As Sister Qingchi said, there was once a peerless king of God who broke the barrier of the avenue with three fists and went to the unknown territory. Now, if you read this story again, Baiyun Tower really has some insights.

Even the protoss yearn for what may be the so-called guardian of the avenue …
I was thinking that an idea flashed in Baiyun Tower.
If the gods feel wrong, it should be that sapphire once drew the order chain in the long river of time. At that time, become a butterfly was busy and fled into the virtual crack, which was also the sapphire break …
Before and after the fairy, I once suspected that the real origin of sapphire was Baiyun Tower, and I also speculated …
By this time, Baiyun Tower can be sure that this sapphire is absolutely revered and may even be above the guardian of order …
After reading this Baiyun Tower, I turned my head and took a look, and saw the jade symbol card of the waist pendant of Qingchi.
Jade brand is warm, clear and dark, and there are two ancient characters engraved in the cloud pattern of green and bright light.
So high-profile, no cover …
Turned to look at the fire shine three waist hang a when really …
Is sigh with emotion but listen to clear pool quite casually said, "cloud floor, I’ve come here to say goodbye to the gods, and it’s time to go back and have a look …"
Chapter one thousand two hundred and three Xuanshui Shenting
"Ah, the teacher elder sister just got back soon …"
Suddenly, I heard the farewell words from the senior teacher elder sister. Xia Chaoyang suddenly felt a little anxious and pulled the cuffs of Qingchi.
Knowing that the elder martial sister Qingyun has always been uncompromising, she habitually turned to her senior brother for help.
Baiyunlou vaguely guessed that Qingchi’s trip was bound to happen, so he consoled Chaoyang by saying, "Senior Martial Sister has the magical power of mirror light and Wan Li, and it won’t take much time to repair and return to the gods."
"Now that the chaos outside the country has started, it is also a hidden opportunity. With the strength and fortune of the teacher elder sister, it is just around the corner to make a random trip into the realm of the king of God …"
Qingchi smiled and nodded, but did not deny that "it is just around the corner to accept the auspicious words of the head teacher younger brother."
After hearing the news, martial sister Qingchi broke through the border, and Xia Chaoyang immediately put a stop to it.
Is turned to look at the fire shine a few people still can’t help but mutter "the teacher elder sister’s trip to return to the divine world also just how to fire spirit sister and small peach Yao also took away …"
Seemed to consciously ignore the fire tung and then added, "The fire tung younger brother is very intelligent and very spiritual, and it is not difficult to break through the three realms in time. Wouldn’t it be better to return to the gods with the gods …"
Xia Chaoyang, two good sisters who were taken away by the big teacher elder sister, felt a little down and said a few more words unconsciously.
Suddenly, I was so praised by the teacher elder sister Chaoyang that I was very happy. I immediately grabbed Tao Yao’s small hand and said, "Yes, Sister Chaoyang said it’s so right. I’m used to living in Shenxi Tiandao Field. Where do I need to return to the celestial world when the fairy treasure is full of fairy dust?"
Is words here suddenly feel like mans back can’t help but feel a quiver instantaneous forced convergence up a smile turned to look at the corners of the mouth slightly curved clear ChiXianJun words also changed with the wind.
"But now the three realms are a little too stable for God, even if practice occasionally benefits, it is as difficult as flowers in a greenhouse to withstand the wind and frost."
"At this time, the chaos outside the country is the best experience. The head brother also said that generate’s potential can only be truly harvested if he sharpens his will in difficulties."
"Uh …" Zhao-yang Xia was led some stupidly by teacher younger brother Tung’s wake-up call, but he nodded and replied, "Good brother seems to have said this …"
At this moment, Qingchi answered, "Fire Spirit and Taoyao are now officially the sisters of God. Even if I go to the celestial world, I will hinder Chaoyang. Don’t worry."
Before Chaoyang answered, Qingchi greeted Baiyun Tower. "Cloud Tower, come with me …"
Say, "Raise my hand with one stroke, and a cloud of fairy clouds will be condensed into a drop of crystal clear water, but it will soon disperse a cloud of Fiona Fang fog."
