Although it is surprising that Real Madrid will keep an eye on Tomlinson, it is only reasonable in Mendes’ view. It is not said that Real Madrid had already taken an interest in Tomlinson before Ancelotti. Although the coach of Ancelotti is tottering, few Real Madrid are qualified to replace the Italian coach. Actually, it is based on this consideration that they have the idea of changing coaches, but they can’t risk finding a coach who is not as good as Ancelotti.

There is one thing before Real Madrid change coaches, that is, to find a coach who is at least better than Ancelotti.
Of course, the so-called "better" is actually a very complicated and subjective screening condition.
At present, the whole European football barely meets this condition, and there is a possibility that Lin Sen is almost perfect in terms of business and ability. In fact, two coaches are also in the sight of Real Madrid. One is the German coach klopp, who has resigned from Dortmund at present. The record of Dortmund League was so bad that he was once in danger of relegation. klopp took the initiative to take all the responsibilities and announced that he would no longer take charge of Dortmund coach in the season, but this does not mean that klopp is a failed coach. The German coach is still the best coach in European football at present. Of course, the current season record has affected Real Madrid’s judgment on klopp.
Apart from Klopp, another candidate for Real Madrid is somewhat unexpected, that is, former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho who just led Chelsea to regain the Premier League title.
Mourinho left Real Madrid ostensibly because Real Madrid failed to make a breakthrough in the Champions League, but the actual madman lost control of Real Madrid’s dressing room, especially the contradiction with Real Madrid’s dressing room leader and captain casillas. When he returned to the Premier League, Mourinho said more than once that Real Madrid is still his home team and he and Real Madrid President florentino manager Sanchez are still very good. In other words, it is not a crime for a madman to leave the Bernabeu.
Now that casillas is likely to leave Real Madrid during the season, it is not so strange that florentino once again thinks of Mourinho.
However, in the phone conversation between florentino and Mourinho a few days ago, Mourinho has indeed declined the other party’s reasons. Now he is fine at Chelsea and there is no reason to leave.
Why would Mendes know about meeting florentino today? Don’t forget that Mendes is also Mourinho’s agent. When Sanchez left Tomlinson today, Mendes thought for a long time, but in fact he was not surprised by what he didn’t refuse the other side. On the one hand, the other side made concessions on Pepe’s contract renewal, and on the other hand, if Tomlinson was really interested in Real Madrid, he needed an agent.
And if Linsen needs an agent, it goes without saying who it will be. To be continued.
Chapter 51 Play-offs
Gareth Eisworth is 41 years old, even in the less professional League B, it is still rare to appear on the court at this age, especially because Eisworth is not a goalkeeper.
Esworth first appeared in Blake’s career. After leaving Blake, he played for Jianqiao United for a short time, and then he played for several teams. The longest time he played for queens park Rangers was seven seasons, and then he came to work for Wycombe Wanderers. If Esworth was obviously unsuccessful in terms of honor, he played in the Premier League for 25 years, but personally, Esworth didn’t feel any regrets about his career, although most of his career. He has been to the lower leagues, but he has been to the top leagues and seen the best professional football in the world-and not many players can still appear on the field at the age of 41.
In the eyes of Wycombe Wanderers, Esworth has several identities. First, he is a player. Second, he is the captain of the team. Third, he is the head coach of this team.
There are so many roles, which is obviously unimaginable in the top leagues. Giggs played a similar role in Manchester United two seasons ago, but it was only a short "guest appearance", while Esworth played such a role from the beginning of the season. At the beginning, some people questioned the rationality of Wycombe Rangers’ decision, but now this doubt is no longer there. Esworth has proved his ability on the sidelines.
A few seasons ago, Wycombe used to hang around in League Two and League One elevators. In recent seasons, Wycombe has finally been "content with the status quo" and has been struggling in League Two. However, there is a gap between their final ranking in League Two and the third place in the promotion quota of League One.
