When Zhou learned of this, he was blacked out and personally took someone to dig out the body of Shan Hexi, who had just been buried. After lime treatment, he hanged his body directly at the gate of Chang ‘an, saying that it would take seven days to be released.

After it is released, it will not be buried, but his body will be set on fire, and the bones will be smashed and ashes will be raised. This will comfort the dead in the city and appease the people in the city.
Acts of Shan Hexie left a rotten stall, leaving the vast Chang ‘an City and great troubles to Zhang Yuejing, who was forced to assume the responsibility of restoring the vitality of Chang ‘an City.
On the one hand, he counted the number of living people in the city, trying to reunite families who were forced to separate, and then he distributed the grain seized in the city as relief food to the city residents.
Then he sent people scattered out to attack the rural areas as soon as possible to restore the rural areas’ supplies to Chang’ an
After such a drill, Zhang Yuejing can be regarded as stabilizing the situation in Chang ‘an and not causing a larger humanitarian disaster in Chang ‘an.
Attacking ideal city needs purely military means, but occupying ideal city needs to pay more. In particular, it is of great significance to recover the army’s goal, not only to fight and leave, but also to occupy and govern the future central region of Changzhong town.
So Zhang Yuejing can move forward for a while and order the people to sweep the area around Jingzhao House and occupy the Jingzhao House. In this period, Zhang Yuejing will leave Chang ‘an to be responsible for all public security around Chang ‘an.
Chapter 57 You are the Guangfu Army? You don’t kill people?
What happened in Chang ‘an is not clear to Wang You’s family.
After they hid in the cellar, they were afraid to show up.
The next day after hiding in the cellar, they heard many people breaking into the house, making noise and smashing, and running around, even more than the group of random soldiers, and ran to the firewood room in the cellar for a turn.
Listening to the noisy footsteps going back and forth, it almost scared the whole family.
They are very afraid to be born without a sound, afraid of being discovered and then being found out and killed.
Wang You and his old servant, Lao Wang, in the mutinous soldiers’ camp are clear enough. When they walk through the commercial road together, they encounter bandits, which are not as terrible as those soldiers in court uniforms.
Bandits are forced to rob, but soldiers can’t resist. Legal robbery is irresistible. If you resist, you will rebel, and the soldiers can kill you with justification.
The bandits we face can still resist, and the soldiers can recognize and spend money to eliminate disasters
Fortunately, the group of mutinous soldiers didn’t find that the family in the cellar in the woodshed was lucky enough to live on the water and food brought in before.
Save your food and eat twice or once a day.
Water is also saved for drinking, mainly for two children. Wang You and Lao Wang Touji are supported by cellar wine on the ground. Anyway, it is not a high level. Drinking wine is about equal to drinking water and can quench their thirst.
After a few days, they didn’t hear any footsteps except the faint rumbling explosion. Every night when the explosion stopped, Wang You would carefully lift the cellar cover and quietly run outside to see the situation.
However, the night is dark and windy, and what he can see is very limited. Besides the shuddering, he has not judged any specific situation, but he has seen a lot of bodies
However, this does not frighten Wang You, who has seen too many bodies all over the country.
Although the danger is not small, he can be destroyed if he runs outside like this. He finds some food that has not been robbed at home, such as several bags of lucky wheat.
When the pancakes are finished, the wheat becomes a life-saving straw for the family. If there is no fuel to cook, chewing the wheat will always keep something in your stomach from starving to death.
Except Wang You, who occasionally sneaks out at night to find food, they just wait and wait and wait.
Until one day, the footsteps that frightened the family sounded again, and the family became nervous again.
But this time, they didn’t hear arrogant laughter and yelling, nor did they hear smashing and looting, but they heard some conversations.
"This house is probably deserted?"
"It looks like it’s all destroyed, and it’s impossible for anyone to live in it. No one knows where the family has gone. Just write it as abandoned. The shell of this house can still be inhabited after a little tidying up."
"Well, that’s it … but it’s not a way to go there. There are more and more refugees outside the city. Although this house is big, there are not so many people. Is there enough housing in Chang ‘an?"
"Blame it on the Zhang Zhongyan belt is what soldier? Are you here to fight or rob? Fight all the way and rob all the way! Bah! Asshole, wait for someone! Sooner or later, I will liquidate his family! "
"Little point! Let’s talk about it in private. It would be great if outsiders heard it. "
"I know … I just can’t figure out why we can kill these gold thieves by ourselves and join forces with that old bastard? Now we have to wipe their ass. You didn’t see General Zhou angry. It’s almost like that. "
"Who said not? But the instructor said it was appropriate to put up with our power for the time being, and now it is not time to turn against each other. "
"Alas ….. this have to endure until what time? I really almost couldn’t resist going to petition my brothers! "
Wang You listened to the conversation between the two men outside with his ears upright, and then the two men talked farther and farther, and finally they couldn’t hear it anymore.
What’s the situation?
Wang You thought about it
He is no stranger to the name Zhang Zhongyan. It is impossible not to know that Zhang Zhongyan is a big military and political leader, and he also has a very detached position in the immortal family.
Relying on this transcendental status, there are not a few clansmen who run businesses in the family. Wang You himself knows the Zhangjia clansman who runs businesses. That’s a bossy man who is intimate with the Chinese jurchen chief.
Because they sometimes don’t even look down on jurchen, some low-ranking jurchen officials have to be respectful in front of them for fear of offending them and getting no good results.
Depend on Zhang Zhongyan’s power and prestige.
But what did those two people say just now?
Join hands with Zhang Zhongyan to clean up the gold thief?
In a short period of dialogue, Wang Youlian, who is proficient in literature and ink, came out with important information points-talking about the Guangfu Army, and they teamed up with Zhang Zhongyan to get rid of Chang’ an 8 Jin Army. Now Chang’ an has been occupied by the Guangfu Army.
Is the war over?