Just as Olga was almost completely killed by Comozzi on the spot.

These guys have a very similar situation.
Those two forces beyond the limit
[Abyss Lord Level] The resistance is weak or important, depending on the quantity, it is either dead or injured …
And the hit person
They obviously won’t be rubbed.
Therefore, the only living probability is to forcibly activate its own [Abyss Lord Level] and [Characteristics] to break through the [Possibility] and [Impossible] bondage.
Distorted from the probability of forced inevitable death can make you lucky [possibility]!
However, it is obvious that not everyone can do that.
See who’s tough …
For some participants who were involved in a bloody battle at a higher level, there was not even the slightest chance of dying, and there was not even a storm.
Even if it is observed from a distance that those blows are imposed on various 【 Abyss Lord Level 】 bodies, they are still automatically locked in the two attack targets.
Also suffered from the differential diffusion blow!
And every time those blows fall behind the new target, the new movement in this crowded place will be observed by the rest of the guys …
By that time,
The attack will spread again …
Without stopping or hesitation.
This is the purest differential blow.
Only when Olga and the two of them completely lose control of those two forces will the blow gradually stop!
Chapter 1551 【 abyss blood battlefield 】 (23)
[Abyss Lord]
Don’t need meaning [past]
You don’t need to mean the future.
They are [now]
[past body] died and died.
[Future body] is the same.
[Now] One of their basic characteristics
So that they can avoid all kinds of interference from the [timeline] plane according to their own wishes.
Whether to obliterate [origin] or [future] can be meaningful according to ideas.
They [now]
Is their root!
At this time, because the two sides have already removed all the "avatars" and "projections", it is the only "body" to fight.
When the two strands reached the impossible level, the attack broke out completely.
Ortega [peer of war and magic] [now] is distorted involuntarily.
They can clearly feel that their perspective has become a lake.
They are swinging randomly in the past and the future.
"Past body" and "future body" are constantly appearing crazily.
And [now] perspective is drifting towards what area …
At the moment, Olga doesn’t know what each other feels like.
But for him,
All kinds of [past] fragments in his visual sense are emerging like a storm.
For a moment, he felt like a "demon"; for a moment, he felt like a "demon"; for a moment, he recalled how he felt when he was still wrapped in the "devil’s egg" before he was born …
At the same time, every moment, he heard the endless whining and resentment.
He felt like he was back in the early days.
That piece is full of "devil’s eggs" and "banks of Styx"
What he killed in the past … whether he got rid of it himself or his group got rid of it … all showed up in his perception.
Those guys showed an expression of wanting him to eat him alive, and climbed out of the depths of the Styx like an endless torrent …
Jumping forward and backward towards the [devil’s egg] where he lives.
It looks as if it is going to kill him in the end!
That’s the way to measure the number of enemies
[Universe] [Dimension] [Dimension], [World] … That quantity is meaningless.
Even the "plane" is used as a graveyard for piling up corpses.
You need to count [planes] before you can install them.
In the face of all this, Olga can clearly distinguish
Those guys are really "War Magic Peers". After the blow penetrated into their own department, they came back to life from all kinds of information absorbed by themselves.
If you are defeated by these [residual shadows]
Then there will be problems with [will]
Probably should die.
At the same time, the outside world itself should also be washed and baptized repeatedly by the other side’s strength.
By the same token, if the outside world hadn’t carried the waves of scouring itself,
Will die, too
He needs to fight through both trials!
Figure this out.
The brilliance of those bloody star.
The heart of Olga, who was quiet and bathed in the brilliance of the head [demon eggs] along the banks of Styx, didn’t feel any panic.
Because he believes in himself.
Even though [self-consciousness] is trapped in this imaginary time shaped by [impossible level] power.
Even if the external performance passively bears the erosion of the poor force, it may die completely at any time.
He also believes in himself.
Mind, unwavering, leave no room for doubt … Believe in yourself!
His confidence in himself
That’s absolute. That’s the limit!