If it weren’t for this moment, not far away, the young man in China was too young. Although his influence was limited even if he achieved excellent results in the second division, Esworth could always know that his team’s promotion was the first obstacle when this young man led the team, even if he couldn’t become an idol of this small city and become a famous coach.
Eisworth has enough reason to think that his team has an advantage. On the ranking, his team is the fourth in the league while the other team is the seventh in the league. On the performance of the two sides, his team has been unbeaten in the face of the opponent twice. In Eisworth’s view, the only thing that the other side can compare with himself may be his "life experience."
He used to be Lin Sen’s assistant to the most famous China coach in this country, but his coaching career in Esworth was blank.
At one time, Esworth’s idea was that Wycombe Wanderers beat their opponents 3-2 away in the first leg between the two sides. Although it was not necessary to say that the suspense was over, at least Esworth won enough advantages, one victory, three away goals and home advantage.
Esworth firmly believes that his team will eliminate opponents and then upgrade to Wycombe Rangers. So do the fans. Anyway, they are the highest ranked teams among the four teams and deserve to be promoted.
Now, however, their dreams are close to bursting.
At half-time, Cambridge United took the lead and equalized the score to three to three. Of course, Wycombe still held the initiative at this time because they still had more advantages in scoring away from home. However, at half-time, they also failed to score. Instead of scoring, they lost another goal and the score became three to four.
This happens to be the lowest score that can eliminate them.
The game is approaching. Tang Hua habitually puts his hands in his pockets. Of course, this is not to show that he is confident, not to highlight his elegant temperament. It is simply to cover up his nervousness at this time.
Yes, the leading team is Cambridge United, but it is also a fragile advantage.
Wycombe needs a goal and everything will be reversed.
All the fans at Adams Park Stadium are shouting at their home team and eagerly looking forward to the arrival of their own goal. At the same time, they are also putting pressure on Cambridge United. It is the first time to play this kind of knockout. For the first time, Tang Hua feels that he used to think that it is no big deal. The away fans’ voice can put so much pressure on himself.
Actually, Cambridge United has the opportunity to play the upgrade play-offs here today, which is not without luck. Burton has been upgraded in the last round of Cambridge United match in League Two last season. Because he is one point ahead of Plymouth, although Plymouth’s opponents are also not easy to mess with, they have just upgraded to Shrewsbury, but it is safest if Cambridge Lenovo takes control of its own destiny and suspects three points.
However, these two games eventually turned into a suspicious drama.
The most advanced goal of Cambridge United didn’t give a damn. Burton quickly equalized one-to-one until the last ten minutes of the half-time. At this time, Plymouth scored ahead of Shrewsbury in another field. That is to say, at this time, Plymouth actually ranked ahead of Cambridge United, but in the end, the situation changed again. First, Burton scored again and forced Cambridge United into a desperate situation. Cambridge United equalized the score at the last minute, but Tang Hua himself had to accept being squeezed out of the play-off. In reality, another field came with good news. Shrewsbury also helped them draw one-to-one at
A nerve-racking situation has actually brought the tie back to the original point. Cambridge United and Plymouth are in their original positions, and even the gap has not changed. But Tang Hua definitely does not want to experience that heartbeat again. But at this moment, Tang Hua can pray for one thing, that is, his players can withstand the immediate pressure.
It takes five minutes.
Last five minutes.
Tang Hua consciously looked at the other coach’s seat, but at this time he didn’t find the figure he should have seen. Just as Tang Hua was about to take a closer look, the figure suddenly came out, which made Tang Hua stupidly.
Esworth, he’s on the sidelines again
But now he has changed his role because he has changed his clothes, and now his clothes are exactly the same as those of a Wycombe player.
"He … changed himself?"
Although there was a mouthful, this sentence flashed through Tang Hua’s mind, and soon it became a reality.
A moment later, there was a new defender at Esworth Field.
