Zhang Jun, who got the order, recovered from a serious illness. He entered the stock price code word for word. Now he needs to gently tap a keyboard to determine that the stock price is at 551. Zhang Jun is still hesitating and expecting a higher stock price. At this time, Yang Jiahui has reached out and tapped a keyboard, which is easy to complete in an instant.

Why are you so greedy to observe discipline? Yang Jiahui said mercilessly
Zhang Jun smiled foolishly and then leaned back in his chair. Now his heart is completely relaxed. When he came to Yang Jiahui, he suddenly asked you why you didn’t sell a stock of Zhongtian Technology.
I’m optimistic about this company. I think in the long run, I still want to listen to Yang Jiahui before Zhang Jun finishes. Then I’ll sell 5 shares and save some as a souvenir.
Good Zhang Jun promised to sell five shares of Zhongtian Technology. He has bought it for a long time and earned a little money for ordering food. It is really embarrassing. Now the market value of five shares of Zhongtian Technology is less than that of 1 yuan, which is not worth a fortune of 60,000 for Zhang Jun.
Because they sell the big room, others also have some hard work. After all, this stock has made a lot of profits. Fang Xia asked Rong Zhang to sit for a while first. She ran to her position and distributed some chips in her hand. Then she walked back to Rong Zhang and saw everyone puzzled because they all sold the stock.
I just recommended you just now. What are you doing? You sold everything. Rong Zhang asked
Fang Xia smiled and said to her, ask Jiahui.
Well, Jiahui said
Section 193 Stock market Darkmouth
Section 193 Stock market Darkmouth
Yang Jiahui is really underweight at this time. She turned back and Rong Zhang said that it is the best selling point when Darkmouth recommends it. Of course, the market may be different this time, but I dare say this position is a second highest point.
Rong Zhang is still some white. She looked at Yang Jiahui for a long time before saying that the family can tell lies.
Those analysts don’t pull anything but do nothing, Lao Cao said carelessly
You, Wen Dian, are annoying Fang Xia, and severely said that Lao Cao was immediately said to stop talking. In fact, this is what happened. Relying on these stock critics to come to this market, it is certain that he will die soon.
Rong Zhang followed suit and said Fang Xia didn’t take him.
Lao Cao giggled and looked at the market with his eyes. In fact, in his heart, he was pretending that other things were inconvenient for outsiders to know.
Rong Zhang looked at Yang Jiahui and asked Jiahui, you haven’t specifically talked about what stock reviews should be listened to backwards.
Yang Jiahui is really relaxed at this time, and she also got up and squeezed on the sofa. She said that a stock critic said that he recommended a stock and strongly recommended that it is the best time for the owner to buy this stock after the meeting.
But what if the company is really good?
Yang Jiahui said that for the company’s judgment, the banker or the institution has already completed the research. He doesn’t want to let the chips go loose when he follows the trend, that is, he won’t give the opportunity to buy it. When he wants to sell it, he will create a lot of stock critics, and he will also talk about it at this time.
They are all bad people, Rong Zhang asked.
Fang Xia then said to you that they are all good people.
Hehe, Zhang Rongxiao smiled. In fact, she really doesn’t understand the mystery. She looks at them and gets angry as soon as they get to the stock review. She can guess nine.
You’ve suffered, she asked
Fang Xia hates to say that when a person said a stock, I didn’t understand it at that time. That person wrote in the article that Qingshan did not relax and strongly recommended Qingshan Paper. He still put me in the mountain as he was still making a big announcement. I remember that it was a dozen purchases. Finally, 9 yuan cut more meat and lost tens of thousands of dollars, which made me angry. Fang Xia said that her little face changed color for a long time before she recovered. She said that at that time, thanks to Wang Jun, Master Liu, I still lost a lot.
Lao Cao then turned his head and said, you remember wrong. I helped you cut the meat at that time.
You also do good deeds, Rong Zhang asked with a smile.
It’s true that Fang Xia couldn’t bear to cut meat at that time, so I could replace haha. Lao Cao finished laughing and laughed. In the laughter, he remembered the scene of that year.
Just a few years ago, Fang Xia came to the big room early in the morning. She quietly hit her own account and found that she had bought Qingshan Paper at a high price, which meant that 10% had disappeared for a 11 yuan stock. Fang Xia felt dizzy at that time because she had just entered the market with some savings. Unexpectedly, Wang Junlai encountered Waterloo when she saw her miserable appearance. He couldn’t help but feel pity for her. He walked behind her and said, Fang Xia still sold it. Fang Xia shook her head and said, how can she sell it with so much money?
Aside, Master Liu pushed his glasses and said that if you don’t sell it, you have to fall and stay in the green hills.
You little castle peak this two word I violate taboo Fang Xia hate hate said.