Here is a supplement to the growth of the blood-blue world. When Tianxin accidentally fell into the ancient yellow space, the predecessor of the blood-blue world, the science and technology of the ancient yellow space was highly developed. This so-called development means that compared with the weak bodies of the ancient Huang people, their science and technology not only developed to the top of their bodies, but also showed that the resources in the ancient Huang world were overexploited. Therefore, its boundary shell will be ancient yellow, and it will be rejected as a waste world by Geng Hua, the first Taoist who Tianxin met in the boundless world. It is also today that Tianxin has figured out why he will fall into the ancient yellow space. In other words, the ancient Yellow World is equivalent to the Daewoo Star Domain of Xingyuan World. After the Daewoo Star Domain is over-developed, the derivative speed of the planet can’t keep up with the annihilation speed of the planet, so it is inevitable that it will suffer from the sinking of the stars. Because of the over-development of the ancient Yellow World, the derivative speed of the new star domain in the world can’t keep up with the consumption speed, which makes the world shell that absorbs the interest of the stars slowly lose its activity. Loss of activity means that the crust is like weathered rock. Tianxin fell into the ancient yellow space, that is, he happened to meet a local completely weathered crust area, so at the speed of his interstellar movement at that time, of course, he bumped into it, not only into it, but also knocked the ancient yellow space out of a big mouth.
Just these situations, Tianxin was limited to cognition at that time and could not be well understood. Since then, Tianxin has vigorously promoted the martial arts in the Yilan Star System in the ancient yellow space, or inadvertently conformed to the principle of self-cultivation of the world. So the ancient yellow space can be reborn. It is not an exaggeration to say that the ancient yellow space was reborn because of heavenly heart. Tianxin is already a pathless person in Xingyuan world. After that, the baby and the body became one, and they lingered in the nine heavens for thousands of years, and after all, they became pure and empty. To some extent, the power of clearing deficiency is an extremely advanced spiritual power. Tianxin fell into the ancient yellow space, unable to display it, and felt the loss of power. At that time, it was thought that it was limited by the laws of space. Actually, it’s not. It’s that the spiritual power of Tianxin itself was absorbed by the ancient yellow space with excessive hunger and thirst. In the following dozens of ancient yellow years, the spiritual power of Tianxin gradually nourished the whole ancient yellow space. By the time it spread to Tianxin, the ancient yellow space had evolved into a yellow-green space.
After that, the good luck of the ancient yellow space came. Tianxin has helped this space grow twice in the abyss of interest, and finally it has become a world of blood blue and little micro, and the three-system concept and method that he stayed in it have passed nearly 330,000 years without knowing it.
The concept of "one-point-three system" in Xingyuan world has been set off for thousands of years, extending from the earth, then starting a prairie fire and starting the original world, and then extending to the spiritual world of Kuntian. Known to the thirty-six worlds, and built a famous three-system China. Although such rapid development is due to the dominance of Tianxin. Guided. But this is enough to see the toughness of the three-system concept ordering the world.
Relatively speaking, although there is no heavenly heart in the blood-blue world, the three-system system in which heavenly heart stays in the blood-blue world is not only an idea, but also a complete three-system system. Not only that, but one has accepted it.
The team of the system. Therefore, Tianxin has reason to believe that even without the development of nearly 330 thousand years, the three-system system will rise and fall several times in the world of blood blue and less micro. Will have a place.
Of course, whether this is the case or not will soon be known. Before the Dayan world is settled, Tianxin will not break the boundary. Otherwise, there is no ability to look into the world, but after fixing the Dayan world, for the blood-blue world with three systems. Tianxin has enough means to understand its internal situation.
From beginning to end, Tianxin never wanted to cultivate a world with little blood and blue, and he didn’t want to destroy the free ups and downs and free competition of various civilizations in this world. The most important thing is that the time and space of this world is different from that of Dayan world. It has developed for 365 years, and only one year has passed in Dayan world. Through this time difference, he can observe the competition between the three civilizations and various civilizations in the blood-blue micro-world, so as to gain more experience, so as to guide himself to cultivate the world and not make hasty mistakes.
There is another reason why Tianxin does not cultivate the world of blood blue and little micro-world, that is, to compare two worlds, the world of external cultivation and the world of blood blue and little micro-world, which is more dynamic.
The heavenly heart sacrifice turned to purple iron to open the heavenly sword, which directly opened the boundary shell of the blood-blue little micro-world, and the spiritual knowledge flashed in, and soon found the three-system country inside, leaving a mark, and then let the blood-blue little micro-world boundary shell bridge.
After the healing, Tianxin injected the power of clearing the deficiency into the blood-blue world, and found the mark with spiritual knowledge, and soon established the growth rule of three systems, seven branches and ten thousand branches.
It should be said that, although the structure of the three-system civilization in the world without Tianxin’s dominance is similar to that of Dayan’s three-system civilization, its development time is nearly 330,000 years, and it is out of the original world of science and technology, and it is obviously more plump and detailed in flesh and blood than Dayan’s three-system civilization dominated by Tianxin. After all, time is the best training tool for anything.
