On the hide the sword Tower, Tianxin smiles. Gently sprinkle your finger and laugh. This step is called "magic now". However, when the finger came down, Tianxin didn’t expect that this move should really be called "10,000-electric oscillation storm."

A month later, it was really just a month, and the prediction of Emperor Ji Shi Tianjun came true. Great changes have taken place in the other world, but it is not the change that Emperor Shi Tianjun and the Presbyterian Regiment expected to frame the culprits and the two tigers of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, but the change that shocked the earthly magic door in the world.
It’s a tight hand to make the person in black appear, as heavenly heart has long thought about it. After the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect expanded its sphere of influence, it was used to cover up the light of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, and at the same time, it mobilized scattered immortals to intervene against the forces behind the black dress person. So as to gain time for the development of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, and at least gain time for the thirteen brothers of Galo to practice hide the sword’s magic formula.
Therefore. For a month, he spared no effort to release his divine knowledge and explore the world of electricity. A month later, when the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect gained a new reputation by expanding its sphere of influence, and the men in black began to focus on the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, he took action.
March 3rd, the third year of Hua Xian calendar, is a special day, which is called "magic present day" by Daomeng. On this day, after a month of silence, there were 16 attacks by men in black on different schools in the whole territory of Wandianbiejie. But … This time,
The men in black were not as proud as before, but after they stained the blood of disciples of different sects, none of them escaped, as if they had a sudden stroke, and all of them could not move, but were captured alive on the spot.
Most of these men in black were beheaded by angry disciples of different sects, and only a few were left behind. However, among the few men in black who were left behind. There are ten Taoist disciples who find it distressing, and their disciples are among the men in black. Dressed in black, after tearing off the masked black scarf, the ground was impressively familiar with faces that could not be more familiar.
The disguise is erased, and the real body is present. There is not only a serious division of ideas between Taoism and demons, but also a distinct manifestation of cultivation. Disciples and other men in black who are dedicated to the magic are forbidden by Tianxin, and The Machine and The Hunger’s work are exposed. The palm teachers and elders of the 16 Taoist schools who were attacked gasped in a gasp, the magic door reappeared, and the mountains and rivers changed color. It is not a matter of one faction and two factions to deal with it. For a while, Changhong flashed and feathers flew.
After receiving a talk, the leader of the tunnel alliance, Huang Ji Shi Tianjun, and the elders’ group were stunned, and their eyebrows were tight. There were so many things that happened recently that they couldn’t respond. From the emergence of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, the friction with the Taoist League, to the killing of the immortal world, to the rise of the different factions, to the appearance of the magic gate. Daomeng seems to have not been raised anywhere. What puzzles them most is that there is no doubt that the magic door appears, but the way it appears is unacceptable. Overnight, sixteen battlefields in Xianmen issued good news. Who has that great ability?
"Leader, I think this matter should be warned by the predecessors of the immortals!" The mist hides the fairy gate and dazzles the crystal son.
"Maybe, who knows? The world of cultivating immortals will never be quiet again, "Huang Ji Shi Tianjun sighed meaningfully.
"The appearance of the magic door may be a good thing for Daomeng!" The fifth standing elder qi yuan linzhi suddenly said.
"Oh, tell me?" Emperor extremely Shi Tianjun heard that he was interested.
"Leader, let’s set up a blockade to crack down on the hidden sword fairy gate. We don’t want to miss it. Instead, we have a few accidents. First, we have a different alliance; The second is the great expansion of the hidden sword fairy gate; The third is the appearance of the magic door. These things all show that there are undercurrents everywhere in the world of cultivating immortals, and there are great events that we don’t know about, so we made mistakes in judgment and couldn’t keep up with the situation. There has always been a dispute between Taoism and demons. Leader, we might as well use this magic door to start the anti-magic mechanism of the year and reorganize the Xianmenkou Sect. " Qiyuan Linzhi analyzed.
"Alas, the combination of fairy doorways, I don’t worry about this. Once the Taoist demons fight, the doors will naturally unite. Judging from the scale of this magic gate, it is impossible for those dissidents to stand on the same line as the Daomeng. With their strength, they can’t fight the magic door at all. That’s what the alien alliance is. Hey, hey, it’s not that I look down on them, it’s just a mob. You can make fun of us, but you have to fight the magic door before you are swallowed alive. I am worried about the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect. We originally wanted to see a good show in which two tigers compete with each other, but we turned around and turned into a good show. "
"The leader is saying that the appearance of the magic door is the ghost of the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect?" Qi yuan linzhi asked.
