"This Poseidon fork material is good, unfortunately, refining it, but it seems to be a layman. Only simple materials will be piled up. However, the conditions are enough in the future. Why don’t I just "recycle" the Poseidon fork and re-smelt it into a new spiritual treasure? "Qin Chu will only have a shell Poseidon fork and throw it to Xiaobai.

Removed the ban around, the movement outside, then clearly came to my mind, Qin Chu heart induction, he looked up and looked over to the new town.
"How can there be such a powerful energy fluctuation?" Qin Chu eyebrows a wrinkly, he is now a powerful yuan god, can clearly sense the violent energy fluctuations coming from there.
"Small white, go" Qin Chu gently drank, took small white, and ran to the new town like lightning. The powerful body runs like lightning. People outside can only feel a gust of wind blowing, but they can’t see anything.
"What happened?" As soon as Qin Chu entered the new city, he saw the housekeeper who was in charge of his daily life, and he was anxious to go to his residence.
"Ah ~" There was an extra person in front of him, which really scared the housekeeper. When I realized that it was my own master, I was relieved, but my horror was beyond words.
"Well, Lord’s adult, light temple bearer, want to see you. While you were away, they were waiting for you to come back, but they happened to see those working beasts, so they fought without saying anything. "
"What?" Qin Chu face suddenly dark down, cold track, "light temple is too arrogant, on my site, incredibly dare to start work without authorization, also too don’t take me seriously" Qin Chu said, and strode to the direction of the energy fluctuation.
Near the construction site, a shuttle-shaped huge luxurious black airship is firmly anchored at a low altitude. On both sides of it, there is a mighty airship, and the two airships next to it are all well-equipped soldiers.
At the railing of the luxury airship, Chekhov, surrounded by a bunch of well-equipped guards, stood upright and looked down. Under the airship, people are busy building a new city, led by the orcs, because they stand tall in the crowd, and the effect is undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.
"It never occurred to me that Count Qin Chu’s place would be a dirty place. If we hadn’t happened to be here this time, hum, I wonder how long Count Qin Chu would hide it?" Chekhov said indignantly, wearing a gold red coat and a towering hat. When he spoke, his face was covered with frost. Plus, standing on an airship more than 30 meters from the ground, with the secret method of the temple, Chekhov gave people a powerful shock when he spoke.
However, in the vicinity, you can see that his eyes are shining with fine mans, and when he speaks, he can’t help but slightly upturned his mouth. All this reveals that Chekhov’s mood at the moment is actually not as bad as it is.
The death of archbishop Anthony, an old rival, made Chekhov feel that a stone that was on his head had been removed. Although Anthony didn’t compete with Chekhov for anything, Chekhov was very self-aware. Anthony is a sleeping tiger, which usually gives people a feeling, but everyone knows that once this sleeping tiger wakes up, he wants life, although Anthony doesn’t rob himself of his rights, but as long as Anthony makes moves, he will undoubtedly lose because of his qualifications and strength. Among the three archbishops of the temple, Anthony, who is practicing’ Great Prophecy’, is the leader.
In order to protect Hepburn, Anthony relegated himself to the north of Caesar’s empire to be quiet, and never asked about the temple again. But Chekhov didn’t despise Anthony because of what he did. In Chekhov’s mind, Anthony was always his strongest competitor.
Now that Anthony is gone, Chekhov is naturally greatly relieved.
Not long after learning the news of Anthony’s death, the Pope received a "divine decree" saying that Hepburn must be brought back to the Temple of Light. Chekhov was honored to get this job. Although the news of Russell and Hepburn’s departure was hidden, Caesar’s empire belonged to the Temple of Light. After deliberate investigation, he immediately knew the general whereabouts of Russell and Hepburn. Then, after speculation, Russell and Hepburn must be heading for the fief of Qin Chu.
Chekhov has always kept in mind the humiliation Qin Chu caused to Chekhov in the San Diego Cathedral, thinking of finding opportunities to double it back. Now that Anthony is gone, in Chekhov’s view, without Anthony’s asylum, although Qin Chu has some skills, it is only wannabe. Chekhov was thinking of letting Qin Chu crawl at his feet for his previous behavior and confess to himself in tears. Chekhov is so confident, not only because of Anthony’s death, but most importantly, Chekhov himself has just cultivated into a peerless achievement method that is as powerful as the Great Prophecy.
Chekhov, who thought that without Anthony’s suppression, he had occupied all the "good weather, good geographical position and good people", immediately led a large number of people and angrily killed them in the fief.
Along the way, Chekhov was thinking about how to find a suitable reason, and then laid hands on Qin Chu, not only to let Qin Chu honestly hand over Hepburn that chick, but also to find some trouble for Qin Chu.
Along the way, Chekhov did not find any reason to satisfy himself. To Chekhov’s surprise, however, when the airship first arrived in the fief, he immediately found a big good excuse-damn, there were dirty orcs here.
"God says that opportunities always favor devout believers."
Chekhov was ecstatic in his heart. He knew there were orcs here, so what excuse did I need to rack my brains to think all the way on the road? Originally, I thought of an almost passable reason, and laid hands on Qin Chu. I didn’t expect to find such a big basket in the fief of Qin Chu.
On the site of the temple, you dare to collude with blasphemous orcs? Lao tze this time, no matter what method is used to kill you, it has always accounted for a reason, and no one will criticize it.
Because there is a stipulation in the doctrine that all blasphemers and degenerates who associate with blasphemers must suffer the most severe punishment from God.
In the teachings of the Temple of Light, orcs are simply monsters with a lack of brains. They have great power, but they also exude bloody and cruel factors from their bones.
Of course, the most important thing is that these savage guys don’t accept the blessing of God of Light.
About this matter, we have to talk about it from a long time ago, when the Temple of Light was founded. In order to spread the teachings of God, the Temple once sent a large number of missionaries to travel across mountains and mountains to all parts of the mainland to spread the teachings of the Temple of Light and develop its members.
The people in the central plain are all civilized. They agree with the teachings of the Temple of Light, and voluntarily become members of the Temple, providing donations for the Temple every year.
But not all missionaries were as successful as they were in central China. In the south and north, these priests all met a rebuff.
Especially in the northern plateau, missionaries encountered the greatest humiliation in prehistoric times.
In the face of those brutal and violent orcs, they not only failed to get due respect, but were brutally abused. Crucially, it’s just to treat them rudely, but it’s intolerable that the damn orcs not only desecrated their gods, but also used the gospels of the temple to wipe their bottoms, and even some daring orcs actually took some female missionaries directly and brought them back as a tool to carry on the family line.
It’s tolerable. What is intolerable?

Chapter 189
Chapter 189
Such blasphemy is undoubtedly a slap in the face of the Temple of Light. When the Pope of the Temple of Light heard the news, he flew into a rage and immediately sent his troops to attack the plateau in an attempt to save those ignorant orcs caught in endless suffering by force.
Of course, the ending is predictable. The power of the God of Light is on the plateau, and it doesn’t seem to work very well.
The northern expedition of the Temple Corps can only confirm once again the strength, cruelty and barbarity of the orcs.
Since then, the Temple of Light has designated the plateau area in the north as a forbidden area, calling it’ the devil’s territory’.