"Comrade, who is team leader Li?" A middle-aged man walked out of the administrative team and asked Mo Feng politely.

"I am, and you are …" Kwang-seon Lee had long noticed this huge team, and when he was asked, he came along.
"I’m the governor of Bazhou, Qin Kule, but I found you." The middle-aged man held out his hand to hold Kwang-seon Lee’s, and he was impatient. "Team leader Li, do you think this big desert is really not a desert after that?"
Headless and brainless words make Kwang-seon Lee a little puzzled, but it can be seen that the urgency of the big fellow is real. He is a geologist. Although many problems are still unclear, the desert is no longer a desert. He is still sure, pointing back to the golden Nucheng, joked. "Governor Qinkule, with this golden mountain, this big desert will be changed into a prairie."
"Really," someone chimed in. It was Hackler, the mayor of Korla, the capital of Bazhou. "Well, people of all ethnic groups in Bazhou can finally sleep well."
After the excitement, there was a basic greeting, and after the basic greeting, the reporters opened the market in the tent of meeting. Several experts were fluent in dealing with endless questions, among which the most difficult question was: "Is this golden mountain already there, or is it a masterpiece of’ God’?"
In fact, the climate in Taklimakan desert has improved, and besides the local people living in desert oasis, it can be said that many weather stations are also in unknown so. The reporter is Tianlv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd..
In today’s China, Tianzi series company is not famous. A month ago, Tianlv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. went to the west and was followed by sensitive reporters. After that, seven companies of Tianzi series formally merged to form Tianxin Group, and announced that the headquarters of the group was located in the Taklimakan desert in the northwest.
A stone stirs up a thousand waves. Overseas media have sent reporters to China. The desert is the natural enemy of human beings. Now some people actually want to take root in the tiger’s mouth. If they are other companies, they can laugh it off. But Tianzi series companies can’t be taken lightly, which one is not an industry giant! Originally, one company was enough for overseas enterprises. Now, seven complementary enterprises are all under one group, forming a huge enterprise group, which makes competitors more frightened and frightened.
Shanghai, the host, expressed understanding that it was not that they didn’t want to stay, but that they had a hard time saying nothing. Tianxin Group was officially listed, that is, it submitted a report on the establishment of an enterprise kingdom to the Shanghai municipal government, asking the municipal government to provide at least 1,000 square kilometers of land for the kingdom, which made the mayor Qin Longwei have a wry smile. 1000 square kilometers, boy, I want to take away one-sixth of Shanghai at once. With the current population density of Shanghai, it is impossible to provide 100 square kilometers.
"The northwest is blessed. With this giant giant, there is no shortage of tickets for the development of the northwest."
While Qin Long laughed at himself, officials in Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and Korla City in the northwest couldn’t believe it was true. Suffering from the traffic and the wanton sandstorm, the investment promotion achievements in these years are really without bright spots. On the same day, when Guo Xiangdong, the president of Green Environmental Protection, handed in the land use approval from the State Land and Resources Office, everyone was shocked. Two days ago, the geological expert group went to inspect, and they were all dubious. Now, looking at the posture of sky green and environmental protection, it is clearly the posture of construction. This has led to the reason why the main leaders of the state and city have to go to the desert center to explore the "treasure" regardless of the sandstorm attack.
Guo Xiangdong, the president of Tianlv, didn’t accompany him. He was studying the plans and architectural plans left by Tianxin. Before he knew it, his nose was beaded with sweat. The grand plan of Tianxin made him a leader among 1,000 executives. After incredibly strong training, he still felt great pressure. The headquarters buildings and factories are easy to say, but there are 630 strange test sites in Tianyu Research Institute. The most terrible thing is the space port covering an area of 5,000 square kilometers, which is almost the size of Shanghai. Maybe it can be called Space City. How many construction workers does it take for a city of 20,000 square kilometers?
He briefly reported the situation to the presidents of the other six Tianzi companies. As a result of communication and consultation, all the hundreds of thousands of employees of the group were mobilized within three days, and the original units were streamlined as much as possible, and the streamlined personnel were sent to the northwest to make early preparations for grain storage, sanitation and drinking water. Within six days, the advertisements of Tianxin Group recruiting a large number of engineers, construction teams, workers and purchasing materials appeared in the online media of TV stations in major domestic newspapers. At the same time, the road-building army of the Ministry of Railways went to the northwest to build a double-track railway to the center of the desert. Not far from them, highway construction troops from more than a dozen provinces and cities are also sweating and building expressways.
In the next six months, nearly 2 million people poured into the Taklimakan desert, and the simple houses in groups became an eye-catching scenery in the desert. All kinds of materials arrived from various channels and piled up in the open air, and the whole northwest turned. While the mayor of Korla is happy, he is also very strange. Why do you only see the roads woven, but there are no buildings rising outside the Nu City?