At this time, Esworth didn’t think of himself as a hero, but what he wanted to do at the moment was that only a hero could turn the tide, so he and his team had no choice at this time.
In the last five minutes, Wycombe Rangers pressed even goalkeeper Ingram to the middle circle several times. However, not all of them will be able to "afterlife" and may die more thoroughly.
In the tenth minute, Wycombe’s first corner kick was destroyed by Cambridge United, and the ball was still received by Cambridge United player Colin Bell facing the other city.
Rushing to the door to take part in the snatching point, ingram tried his best to retreat, and the Wycombe players tried their best to stop it. Colin Bell was immediately kicked out and shot the best goal of the season. The distance from the backcourt to the opponent’s goal was more than 50 meters. The ball passed over the heads of everyone on both sides like a bird, including desperate ingram, and then fell into the opponent’s goal.
Three to one
The suspense is still not over, but how different is it from being killed?
After a few minutes, two short whistle and one long whistle ended all suspense.
The whistle seemed to drop in an instant, and almost all the Wycombe players stood up and made them collapse on the court in an instant, except for one person, Esworth.
Because he not only has the role of a player.
Tang Hua and the Cambridge United substitutes rushed into the stadium together, and their players cheered. After losing the game 2-3 at home, almost no one expected Cambridge United to "break through". However, today they proved their determination by their own actions.
After celebrating with his team members, Tang Hua saw Esworth waiting for him with his hips crossed.
"Don’t let us find revenge in the season," Esworth said after the two men shook hands briefly.
Tang Hua paused for a moment, but soon turned around and nodded firmly without answering.
The play-off finals and semi-finals are different from the home and away games. There will be a decisive game. The winner’s reward is the last one to upgrade the quota and the losers go back and forth. This is also why Esworth said that they should not find revenge opportunities in the season. Tang Hua’s reply to Esworth was not verbal confidence
Just at the time of celebration, he was told that he was ranked fifth in the other semi-final. Nan ‘an United eliminated sixth in two rounds 4-2, and Stevenson became the final opponent of Cambridge United. In the two collisions between Cambridge United and Nan ‘an United last season, Tang Hua scored one win and one draw.
Not only that, but the game of beating Nan ‘an League is of special significance to Tang Hua personally, because the victory happened just after Tang Hua visited Linsen, and it was from that game that Cambridge League gradually formed its tactical style, which needs to be continued.
Chapter 52 Consideration
Tomlinson finally knows what Mourinho meant by the best chance.
"This is a chance you deserve, Lin. I think you should seize it." Mendes, sitting opposite Lin Sen, spoke earnestly.
Lin Senze didn’t speak what seems to be thinking.
Mendez’s mouth "deserved" Lin Sen can naturally hear the flattery. If the sense of * * color is removed, the so-called deserved opportunity is probably "qualified". Not everyone can coach Real Madrid because Real Madrid’s requirements for the head coach are never as simple as being a head coach.
Bosco is the best coach in the history of Real Madrid, but he still had to leave because Real Madrid thought he was too simple and coached Real Madrid twice. Capello also chose to leave because Real Madrid thought his coaching style was not gorgeous enough. Mourinho seemed to be a perfect match for Real Madrid, but in the end he had to leave because of his conflict with Real Madrid’s dressing room. Now it’s just the turn of the season for Real Madrid to win the Champions League. Isn’t it surprising that Ancelotti? ! It’s strange that Linsen knows nothing about it, because everyone knows that Real Madrid can always find a reason to fire you.
But even so, Linsen has to agree with Mendes. This is an opportunity.
Who doesn’t want to coach the best team in the world? This is the same as the mentality of players who know that they will probably be swept away as chips after going to Real Madrid for a season or two, but they are still eager for invitations from Real Madrid. Simply put, the stage is different. Everyone knows that it is the easiest to fall at the top of the pyramid, but they will still try their best to climb because it symbolizes the apex.
Even Tomlinson can’t say no to Real Madrid, but it’s not easy to nod and talk.