was particularly large, but only 300 people came this time. Compared with the more than 4,000 followers of magic religion, they are really thin.
Bai Meng didn’t go anywhere but set a white jade temple of heaven on the Seven-Star Taoist Temple, and sucked thousands of rosy clouds from Tiandu Peak. Everyone’s eyes didn’t know what magic weapon Bai Meng used to be so magical. If you rob it back and put it in your own wonderful territory, isn’t it better than all kinds of magic weapons? They are all greedy!
Bai Meng’s left hand is a disciple of magic and his right hand is a disciple of Taoism. He and Huang Lingzi sit in the middle. When Ji Yan saw them coming, he immediately led forty or fifty disciples of the Seven-Star Taoist Temple to pay homage.
See Huang Lingzi Bai Meng just nodded slightly and didn’t speak. He waved his long sleeves and said to Ji Yan, "You lead the disciples to sit down on the steps and don’t be arrogant!"
Ji Yan ordered the disciples to sit down one by one according to their seniority. Seven evil spirits evil old although only fit medium-term strength can be degress after all. At that time, Bai Meng promised that he and himself were of no seniority. For other disciples, this old thing was the highest seniority, so he and Ji Yan were invited to sit on the highest step, second only to Bai Meng and Huang Lingzi.
As soon as Bai Meng sat here and positioned Zhenwu as a real person, he stepped on the cloud and asked, "Lingbao. How to kill my brother is so rude! "
Bai Meng gave him a white look. Cold drink: "Shouldn’t you kill me if you block our way?"
"He’s just trying to persuade you not to take part in this fight. You’re too overbearing. If it weren’t for the two-year contract, I’d take your life today!" Zhenwu real people are indignant and face each other.
"If you dare to say another word, I want you to go back!" Bai Meng worships his eyes intently.
"You …!"
"There are two more words!" Bai Meng put up two fingers. If you still don’t open your eyes to see him, he will know that Zhenwu dare not be angry! Now the battle is not good for Taoism. If Zhenwu real people offend themselves again, it’s really hard to say today.
"You … malicious!" Zhenwu stamped his foot and turned back to the Taoist rooftop.