Shut up, Long Yin, raise my hand and angrily drink the wind. This visit is sincere. General Lin, you are really too radical. Don’t take it amiss when he turns to the wind.

The emperor must never slack off. Carrying a lance into the palace is a dangerous emperor, which is equivalent to rebellion. How can it be a precedent? Anyone who enters Tianlong Gate will be discharged by the guards, but this person still has a lance. It depends on the rules in my palace, but he insists on carrying a lance to meet the emperor. This is suspicious. Lin Kuang shouted with a look of excitement.
Chapter 155 God of War Chaoyang wind
What a good singer-a red face and a white face-Feng Ling secretly sneered and raised his hand. Don’t get excited. Old General Dao Lin turned and pointed his eyes at a middle-aged man who had been following him all the time. It was true that this gentleman brought a lance into the palace. But I Feng Ling did it again. He was actually not my entourage. He just didn’t listen to my orders. Even if I let him go, he wouldn’t leave. If you think it’s a violation of the rules, take him. I absolutely don’t care, because this is irrelevant. I want to advise this gentleman if he really wants to kill
Lin crazy laughed with a mocking face. Ha ha ha, such a ridiculous excuse. You also said that you didn’t expect the windy country to escape so much guilt.
Shut up. Long Yin suddenly drank a drink, and Lin Kuang shocked a tingle. He slowly mounted his face from his seat and looked at the middle-aged man with a dignified face. But the well-known God of War asked the pavilion.
Long Yin knew that this man was by no means simple, but he couldn’t guess that Feng Chaoyang was going because he had always been staying at the windy palace to protect the windy royal week. Except for the joint efforts of the heavenly punishment in those days, the woman had never heard that he had left the windy country and Feng Chaoyang should have been nearly sixty years old. This man looked at his age of fifty at most, but Feng Ling’s words made him think of this name that shocked him.
The word "Chaoyang Wind" is the same as three thunders, which will shock all the ministers in the hall. These three words are heavy, and no one can doubt that it represents a human myth comparable to the real God, the man of God and the dragon hall. Suddenly, the eyes are quiet and terrible, and the middle-aged man is hiding on the roof. Three old figures are breathing heavily, and Lin Kuang is even more scared in a cold sweat. The name "Chaoyang Wind" makes his heart almost jump and really angered the god of war. After that, no one can afford it, and even more can’t afford it.
Fengling put everyone’s reaction department into the fundus, and the corners of his mouth hooked up and laughed. This is indeed my strong wind, the heroic spirit of the country and the rising sun, and my great benefactor from generation to generation. No one has ever been able to bind him. If General Lin Lao thinks that it is illegal for him to bring a lance into the palace, he can call someone to tell him to interfere with Fengling.
Get a positive answer. More than a dozen hearts in the hall are beating several times faster. No one will doubt that it is easy for the Chaoyang wind to kill anyone in the palace. The heavy guards are all furnishings. Several gods in Tianchen mainland are not as simple as walking and eating in a million troops, but to achieve such a pervert, they will generally be indifferent and try their best to count the chances and luck. The war in which Chu Cangzhen is in power, and the snow girl is a semi-exception. After he became a god, he resolutely entered the windy royal family, but fortunately he guarded it instead of guarding it.
Lin’s mouth twitched wildly, but he couldn’t say a word. Knowing in advance that he was the patron saint of the God of War in the windy country, Feng Chaoyang gave him ten courage. He didn’t dare to embarrass Feng Ling from this aspect, so he always regretted showing his flaws.
But fortunately, it’s tempting not to really start a fight, otherwise the only thing that will happen is that the blood splashes in Feilong Hall, and maybe a sword will stab him. It’s better for Lin Kuang to be crazy and silent, and his face is black and red, and it’s better to swallow it than to get killed. However, the wind is rising in the morning, and he makes people feel scared and soft.
Ye nu’s face rounded off the field and said that the name of the God of War was Lei Guan’s. I heard that the God of War has always been a knife. How can this legendary man be bound by secular rules? I don’t want to charter the God of War, but I don’t abide by the rules of unloading troops into the palace and show respect
Long Yin immediately nodded. General Elymus spoke to my liking. The wind is too windy. Just now, I offended you more.
Where is the wind? When you are old, you will be a little old. You will say that you are not afraid of anything for a while, and you will be too scared to even say a word. Will this kind of person care about Huang Fengling? I don’t want to be in the waves. When Tianlong is precious, I hope to go to Ye’s home first. My father also often says that General Ye is equally brave and worthy of Ye’s man’s name. If it is a battlefield today, General Ye will not be able to see this hero Fengling in those days. In addition, I also heard that General Ye is also an outstanding wizard who is the first in Tianlong
Long Yin laughed and said, Feng is likely to be disappointed. Ye Jiagong is indeed a prodigy, but he has something important to do at this time and will not come back for a month.
Fengling heard a face of regret and disappointment, and said that Fengling went to visit General Yiye, Mrs. Yiye. If you can’t get to Yejia, Fengling will regret it.