In short, what a word "chaos"!
In the void of the universe.
After half of the spirit can be misappropriated to provide enchantment energy for different dimensions, the return speed of Tianxin is obviously limited. After entering the solar system, he simply ran to Mars to rest, and did not dispute this meeting for a while. All the reds in the sight of Mars look bleak and tragic, as if telling a story that happened long ago.
Mars has always been referred to as the outer space villa of the earth by human beings, and some people have described it as the starting point for human beings to set foot in space. Modern astronomy has speculated and exhausted scientific and technological means to prove that there was life on Mars. And the fantasy about Mars is seen in books and in pictures.
Since seeing the strangeness inside heavy stars, Tianxin believes that the stars themselves are a form of life, and their activity is mainly reflected in whether they have energy. This point was confirmed after he hollowed out the contribution star. The dead star without energy, like a dead person, will soon fall apart, and then the hard "joints" will float in space and eventually turn into dust.
The heavenly heart is sorrowful, and this planet that provides energy is given a nice name, called "resource star"; Give a name to the creatures on the earth, which can be called "pig"; Give the name of the basic unit in the individual body, called "protein cell". There are many asteroids in the solar system, but the nine planets are really related to human beings. The earth itself is the planet where human beings live, and everything that human beings need is provided by this planet. The other eight planets are silent and dark.
Are these eight planets "resource stars" that can make people rush out of the solar system? Judging from the exploitation of contributing stars, energy crystals or other forms of energy are generally deep inside the star. Poets often compare oil to blood. What will happen if this blood runs out one day?
Try to suppress the uneasiness in my heart, Tianxin braced himself and teleported to the earth, ignoring the exploration of the nuclear structure and resources of the eight planets except the earth, which almost caused great disaster later.
Quietly falling into Nucheng, God knows, and a thousand small space-based soldiers are experiencing in the "Yellow Sand Eight Domains". Let’s explore God knowledge outside Nu City again. Boy, it’s really lively! It seems that these presidents’ hands and feet are really fast enough, and as a result, they feel comfortable and their throbs are gone.
In terms of time, he hasn’t seen seven presidents for a year. At this time, I am in Nucheng, but I want to see them in my heart. Can’t stop thinking, God knowledge continues to explore, and Guo Xiangdong, president of Tianlv Environmental Protection, is busy in the desert; Ji Wu, the president of Tianan Security, is quite special, and he is putting on a good show of one person against dozens of people at the training ground. Tianyu, by the way, Li Qiang, the president of Tianyu Research Institute, is sitting in the swivel chair behind the president’s desk. I don’t know what I’m thinking. This beauty is a little cold. Tsinghua University is studying for a doctorate, and she was going to study abroad, but she was attracted by the infinite starlight ontological energy project in Tianyu Science and Technology College. After three months of strong training by executives, she became Tianyu’s supervisor, and her internal energy was also repaired to the second order, which was close to the third order.
There are four girls, Tong Ya, Lin Yilan, Huang Rui and He Yuming, on the Baiyunju. The standard sitting posture is good, and the strongest one is Tong Ya, which is close to the seventh order. Two women, Lin and Huang, squeezed into six and a half steps; The most surprising thing is He Yuming. It’s time to enter the sixth order to see the vitality of heaven and earth converge straight through the big hole of his body. Xiaolan and Xiaorui stood beside the crowd, motionless.
It will take some time for the four women to "wake up" when the heavenly heart recovers their knowledge of God. Forget it, let’s sort out the dragon crystal in the other dimension first.
There are 108 warehouses in the north of Nucheng, but the heavenly heart is not too clear. He created Nucheng in chaos, and before he could figure it out clearly, he rushed to space. His divine knowledge first swept to the west, and he could not help admiring the magic of "pure knowledge (subconscious)". In this state, the comprehensive strength of Tianxin was brought into full play, but strangely, the whole city was nothing but an angry dragon with its teeth bared.
The dragon’s head is huge, with eight golden beards like a sharp cone, round and inverted into the desert underground, and the dragon’s mouth is wide open, just like roaring, forming a super-large funnel with a diameter of hundreds of kilometers, swallowing all the steady northwest wind, and finally merging into an invincible airflow at the dragon’s throat, screaming and rushing into a wind energy converter that has been waiting there for a long time. Two longan eyes are wide open, and the dragon horns are obliquely inserted into the sky. The whole dragon face is as angry as it is.
The dragon is golden, and the consumption of stone gold materials by Tianxin has finally found the reason. It is not the magic of the yellow sand in the desert, but a large number of stone gold paved energy pipes, such as human blood vessels, such as the roots of trees buried deep underground, which tightly bound and tempered the yellow sand, thus forming a golden barrier for the beloved small steel cone of the geological expert group Hu Jian to collapse his big teeth.
