Cliff can buy a South African star from a smile. How can I not know each other’s names?

He woke up with this sentence. Li Yueling seems to have bid for South Africa Star. The only bidder is this tall and handsome Cliff. Li Yueling looked at him puzzled and asked you why I didn’t go.
Cliff exposed his white teeth with a smile. Can’t Mr. Li Ling still feel what happened?
It’s the weather. Daniel lee Ling took a suspicious look at Cliff. From what he said just now, Li Yueling can be sure that he already knows that he is also a different person. Maybe he will see his power.
No, it should be a severe storm. Come and see it, and it will be clear to talk. Cliff will cover the porthole iron cover next to him and waved to Li Yueling for a move.
When Li Yueling looked through the porthole, he couldn’t help but stare blankly at that moment. He is now improving his strength, and his eyesight has already reached the realm of seeing things at night. At first glance, it was calm and peaceful, and the sea has completely changed its appearance. The torrential rain and the mercury spilled from it, smashing waves after waves for several floors. The sea fluctuated on the sea surface as if it had gone.
This incredible scene made Li Yueling suddenly think of something. Isn’t this scene once seen in a famous movie? But it’s just a shadow. The feeling of being there now makes Li Yueling suddenly difficult to adapt.
After taking a deep breath, Li Yueling comforted me in the bottom of my heart that it would not matter. The Queen Mary is no better than the 150,000-ton sea tycoon who catches fishing boats in the shadow. Should it be able to withstand such a storm?
When Li Yueling thought like this, the hull suddenly appeared, and the hull was violently shaken by a strong earthquake. It turned out that the hull was tilted to the right. If it was not for Daniel lee’s spiritual practice, this estimate would have made him fall and break his blood.
As you can see, Mr. Li, it seems that today is a bad day for you and me.
Cliff was still joking at this moment, which forced Li Yueling to have a little admiration. After a nervous mood, he greeted Cliff with a friendly hug and a smile. Just now, I really wanted to thank you for waking up. If Li Yueling really took the ladder to the deck, it would be dangerous.
At the same time, the broadcast rang again. Ladies and gentlemen, because
Chapter 54 Perfect Storm II
At the moment when I heard that the Queen was attacked by a sudden storm, the Queen Mary suddenly boiled, and people seemed to have fried the pot. They experienced several violent shocks and even the hull tilted, screaming one after another, and the sense of panic spread rapidly.
Li Yueling couldn’t help but smile bitterly when he felt the hull shaking violently and leaning to the right. It wouldn’t sink so easily. Li Yueling didn’t know what to say when he thought that he had hit this good thing for the first time by boat.
Li Yueling said this sentence in Chinese. I didn’t expect Cliff beside him to understand it, and it was very blunt for him to rap Chinese to Li Yueling’s friends. It’s not as bad as you think.
Oh, no, you can also say the idiom Li Yueling is surprised to see this mysterious Cliff everywhere.
I stayed in China for three years, and China is a good place for me to learn a lot. Cliff laughed and forgot that I introduced Cliff Taylor, a Londoner in England.
Feel Cliff’s friendliness. Li Yueling is happy to reach out and hold his hand. Suddenly, both of them feel that the other body contains great power, and each shows a knowing look and a knowing smile.
Suddenly, it occurred to Li Yueling that Jin Nuanyu was still alone in her room. Now it’s so chaotic that she can’t do anything. Oh, Li Yueling quickly said hello to Cliff and said, I have to go back to my room first. Nice to meet you, Cliff. We’ll talk later.
Ok, nice to meet you, too, my friend from China. Go and meet your little lover. Cliff seems to have seen through Li Yueling’s mind and replied with a smile.
The little lover should be the wife’s adult. Li Yueling didn’t forget to correct Cliff’s slip of the tongue before he left. If he doesn’t help him correct it now, he’s afraid that if he meets again in the future, he’ll come to such a little lover in front of Jin Wenyu, and it won’t be delicious then.
Watching Li Yueling disappear into the chaotic crowd, Cliff seems to say that this person is a friend worth making, isn’t it? Funny China friend.
It’s also a good thing that Li Yueling, who keeps bumping violently on the hull, has reached the due date to fix the truth. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will take ten minutes to walk back to Jin Nuanyu from the stairwell, which is more than 100 meters away in that luxury cabin.
On her, Li Yueling pushed the door, but she didn’t see the figure of Jin Nuanyu. In her heart, she couldn’t help but see that the outside was a mess and the right angle of the hull was increasing. This is not a good sign. Can Li Yueling, who is missing Jin Nuanyu again, not worry?
Damn her, she didn’t go to the deck to find herself, did she? Li Yueling suddenly flashed such an idea and immediately rushed to the ladder leading to the deck.
Sir, you can’t go. When Li Yueling arrived at the stairway, two boatmen had already held the stairway.
Let me go. Li Yueling’s worried about the safety of Jin Nuanyu firmly said
For the safety of your other tourists, we can’t agree to your request. Obviously, these two crew members have been strictly ordered.
Li Yueling is really not in the mood to talk nonsense with these two guys in front of him. He will use the left and right bows to draw them one by one. They will fall down the ladder door and immediately flicker into it and press the button.
Before Li Yueling turned the corner to the deck, he heard the crazy roar of the sea, and his eagerness was even worse, ignoring the deck.
The wind howled and the waves roared. This is what Li Yueling saw. The sea water merged and the torrential rain seemed like a giant palm flapping in the dark, and it could see everything.
Li Yueling had made sufficient mental preparations before boarding the deck, which was mainly due to watching those sea disaster films on weekdays.
It seems that Li Yueling succeeded in releasing a protective layer similar to an air cover by implementing the external force of the body force. It seems that he has achieved great success in his environment, otherwise he could have done it.
Even so, the word "can wreak havoc" on the deck just roared in full form, which still made Li Yueling feel great difficulty.
The deck is too big for Li Yueling’s bosom friend to explore step by step. I’m afraid I can’t hold on before I find Jin Wenyu. Li Yueling thought of the search method for gods’ travel abroad. Fortunately, Li Yueling has already completed the integration and achieved a great success in the intensity of gods’ knowledge, and has already achieved a leap. I immediately settled down and explored the gods on the deck.
It was a familiar smell on her that was first detected by Li Yueling. It was located in a corner of the ship’s rail on the left side of the deck, but to Li Yueling’s surprise, she found another person beside her while sensing the smell of warm gold jade.
No matter how much it takes to save lives, it’s important for Li Yueling to think about it in his spare time. Now that the target is coming, it’s much easier. A magnitude earthquake is happening all the time in the turbulence. I’m afraid Li Yueling can only do it now, okay?
You mustn’t worry about her. Li Yueling prayed that Jin Nuanyu was safe and sick, but she fell a thousand pounds and went forward in the storm baptism.