Hehe, Lin Dong’s younger brother didn’t come to see his sister for so long, but you forgot others. When he was leafing through some files, Dong Su raised his charming face and smiled at Lin Dong, which was charming.

Lin was a little too much for a quick laugh. The beauty manager, who exudes a mature and elegant charm, teased her. She knew that Dong Su’s age was actually a big deal, but Xia Zhilan could also call her aunt because of her seniority.
Come on, what’s the matter with your sister? Dong Su let go and smiles to say
I want to auction something at Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, and Lin Dong didn’t hesitate. One was to take two jade bottles from the bag of Gankun, and each jade bottle contained ten five-spirit drugs to refine the magic.
Dong Su’s beautiful black eyebrow gently raises her hand as slender as suet jade. Take a magic pill from that jade bottle and play with it lightly. Is it a magic pill refined to make a magic pill?
Laughing and nodding the lamb’s head
Dong Su hesitated a little and then called a white-haired veteran to give the panacea to the other party. This old man obviously had a very old experience in distinguishing these panaceas. After some detection, he was surprised. This should be a kind of medicine that can restore the spirit. Compared with the five-spirit medicine, it is not too much.
Oh, I got some treasures from the younger brother Lin Dong Su. I was also slightly surprised that such a panacea could be compared with the five panacea.
The magic old man suggested that the auction price should be set at 300 yuan stone. Because the magic can restore the spirit to buy this Dan, most of them will be operators. These people are all competing for this Dan, and the price may be higher. The white-haired manager is sophisticated.
Su also nodded slightly, obviously recognizing that this price is appropriate.
Lin Dong is also very satisfied with this price. A 300-yang-yuan stone, then these 20 pieces are less than 6,000-yang-yuan stones, which is also 600-yang-yuan Dan. This is not a small sum.
If Mr. Su successfully auctions these miraculous drugs to my Yangyuanshi, he can laugh and laugh at Yangyuanshi. If he has refined his words, he can still take the ready-made Yangyuandan by doubling or tripling it.
If you want to pack so many Yang Yuan stones, you need intermediate dry Kun bags to do it. Ying Su stares at Lin Dong and chuckles. Lin Dong’s younger brother, the price of an intermediate dry Kun bag is generally around 2,000 Yang Yuan stones. You are my Wanjin Chamber of Commerce. Can you give me 1,000 yuan?
When I heard this, Lin was one leng, and then I couldn’t help but feel heartache. This low-level dry Kun bag is only a few tens of Yang Yuan stone. This intermediate price has actually turned over dozens of times. Just go ahead according to the main manager, but it hurts him again. These things are necessary. Low-level dry Kun bags are cheap, but that area is not enough.
Seeing Lin move’s dreary face, Dong Su couldn’t help but smile and laugh. Lin moved his younger brother and sister to tease you. This intermediate dry bag is just a gift from my Wanjin Chamber of Commerce. Don’t refuse it or I won’t help you auction these miracles.
Looking at that smile, Dong Sulin can also nod his head with a wry smile. It’s not the kui that Wanjin Chamber of Commerce can send something worth thousands of dollars with a wave of his hand.
Su main pipe
At an early age, where did you get so much red tape? If you don’t think your sister’s old saying is called Sister Su, you can hear Lin move one bite at a time, but you can’t help feeling unhappy and angry.
Well, Sister Su Lin has never seen such a powerful woman since she was a child. When Nengnai nodded, she said, I need a slightly advanced skill book recently, and Sister Su can help me observe it.
Advanced skill cheats
Hearing this request, Dong Sufang’s eyebrows are slightly a bunch of three-skill cheats, which is easy to get, but the second is more difficult than the first, which is even more rare, even if they are rarely met by the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce.
Well, I’ll ask someone to watch it for you. If it’s an auction, I’ll secretly let you talk to the auctioneer first.
Thank you, Sister Su
Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief. Although he made a small fortune today, he also knew that people with deep pockets in this burning city don’t know how many. If someone else takes a fancy to him, he will have a headache.
I’ll put the magic pills here first, and I’ll auction them one after another in the next few days, and I’ll let you know when the secrets of the martial arts disappear.
Lin nodded with a smile, although things were finished, but he felt a little bit about the great beauty’s temper, but he didn’t dare to walk here in Lima and chat for a while before leaving.
In the next few days, because he didn’t have a panacea to help him practice, he also slowed down a little, but it’s good that relaxation was just the practice guidance, but the effect was not as good as expected
As for the auction of magic pills, I have to say that the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce is indeed efficient. In three days, it will auction all 20 magic pills one after another. Dong Su’s commercial means are not weak. She did not auction the Dan Medicine Department at one time, but auctioned it in batches. This magic pill is not small for the fu Shi, but after all, once there are more important things, the price will be difficult to rise. After all, things are scarce and expensive.
In this batch auction, twenty magic pills were all won by those operators with deep pockets, and the price of Qianyang Yuanshi was far beyond Lin’s expectation.
It took Lin another two days to refine all the rented stones into Yang Yuandan after getting them.
And this forest movement is to have 2,600 pieces of Yangyuandan, and the dried-up funds are almost expanding in a flash.
So much money has been gained from Lin’s enthusiasm, and he has once again taken a batch of good five-spirit drugs and once again buried himself in that penance.
On the third day after he continued to sink into penance, Dong Su of Wanjin Chamber of Commerce suddenly sent someone to inform him that what he needed was finally the beginning.
After hearing the news, Lin almost jumped up in Lima, accompanied by enjoying the benefits of Yin and Yang beads during this period, and Lin felt more and more that Qing Yuan did not give strength.
That kind of feeling, this is the same good machine, but it is dragged slowly by a poor engine, which usually makes the machine’s skill fully play.
And this is also a headache for Lin Dong. After hearing the news that he finally got the advanced achievement method cheats, he almost left the inn without any hesitation and went straight to Wanjin Chamber of Commerce.
If that skill set is really suitable, he will get it no matter how expensive it is.
Machine fed up with green yuan gong that old cow rickshaw broken efficiency Chapter one hundred and twenty Three Yang definitely.
When Lin finally arrived at Wanjin Auction House, the maid waited for her to meet here early, which was to respectfully lead her into the living room.
At this time, there are two figures in the living room, one is Xuan Su and the other is a slightly thin middle-aged man with strange eyes.
This is Mr. Yan Zhong, the person who wants to auction the achievement method. When he saw Lin Dong, he came to Xuan Su and got up and said with a smile
It’s that you want to buy my skill cheats separately. At Lin Dong, Yan Zhong’s eyebrows are wrinkled, presumably because he feels that the other party is too young.
Lin smiled and nodded. I don’t know that Mr. Yan Zhong’s achievement method is a kind of grade.