"Maybe, maybe not, but what’s the difference? Because whoever it is. Our league has to go to the front desk to take on the task of fighting against evil. However, the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect has been put out of the way. " Emperor extremely Shi Tianjun unhappy tunnel.
"Leader, you don’t have to worry about this. The anti-magic is the door. The Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect is not a member of our alliance, but it belongs to the door. This fairy Sect is not staffed at present. But they have resources, and the purple light stone has a good effect. The low-grade one can be used for lighting, and the high-grade one can be used for training and making devices. If you resist magic, let them produce purple stones. " Qi yuan linzhi wanted to think. "Although the fairy city can not help anyone in and out, purple light stone can also be bought. But that’s a lot of trouble after all, if you can get free or low-cost mass supply. It is also of great help to Daomeng’s resistance to demons. "
"Well, this is the only way at present." Huang Ji Shi Tianjun’s eyes flashed clean. Elder Linzhi’s move is the best way to curb the development of Tibetan Sword Fairy Gate at present. Resources are essential for any immortal Sect to grow and develop. In his view, the exploitation of violet stone is extremely difficult, and the number required by Daomeng to resist magic is not small, so the development speed of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, which has been cut out, will surely slow down.
Hide the sword Tower, 13th floor.
Received from Lin Zhengyang to the au request to provide a small amount of inferior purple light stone and a large number of Chinese purple light stone flying Cambodia, as sighed, "this au really will find another project. It’s not a great thing to provide the purple stone, but this brief connection will push the Tibetan Sword Fairy School to the front desk. It’s not hard to imagine that when the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect becomes the logistics of the Daomeng League, how can the magic door let go of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect and treat others as blind! Moreover, behind the magic door, how many powerful people did not appear. In addition to a hide the sword Tower, the rest of the Xiancheng can’t stand the ordeal. The guys in the magic door are all self-taught sabotage experts. It will be a waste of years to turn the fairy city into a city. Is it really necessary to use the array method to lock Huaxian City? "
"no way." As thought, closing the door is definitely not a good thing. Not only is it against the original intention of influencing the world with the three systems, but it is also unfavorable for destroying demons in the long run. What is magic? Magic is just a name for the other world relative to Tao. The real face of magic is destructive plunder. There are various reasons for magic, but it cannot be separated from a word of desire. Therefore, to break the magic, there is no better sword to cure the root cause than the three systems, but it takes time. This door must never be closed.
After thinking for a long time, Tianxin didn’t come up with a complete solution, so he had to go to war. "Let’s let the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect grow up in the wind and rain!" Since it is open, it is inevitable to collide. I hope those demons will wander around the sphere of influence of the Sword Fairy Sect, and with their bloodthirsty and predatory temperament, it is strange that they will never die when they encounter the three systems.
The magic door is in the sky, and the Daomeng has made all the fairy doorways in the other world join hands to suppress the magic. The mechanism of suppressing the magic left by our ancestors still works. The scattered fairy world was disturbed. The fairy tales are everywhere.
Basin collar, in the giant peak, in the sacred world of heaven. The palace is resplendent and magnificent. The demon emperor presided over the meeting.
"QuWenZi, you say is how to return a responsibility? How can it be discovered in only three months? " The demon emperor was furious and his hair flew straight without wind, and his eyes shone with shock. "If such a
It was discovered and eradicated. After that, what did we mix and how to make it up? "
"Don’t worry about the emperor, it’s no big deal to be discovered. It’s just something strange. According to the secret report of the patrol messenger flying to Cambodia, they found that a group of disciples had not returned a month ago. Because there was no special arrangement in advance, they decided the sect to attack by themselves, so they were ignorant of the whereabouts of this group of disciples, whether they were dead, alive, completely annihilated or anything else. To this end, the headquarters waited for a month without news, and then started to act again, but the sixteen groups of disciples sent this time were all gone. Immediately, the Daomeng issued a demon suppression order. Emperor Zun, 16 groups of disciples, most of them attacked the door and sent different elders to their skills, and they should be completely annihilated, which is really puzzling. Dao Meng never had the ability to find them, and there would be no mole in the 16 groups of disciples, because the attack sites were notified before the action. This also ruled out the possibility that scattered immortals learned the news and set a net. The rest of the explanation is that there are scattered immortals squatting in those different factions, but there are thousands of different factions in the world. If a different faction has only one scattered fairy squatting. Then with sixteen scattered immortals. It is impossible to cut off all 16 groups of disciples, let alone one faction and five factions. Sixteen groups of disciples, each group of 100 people, all add up to more than 1.6 thousand. This is a stupid way, and scattered immortals won’t do it. There is not so much scattered fairy to consume. This explanation obviously doesn’t make sense. The only explanation is that there are descendants or disciples of Jiucai Laoer in Wandian, and only they have that ability. Emperor Zun Although we lost more than a thousand disciples,However, we also know that there are special forces in the world of electricity, and finally it is unfortunate and fortunate. At least, when we take big actions in the future, we won’t suffer heavy losses because we don’t know each other. "QuWenZi way.
