I don’t know why I have such vitality. Fu Chen was afraid that his father would ask this matter, but he didn’t have the heart to deceive his father to change the subject. Dad, why did you get so badly hurt? Who hurt you?

Fu Junzhan struggled to get up with the help of Gao Fei, and took a deep breath. Three years ago, Zubi was injured by Li Jia and Li Gang, but I didn’t want to disappoint your grandfather. I came to Song Qingdan, a wonderful doctor, to suppress the physical injury and defeat the other three families.
Li Gang Fu Chen repeated in his heart that Fu Chen, who can do this to his father, will never forgive the clan ratio, will he?
Three years ago, Zubi allowed my father to live on drugs. This year, Zubi will let you lose a penny to pay off the debt you owe me.
Fu Junzhan rested for a while, and then said, my body injury was also treated by Song Qingdan. He is the best doctor in the Empire. If it weren’t for him, I would have died long ago. I am satisfied with your achievements now, that is, I can die with a smile.
Fu Chen is busy. Dad, whatever you say, we must live well. I must cure your illness. Look at me this year.
Fu Junzhan nodded with satisfaction. He said so many words and his face was tired.
Goofy helped Fu Jun fight, and the boss also had two carriages, one full of luggage and the other capable of seating two people.
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Xiaoyou walked beside Fu Junzhan before Fu Chen spoke, saying, You two go back to Zhongyuan City, and my uncle Fu will go back by car together.
Fu Chen really wants to swear. Why should we walk back? Why should I take the bus?
Fu Junzhan looked back at Fu Chen and his face was full of sympathy. It seemed that he was saying that his father wanted you to have a car, too. This aunt didn’t want us to provoke you, so she did.
Goofy doesn’t care because it’s not his turn to ride in a carriage and walk to Fu Chen with a smirk, saying that the boss has beautiful scenery along the way. Let’s go shopping together.
Fu Chen thought of goofy holding his hair and immediately stood on end with goose bumps all over the floor. Today, he is still concerned about this new younger brother.
It’s up to you to keep a distance of five meters from me and take one step closer.
Goofy walked back five meters like a dead dad, and he was so mean to others when he came to hang out with you.
Fu Chen shouted that a mother fled to Zhongyuan City. Is this still a man?
What, I found this disgusting shortcoming of him before? If I found it, I would definitely kick him to the horizon and let him roll as far as possible.
Oh, my God. Is this the leader of my future legion?
In fact, Gao Fei is not as a false mother as Fu Chen imagined. On the contrary, he knows how to cater to the needs of Fu Chen and when he needs to speak and know what his boss wants.
Of course, Gao Fei will definitely not show this side of himself when he leads the war. Perhaps this side will be shown only when he admires Fu Chen or his closest brother most.
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Chapter 29 When the foot is ready, it will be ready.
Chapter 29 When the foot is ready, it will be ready.
Zhongyuan City is located in the central and western part of Wan Empire, which is the most prosperous and densely populated city in Wan Empire. Le Weimen, the largest sect in the country, is recommended by the imperial royal capital www.
There are a large number of rich people, famous businessmen, tycoons, famous families and all kinds of strange people who want to get here, but you can’t expect it here.
That is, the flat-headed ordinary people can go into Zhongyuan City for a stroll, so he will also tout it to his neighbors in the countryside when he returns.
Being able to stay in Zhongyuan City is a status symbol and an achievement. This is the law that other things can replace.
If you don’t have a house of your own in Yuancheng, then you always feel that you will blame that little silver for being more valuable than his hands.
Goofy is more excited. When he first entered the big city, he was busy watching, yelling and attaching the opinions of onlookers. He would not stop until he cut off the thief’s hand.
Fu Chenrao looked at this scene with interest.
He looked into the thief’s eyes and remembered that he had asked for a job before crossing, and he refused to look at others’ faces.
Kong Qing walked up to the thief with a swinging dagger in his hand and a gloomy smile.