As soon as the ghost king said this, many people were left behind, but some cheeky people still stayed where they were and waited for the good show with their hands.

Ying Zheng also didn’t leave him with his hand on his back. The ghost king looked at each other with his eyes crossed. It seems that two people should be acquaintances, but what am I going to do?
The ghost king looked at those who didn’t want to leave, but said casually, you can continue to look here, but I’m afraid you will be dead by then, and I mean it.
Those people also felt that the ghost king was not a joke, but also dispersed in succession, leaving me and Ying Zheng behind
I feel like I’m moving. I’m moving all over, and suddenly I feel more relaxed.
"What can I do for Kobayashi?" Dai Suyang kindly woke up behind the ghost king.
I smiled faintly and didn’t say what he said.
"Mu Lin? I’m afraid it was three years ago when I first saw you. At that time, you were a reliable person in the younger generation, but now you are the most ruthless person in the younger generation. Do you think this is the world’s trick? I can say that I watched you grow up, but now you are going to betray the ghost house. What can I do? "
The ghost king made a hard look, which was a warning to me. I took a step in front of the ghost king and pointed to Qu Yi. Then he encouraged others to hurt my apprentice. How can I calculate this account with him?
"It was also your dagger that stabbed me first!"
"Even so, you should take revenge on me instead of looking for my apprentice. If you come to Nansi without saying anything, you will give me a traitor hat. Who will be angry? Besides, if I do these things and others need someone to take responsibility, I can do it alone. "I interrupted Quyi and said calmly.
The ghost king squinted at me, and suddenly I laughed and laughed, and he pointed at me and said, Su Yang! I told you I know this kid’s temper. I don’t cry until I see the coffin! Hahaha! Xiao Lin, are you really? Can you take all the responsibility? Zhao Feiyu and Yi are my hands. Are you sure you can take all the responsibility? Hahaha!
When I heard this from the ghost king, my smile became stiff.
What do you mean by Zhao Feiyu and Yitou?
I turned and looked towards Ying Zheng, and Ying Zheng’s eyebrows were not loose.
Chapter seventy-six Don’t understand
Seeing my puzzled expression, the ghost king waved to me and then walked in the direction of Ying Zheng.
Dai Suyang was behind the Ghost King, but when she came to me, she secretly slipped a note into my palm.
I consciously clenched this note, and I already felt that something was wrong. The meaning of the Ghost King was very clear. Zhao Feiyu and Yi Xian were definitely in danger.
Yin Zhouyang seems to have been controlled by others all the time. I think this person is mostly Qu Yi. There is only one meter between Qu Yi and me, so I forced myself not to pull out the meteorite to kill him.
It’s not winter now, but those open-fingered gloves that changed hands make me feel strange. He still limps when he walks, and he is really hurt by me every time.
QuYi grumpily looked at me or choose to continue with the ghost king behind.
Ying Zheng station waited for the ghost king to walk over. When the distance between them was only five meters, the ghost king stopped. He waved and Dai Suyang and others walked to the other side in a friendly way. It seems that he wanted to have a private conversation with Ying Zheng.
"Mulin, come here." The ghost king suddenly turned his head and called to me.
I think I won the lottery.
When I came to them, I didn’t know who I should go to, whether to think about it or to choose between them.
Look at my position in this way, it’s vague. I don’t even know where my camp is.
"I know what you’re here for." The ghost king looked at Ying Zheng and smiled and said, "You haven’t changed after so many years."
When I heard the ghost king’s words, I silently spit out Ying Zheng for thousands of times. Has he changed like this for two thousand years?
"It won’t be long before I die and you don’t … you can still live." The second sentence of the Ghost King also made me even more embarrassed.
The meaning of the ghost king is very clear. He knows Ying Zheng’s true identity and he knows her husband and baby.
"My hand-in-hand delivery of my apprentice is really different. Compared with that Yin Zhouyang, you are much stronger." Ying Zheng said more easily. "But I didn’t expect you to think that those yin friends would be harmful to us. You can say that you think too much."
"That’s because you never know the scene of seeing your own parents killed by that thing! Besides, have you ever seen death less? What kind of life will you die for? Ying Zheng, you will never be white, "said the ghost king." The mood here is very exciting. His crutches are violently hitting the ground.