Long Yin nodded and turned to General Elymus, who said angrily.
Ye nu got up knowing that the wind was too strong.
The wind ling went with the anger of the leaves, and the wind Chaoyang shadow followed without saying a word. Long Yin’s face sank, and he frowned and gazed thoughtfully.
No wonder he dared to come alone, but it was protected by the wind and the sun. But what makes the wind and the sun follow him? It’s so simple and never so simple. It seems that it’s not easy for the wind and the country to send too many people to visit.
Fengling paid tribute to Ye Nu all the way and his expression was dull. It was rare for Fengling to pick up a few words, and his expression was unpreparedness. Ye Nu walked ahead, and his heart secretly lamented that it was not a simple person. This courage and self-cultivation kung fu alone were very human, and his style of speaking and expression were somewhat similar to Ye Chen’s.
From the moment he entered the door, his eyes swept every corner carefully, as if he wanted to observe every inch of the corner here in detail. He came to Yejia this time mainly to know more about Yejia. If the dragon and the wind meet on the battlefield, their greatest fear is still Yejiajun. When the wind was strong, Ye Weifeng knew that Yejiajun was strong, knowing yourself and knowing yourself as much as possible could minimize the casualties, but it was certainly not a failure. After 20 years of rest and preparation, they believed that the Kwai Shui State, Canglan State and the State had not failed, and they might need to pay attention to how to reduce the casualties.
Ye Wei was called to the front yard and saw Fengling wondering, who is this distinguished guest?
He is a windy country, Taiye said with anger, neither salty nor light.
I met General Ye, and when I was in the windy country, I was already thunderous.
Feng Ling’s extraordinary performance let Ye Wei know that he is no ordinary person. At this time, the smell speech is still a surprise and nods. It’s the wind that makes Ye Mou dare not enter a building.
Fengling can’t see General Ye with a wave of his hand. I dare not ask more questions. General Ye has the audacity to show me your Ye family’s military power and let me witness a true Xiong Yong division.
Ye Wei’s eyebrows are wrinkly. This is to find out the current military strength of Tianlong country. He looks at Ye Nu and Ye Nu and nods to him. Take the wind too. This is also the emperor’s meaning.
Ye Wei, knowing that the barracks were arranged early, nodded and said, well, it’s too windy.
Remember, don’t offend the man who followed him. He was the wind and the sun turned around. At that moment, Ye nu whispered in Ye Wei’s ear that Ye Wei was shocked and horrified. He looked at the ugly Tsing Yi man with a broadsword on his back for a moment.
At this time, Fengling also happened to see the graceful figure coming to a distance. She walked back to her own courtyard from Ye Chen’s yard. Ye Shuiyao rarely walked through the door after Ye Chen left. She often went to his hospital to find the smell that belonged to him.
She is still the one who has shut herself in her own world and doesn’t want to go. Ye Shuiyao, then everything will be arranged according to Ye Chen. The Lins will be framed until the family will collapse. Long Yin will die of a sudden illness. Longyang acceded to the throne, and the windy country will not make a move against Tianlong for three years because of the intervention of the South Emperor Sect. This three years is enough, and Ye Shuiyao’s plan is now abruptly cut off at a moment, which also makes his life trajectory change greatly from guardian to trampling on the sky.
The most terrible time is not the sword and crossbow, but the femme fatale
Fengling’s expression became dull. Facing the first meeting, Emperor Tianlong and all his ministers were calm. If he was lost in his eyes at this moment, he heard his heart beating violently. For the first time in his life, he had never experienced the feeling of losing his soul.
Is she a fairy or is it that I hit evil influence’s heart?
But that fairy shadow didn’t always approach him. Ye Shuiyao felt a gaze and glanced at him coldly. Looking back, she turned the gate and walked to her yard. Feng Ling’s eyes followed her until her figure disappeared from sight.
It’s too windy. Let’s go, Ye Wei shouted. He knows his daughter’s charm and doesn’t feel too strange about her reaction to Fengling.
Feng Lingtong was awakened from his dream and his eyes flashed. He asked General Ye, who was that woman just now?
It’s my daughter Ye Wei who replied with an expression.
The wind is quiet and elegant, and the wind chuckles. At this time, the deformed mind is Ye Shuiyao’s figure. I can’t even go to the military camp. I don’t know where I went. It’s General Ye’s woman. It’s really a beautiful woman. I’m a bit dim compared with the country and the country.
Ye Wei eyebrows a wrinkly heavy eyebrows way too windy, let’s go to the barracks first.
Fengling knows gaffes, laughs at laughter, and no longer asks General Ye to let his body go first.
At the moment he stepped on the leaf house, he couldn’t help but look back at the gate where Ye Shuiyao disappeared, but he didn’t see the figure that made him lose his mind. This was disappointing.
Feng Chaoyang has always made a promise with a Woodenhead behind him. He will protect the windy country all his life, but he will also protect others. He won’t care or want to care.
Chapter 156 The Medical Association meets by chance
Tianlongguo tianyuncheng