"Your analysis is good. But not right. The disciple of Jiucai Laoer’s master joined the WTO, and I can’t help feeling that HarmonyOS purple light appeared in space last time. Two guys came. They won’t enter the WTO first to give us an excuse. This can be completely put aside. " Magic magic emperor Yin Yin tunnel, "of course, you didn’t say wrong. Daomeng and the scattered celestial bodies are under our strict surveillance. If there is a big action, we can’t be unaware of it. So, group 16, no. The annihilation of seventeen disciples should be caused by external forces. That is, there are forces in the world that we don’t know about. "
"So, Emperor Zun, what should we do next?" QuWenZi respectfully tunnel.
"Oracle to all disciples, take out your own unique means. Go through the world and find out for me the force we don’t know and its stealth location. " Magic magic emperor LengLi tunnel.
"Emperor Zun, I think this is not right. If we launch in an all-round way like this, if Jiucai Laoer …"
"QuWenZi. Don’t worry, it’s just contact, "the magic emperor smiled." We don’t get involved. Just let the boys in Wandian don’t let their temper come, and the Daomeng has issued a magic suppression order. If we don’t let the boys be free, they will probably be bound too much, not the opponents of Daomeng. Instead, let go. Let’s watch a big drama in which the Tao and the Devil fight each other. What if Jiucai Laoer knew? We haven’t joined the WTO in the sacred world. "
"That KeWu world there is also …"
"You don’t need it over there, just let them add fuel to the flames."
"Yes, Emperor Zun."
There is no way to know the resolution of Cong Tiansheng. However, the close monitoring of the gods in the other world almost gave birth to induction when the magic door began to move. To Tianxin’s great surprise, after the opening of the magic door ban, among the three million people in the mainland within the sphere of influence of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. There are tens of thousands of people jumping around, but there are a few in the fairy city, but there are also dozens of people. After all, the three-system system has been implemented in the fairy city for more than three years, and the magic disciples who know the power have already withdrawn from the city. There are dozens of people left here, belonging to spies.
"Awesome, this magic door is really not generally powerful. No wonder Daomeng was anxious to hang himself when he heard these two words, and he was so anxious that he flew into the mountains."
As the tens of thousands of magic disciples appeared from the range of the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect, it is estimated that the whole magic disciple of Wandianbiejie, the fairy doorway Sect alone, has no one million, and there are 800,000, not to mention the ten thousand-year-old devil who can compete with the scattered fairy. The magic door was so powerful that his mouth watered a little, and he swore again, "Shit, I can do a lot of things if I hide the Sword Fairy Sect for only 10 thousand."
The embarrassment of Tianxin is that no one is available. Although the thirteen brothers of Galo are immortal for tens of thousands of years, they have been locked in two boundary pillars, and they really don’t know anything except kung fu and hatred. They are very pure. Therefore, even though they have been in the hide the sword Tower for two years and broke into the eighth floor, they have a better understanding of the three systems, but they are still only suitable for being the guardians of hide the sword and the security chiefs. Moreover, they are dismissive of hide the sword’s open position. In this regard, Tianxin is intentional and helpless.
Purple, blue and white is a cultivated object. He entered the hide the sword Tower for the longest time, nearly three years, and broke into the fourth floor. During the construction of Huaxian City, Tianxin intended to let him participate in some complicated affairs. However, after all, Zi Qingbai has been practicing immortality for a hundred years, and his patience with this kind of human affairs is hard to last. It is really difficult and difficult to mold him into a figure of guarding the city. As a result, Tianxin simply followed his wishes, and let him be the master of the Dan medicine of the Tibetan Sword Fairy School, be a chief pharmacist, supplemented by Lin Boer, and develop the fairy health industry.
Lin Zhengyang and Limbauer are out-and-out urban construction and commercial talents. They were the earliest with Tianxin. Plus three years of special training, there are already a group of people, and they are familiar with the fairy city, and things are done in an orderly manner. It’s a pity that the skill is too low. Although Peiyuan Dan and Ziguangshi helped each other, the two brothers and sisters also stepped up their cultivation, but in the past three years, they only reached the fifth order of internal energy, and in the environment of cultivating immortals in Wandian, they were helped to the city guard position set by Tianxin for managing the fairy city. Obviously, it is difficult to convince the public.