"Are you? According to you, I shouldn’t have saved you then? But fortunately, I didn’t bring you into the river at that time, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened now, would it? And what about you? The title of ghost king is good, but Yin will never be your ghost building to compete. Let’s see if you don’t believe it. "Ying Zheng was full of confidence when he said this.
The ghost king looked at Ying Zheng with a wry smile, but he was silent for a long time. After that, the ghost king continued, whoever finds it is the one.
"Deal" Ying Zheng reached a consensus with the ghost king, but Ying Zheng said one sentence after another, but I also want Mulin.
"Did you choose to follow me with your brother or did you go to the river alone? Choose your hand, but I will kindly wake you up, your brother, and I will not know what will happen to them. "The tone of the Ghost King is full of threats.
"If you have a threat, Mu Lin might as well go and see what’s good about his apprentice. I won’t give you more, will I? Yu Feiyu and one is Guo Jianhua’s brother and the other is the abbot of Hounan Temple. You dare not do anything with them. "I haven’t spoken yet, but Ying Zheng gave me a shot.
It seems that Ying Zheng is sure to help me. I didn’t speak, but silently walked behind Ying Zheng. This is my position.
The ghost king looked at me and turned away without saying a word.
"Let’s go, too," Ying Zheng said more easily.
When Ying Zheng and I got out of the ghost market, we saw a corner waiting for us, and the three of us found a hotel again. Once we got back, we were in a deep sleep.
I didn’t remember the note Dai Suyang gave me until I woke up. I felt it out of my bag and looked at it. There were also some words to persuade me to stay in the ghost house. I was just about to throw away the note, and my mobile phone really remembered it at an inappropriate time.
I took out my mobile phone and saw a strange number. After I pressed the answer key, I lazily said, Hello?
"Who’s calling? I’m your dad! You’re still in the mood to sleep when everything is going wrong? !” There was my dad’s excited voice in the words, and I was half-squinting, so I was completely awake.
"What did you call me early in the morning? What happened?"
"What’s the matter? -No, you? Zhao Feiyu is not with you? "
"Bunny, I tell you! Three days! If you can’t find them, you HP abbot won’t chase you all over the world and kill you! "
My dad’s words drove away all my sleep cells. I jumped out of bed and went to the bed to ask what happened. You are in such a hurry.
My father explained everything to me in three minutes, and I had to applaud the ghost king after listening.
Boy, that’s a good way to force
Simply put, because Zhao Feiyu and Yi had contact with me as traitors, the ghost king said that they should be punished. If I don’t bring the sky back to the ghost building three days later, it means that I sincerely hope that the ghost king will abolish their spiritual consciousness.
When a psychic is abolished, it can mean that both of them are finished.
Master Hewlett-Packard personally called the Ghost King to intercede after knowing this, but the Ghost King refused. My father Mu Rongxing knew that he could not do anything because of his special status. The only thing he could do was to find me.
I’m confused at the moment, too. If I send the sky to Ying Zheng, it will be strange if I don’t kill me! But what if I don’t send it to Zhao Feiyu and Yi?
I advised my dad to calm down, and by the way, I also advised Master Hewlett-Packard that I could handle this matter. My dad probably knew my difficulties and did the same.
I dressed up and went to Ying Zheng and Ying Zheng had already dressed up. After seeing me, I smiled and said, Yo, I got up early. We’re going to the Mogao Grottoes. Are you going?
"How to go to the Mogao Grottoes again? Isn’t the suffocation gone? " I’m a little puzzled asked.
"Who told you that we are going to solve the rage? Oh, by the way, I’m afraid you don’t know that chaos is a matter of protecting heaven and protecting god. No, I’m afraid you’ll be white? " Ying Zheng is easier than said.
My brain suddenly turned white. Ying Zheng meant it exactly. That is to tell me that Ying Zheng knew where the sky was when the former Mogao Grottoes met chaos and rage. !
"What are you sure hasn’t been taken away and there’s a little situation on my side …" I looked at Ying Zheng and I really don’t know how I can tell Ying Zheng about Zhao Feiyu’s peace.
Ying Zheng said to me after seeing that I was a little embarrassed.
All the way, I told Ying Zheng the whole thing completely and asked him if he could save Zhao Feiyu and Yi, so I wouldn’t have to save so much trouble.
Ying Zheng shook his head and refused to say, their hearts are not in harmony. Even if they are rescued here, they will run back to the ghost building again. Besides, is this news reliable?
"Very reliable" I looked at Ying Zheng and said seriously.