The dragon’s claws are in full bloom, but they are all buried under the yellow sand, which also makes the yellow sand under the dragon’s belly become a piece of iron; The dragon’s tail is the most beautiful. The "Yellow Sand Eight Fields" is full of smoke, colorful light everywhere, murderous, dark and bloody. From a distance, the dragon’s tail looks like it is swinging.
Dragon Heart, Dragon Heart is a group of towers with seven top-quality dragon crystals arranged according to the Big Dipper array. The stone and gold energy pipelines under the towers are inextricably linked, which is the energy center of Nulong, maintaining the energy supply of Pang Dalong’s whole body. Compared with the top-quality dragon crystal, the wind energy in Longkou is endless, but it is too weak. Therefore, it is "sealed" by the energy storage device.
It is not unreasonable for Tianxin to name it Nucheng, because the part of the dragon facing the sky is transparent and breathable, so looking down from the air, it looks like an ancient city, with endless walls and a thickness of 800 meters, and even 1000 meters in some places.
The west of the city is next to the dragon head, and Longdong has successively "eight fields of yellow sand", but it is two worlds in the south and north of the city. It is busy outside, but there are two rows of empty warehouses inside, and it is a warehouse with the size of a dry bag. It is spacious and empty in the north, which is just suitable for stacking things from space. This made Tianxin overjoyed.
However, after all, I will be disappointed if I am happy, and Tianxin hopes to save some energy. 108 warehouses have been used up, and there are countless top quality dragonflies, including 3 top quality dragonflies, 25 middle quality dragonflies and 80 bottom quality dragonflies. However, there are not few dragonflies in the different dimensions of Tianxin, and he is too lazy to classify them again. At the same time, he secretly stunned and finally got an idea of how much quality the resource planet has.
In Shanghai, Li Qiang, president of Tianyu Research Institute, caressed the "auxiliary brain (miniature version of bionic is)" on her wrist, which was a little annoyed. No matter how hard she tried, the screen on her wrist was always bright and black.
Microphone is the latest product researched by Tianyu Research Institute in the past year. It is only the size of a watch, and its energy is based on the real energy, which is one of the ontological energy. Tong Ya was once dragged by her to test this product. Because the real elements can be emitted from the human body and fill every corner of the human body, with a little technical means, as long as the human body itself does not die or exhaust the real elements in the body, the energy needed by the micro-brain is endless.
The results of the experiment surprised the research team, the computer expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr. Li Qiang. It should be said that this wrist-type is still very rough, and it has no induction equipment and no zero-distance contact with any nervous system of the human body. However, the process of inputting content is incredible. If you like, what you see with your eyes, what you hear with your ears and what you think in your brain can be truthfully stored in your brain.
Is this the role of true energy?
At the other end of the microcomputer, there are several interfaces, one of which is the output interface. Therefore, what children see with their eyes, what they hear with their ears, and what they think in their hearts also appear on the bionic screen connected with the microcomputer in the laboratory. The speed of input can be called lightning and thunder, but there are generally two forms of expression of the same item. For example, a hundred to ten thousand small! It is said that what children read carefully is written; What Tong Ya glanced at was a picture, just like a camera. However, compared with the latter, it was much less powerful, let alone the former had infinite pixels. Thinking is even more interesting, and it is often some concrete fragments that make people laugh and cry. For example, when you think of water, there will be a state of water without any container.
In the past electronic thinking of human beings, to achieve such an input effect, it is necessary to have a complete set of neural induction holographic system, and people should wear induction instruments on their hands, brains and even limbs. However, the wrist miniature brain is no different from the bionic one in material, but it has achieved such an effect, which cannot but be said to be the function of true energy.
Can Zhen Yuan have attributes? The answer is yes, using the real elements stored in the energy storage device and stripped from Tong Ya can start the micro-optical brain, and its effect is the same as that of using Longjing’s optical brain, that is, keyboard, scanner and voice system are still needed for input, not to mention conscious input.
Then there is the floating-point computing power. There is no doubt about the computing power of bionic is, and the computing power of wrist miniature is at least ten times that of bionic is.
Such a result made the experts on the scene boldly speculate that the microfilmed brain is like the peripheral organ of the human body under the real energy of the human body. If it has "unreasonable" thinking and emotion, it will be another human brain. Fortunately, its operation is subordinate, completely dominated by the subject, and it can’t be reversed. This inference excited everyone, thus affectionately naming the greatest achievement in computer history "auxiliary brain". With it, human beings can achieve what they want "gracefully" without putting any biological chips in their brains, and they don’t have to be cruel to themselves, which seems helpless but is abnormal.