The skill of Tianzang has improved rapidly, under the double-tube effect of Peiyuan Dan and Ziguangshi. Stimulated by Xiao Wanxuan again, it is just around the corner to enter the eighth order of internal energy. After being a beggar for ten years, the little guy understands that the world is cold and warm, and after following the heavenly heart, he learns everything. The most loyal, highly malleable, with time. Inevitably Dacheng, Tianxin is very relieved to give him the position of city guard.
It will take at least three years. When he breaks into the third floor of the hide the sword Tower, when he grows up.
Wan Xuan won’t say it. The little girl entered the hide the sword Tower for two years, broke into the third floor, and gradually became sensible. On weekdays, I went out to play with the core figures of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. It is a pistachio, and the trouble-making habit gradually changed with the study of the three systems and the punishment of Tianxin several times. But … Tianxin was called a big villain in her careful eyes. It’s still early for my little girl to grow up. Don’t expect to use it in the last three or two years. However, Tianxin still made the best use of people and made her the head of a group of little guys she recruited with her "prestige". When my girl became a leader, her impression of Tianxin changed slightly. On hide the sword Square. It is common for her to practice with these little guys, jumping up and down, cocking herself and showing off.
The rest are the city guards. After the Jiumu Senhua avenged his legacy, he and his younger sister Linghua ceased to exist. So they stayed in Huaxian City, and the brothers and sisters of the two divisions witnessed the great power of the dharma protector and the duke, and had a personal experience of the three systems, and broke into the second floor of the hide the sword Tower. Automatically become the core disciple of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect. Tianxin made Jiumu Senhua the captain of the city guard, and Jiumu Linghua was new here. Plus, I was in a bad mood, so I took a retreat at hide the sword Tower.
This is a period of irony, and the Tibetan Sword Fairy School, like other Taoist schools in Wandian, has various tangkou. At first, there were only Jingge Hall, Business Hall, Zhiwu Hall and Danyao Hall. With the expansion of Huaxian City, it was built for the planning of Huaxian City. A service hall has been added. Jinggetang is responsible for preaching; The business hall is self-evident; Zhiwutang is responsible for public security; Dan Yao Tang refines all kinds of Dan Yao; The affairs hall plans to build a fairy city.
This is the trouble of heavenly heart, and he has to ask about almost every hall affairs. The Jingge Hall is still short of a hall owner. By purple green white concurrently; Lin Zhengyang and Limbauer are brothers and sisters in charge of the business hall. They are in charge of business and finance, which is not bad, and it is the least questioned by Tianxin. Holding the martial arts hall, the master of the hall is Tianxin, the sword master of hide the sword, and the protector is the thirteen brothers of Galo, who have jurisdiction over the city guards; Dan Yao Tang, Zi Qingbai is in charge, but this guy obviously has a partial understanding. Tianxin hopes that he can develop some pills for treating diseases, but he thinks it is Dan Dao Yao Shi; The affairs hall, this is a hall where the mind is careless, this is a hall where all kinds of management talents are needed, and it is also a hall where a little attention will lead to three-system questioning.
Three years, three years later, because the magic door appeared, Tianxin had to expand the sphere of influence of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, and now he was helpless. The power of the magic door is so amazing that he has to guard against it with all his strength, and he really has no time to ask about things at the entrance of the hall. So with a malicious heart, he went to Ziqingbai’s position as the representative of the hall, let Ziqingbai be the master of the affairs, take care of all the planning affairs within the sphere of influence of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, and let Tianzang follow him, promising that when Tianzang qualified, he could dismiss his post and study his Dandao. The affairs of the Imperial Court are represented by Jiumu Linghua, the younger sister of Jiumu Senhua. When this woman’s heart is broken, she acts in an orderly way and finally makes Tianxin happy at once.
Purple, blue and white are actually much better than heavenly heart. After three years of construction, Huaxian City has gained a lot of experience. In the past three years, there have also been many talents who are familiar with the three systems. Even the Jingetang has trained a lot for him. He is available and traceable.
Tianxin will be miserable. Three years later, except for the thirteen brothers of Galo, the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect got the only ones on the table, namely, Ziqingbai and Jiumu Senhua and Jiumu Linghua, which had just entered the second floor of hide the sword Tower, but these three are all important tasks, so it is really necessary to shake the magic door with many people, and their land is terrible.