The fog seems ordinary, but the charm is hidden. The eye can also see through this Shinto means really superb.
At the top of the cliff, everyone is amazed that the Qing pool has already escaped.
Baiyun Tower patted the back of Chaoyang’s hand and then stepped up and melted into a stream of light in the dense fog.
The two top masters talked in secret, and everyone was used to it, but they felt at ease. Xia Chaoyang was even more so. He immediately gave up just now, and the two little sisters talked at the top of the cliff.
Xia Chaoyang, the senior martial sister in the door, felt a great responsibility, so she took out more than ten pieces of fairy treasures and let the two senior martial sisters choose the huge stone tablet, which was very eye-catching.
"Brother said that home is as good as going out for a day, but it’s hard for these fairy treasures to be seen. You two should pick and choose to divide them all …"
Staring at the bright fairy light, all kinds of multiplier fire shine and peach killings can not help but be dumbfounded.
"Points ….." The fire paulownia god was also shocked by the teacher elder sister in Chaoyang. On the spot, you should know that these fairy treasures are all celestial beings, even if some high-order small worlds outside the territory are artifacts.
Xia Chaoyang suddenly woke up when he heard the teacher younger brother of the fire tree exclaim, "Oh, I almost forgot this …"
It’s a good fairy artifact to raise your hand and take a picture of a three-legged round raven, bright and clean as moire outside the mirror.
"This round tripod was originally a fairy, which can be used to refine high-order fairy materials. Later, it was transformed into a stewing utensil by the senior brother. Although the order fell into Lingbao, it was very good. I gave it to the younger brother today …"
"Er … fairy …" Firewood took the three-foot-sized Wu Jinding slightly stupidly and sighed that this once fairy had ended up in such a field.
Zhao-yang xia heard the fire tung teacher younger brother sigh with emotion conveniently took out a round cover and handed it over.
"This is a tripod cover … whether it’s a fairy or a universal one is a good one."
"There are many fairy instruments that can melt fairy materials, but it is rare for the master elder brother to refine two sets of this one and give it to the younger brother."
The fire paulownia god learned a lot of barbecue stewing with the fire spirit elder sister. After a look, he saw the mystery of the round tripod.
To hear that this multiplier is so rare or that the master elder brother personally refined it immediately, be in heaven carefully put away his words and sighed, "The teacher elder sister said it was right. Although the order of Wu Jinding fell, it was just not limited by the dust to go abroad."
"Since the teacher younger brother is so discerning, I’m relieved to go out. I’ll leave it to the teacher younger brother …"
Upon hearing this, the fire tree really knew that the round tripod road could not help but speak without any hesitation, and immediately responded to the teacher elder sister’s words.
Floating in the fog, Baiyun Tower is like being in a sacred place.
The magic tower stands tall and towering, and the beautiful window decoration of the Shenting Hall at the top of the tower shows the owner’s temperament.
The crystal-penetrating God Gate is relatively tall, and the three realms have different styles but are full of power.
Xuanshui Shenzuo Qingchi sits with a crown on his head, his eyes are cold and sharp, and he is not lazy at all.
"Courtyard people …" A shocking voice reverberated in the Shenting, and the great power directly crushed the Baiyun Tower out of breath.
"… Jun … Zhenwu!"
I haven’t felt such pressure for a long time, and the qi machine around Baiyun Tower has exploded one after another. Finally, I resisted the divine regal through the real Wu Xianjun.
A little test Qingchi nodded slightly with satisfaction, raised his hand and dispersed the imperial court method, and the power of the emperor was lazily reclining on the throne and instantly restored to its former appearance.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and four Asura
"Once xuan water shrine now seems to be very interesting …"
The shrine turns into a cloud bed and the pool is clear. In a casual way, it seems to think of an interesting thing. With a wave of your hand, the purple figure appears in the clouds beside them.
As a water ripple washes away the color appearing in the clouds, it becomes clearer and clearer.
If the face is peach blossom and the eyes are autumn water …