The little micro-world that visited the abyss of interest for three times is very big, especially this third time. Tianxin turned the little micro-world of blood blue in the abyss of interest for 500 endless years, and a large number of elements were separated by the world’s shell, and the stars infiltrated, leaving chaos, and the star field of the little micro-world of blood blue increased again. In fact, the whole space is almost half as big as the original world.
In the crazy transformation of heavenly heart, it is natural to separate out the growth regulation of blood blue and little micro-world. With the casting experience of the big world, and the growth regulation of seven branches and ten thousand branches in the blood blue and little micro-world, it is basically just the eye of heavenly heart and does not participate in the construction of three countries. That is to say, no matter where the three-system country develops and how big it develops, the growth rules of seven branches and ten thousand branches only watch and don’t intervene. Therefore, in less than two years, Tianxin has cast the growth rules of seven branches and ten thousand branches in the world of blood blue and little micro. Of course, in return, Tianxin will try its best to maintain the external security of the blood-blue micro-world.
Misfortune lurks, while misfortune lurks.
The world of Dayan and the world of blood blue and little micro refer to each other, and the practice of Tianxin enters a good situation; All kinds of magic weapons, such as Zitie Kaitian Sword, Jiutian Hualian, World Spiritual Armor and Raider Mecha, have further improved their functions. I have made great progress in my cultivation of two skills, namely, internal knowledge, blue sky breaking and real eye cutting. External repair and internal repair have formed their own set of views.
It’s just that Tianxin didn’t expect that after he stepped out of the abyss of interest for 500 years, his situation was even more difficult.
In 500 years, his vast world has not completely turned blue, but the boundless world seems to have changed completely. Judging from the news that the neural radar sown in the past years has been constantly spreading and gathering, although it has not fallen, if there is no miracle, that day will definitely come. In 500 years, the tusk army fought more and more, and not only were they all completely defeated in the sky, but the tusk army soldiers even sent tusk scouts to patrol in Dragon and Yellow Days and Xiaokang Days.
The most important thing is that Tianxin sensed the fangs’ hostility to him from the fangs of Longhuangtian and Xiaokangtian.
"Strange … how did this happen!"
What Tianxin didn’t know was that the movement he made in the peripheral airspace made the headquarters of the Fang Army go wild. Truly, truly, a master of the Zhou Dynasty can compete with tens of thousands of Fang Zhou Tiewei and hundreds of thousands of Fang Xuan in a bloody battle against the airspace, calmly kill and make thousands of Fang Tiewei and tens of thousands of Fang Xuan in a bloody battle lose their fighting power because they were taken away from the world, and then escape. This is how to shake the upper layer. After further investigation by the headquarters of the Fang-tooth Army, it is almost certain that Tianxin is the initiator of the evaporation of more than 10 million troops and 1000 Fang-tooth iron guards in 12 heavens and the earth. The headquarters of the Tusk Army even issued an arrest order, and sent a wide range of scouts to set up an arrest group consisting of two middle-ranking Taoist priests and ten lower-ranking Taoist priests.
What Tianxin doesn’t know even more is that he has aroused the widespread concern of that person, that is, that person will make moves when necessary.
As don’t know these, out of the abyss, he only induction head was dark with a heavy cloud, the idea of the moment is, "after all, still want to fight with fangs army, can’t fall in the sky, fall, oneself absolutely can only escape in the boundless heaven and earth! Maybe it’s not terrible to escape. I’m afraid I’m faced with an empty world and an infinite world in the escape … In that case, what’s the difference between this and a big space where the emperor is in the sky, and a big space where the magic array is dead can also be broken out, and … "
Tianxin decided to temporarily ignore the dragon and yellow sky and the fangs in the well-off sky to investigate and ride, but to visit Balingtian, pull out the Balingtai adventure group, compete with the fangs army for the dragon and yellow sky and the well-off sky, and then start from these two bases, move to the boundless airspace, fight with the fangs army, and divide the fangs army’s strength, so as to win a turn for the sky!
It has been more than 700 years since we left Baling Day. The population of 200,000 in a well-off day has developed for 700 years in Baling Day with better living conditions. With three-system guidance, this population should be tens of millions. It should be no problem to expand Baling Taiwan Adventure Group into an adventure corps with millions of Xuanxue soldiers by pulling one tenth.
Start the nine-day Hualien teleportation, and the heavenly heart moves towards Baling Day.

Chapter four hundred and eighty-two Dragon and Yellow War
Lingtian, with strict mileage, is 1.5 million away from Xiaokang Day and Longhuang Day.
For this looted world, just as Tianxin surmised, the Fang army never intended to look back. Perhaps they had a similar experience before, and a world that was plundered by them with people and things could not develop in any case for hundreds of years.
It is this empiricism that makes the well-off man who moved to Balingtian get a stable development time.
For more than 700 years, under the construction of a well-off man and nature, Balingtian recovered its prosperity before being besieged by the fangs army. The whole world is divided into five areas. The original Baling Heaven and Man, such as the Tianxu Sect, formed the Tianxu area. Well-off inner city Sanqing Alliance has jointly built a Sanqing area; Secondly, there is a Panlong area surrounded by disciples around the Xiaokang Gate in Panlong City, a well-off city. The fourth area is formed by well-off people who don’t want to be restricted by Tianxu Sect, Sanqing Alliance and Xiaokang Gate, and named Guangling Area. The last area was formed by Balingtai Adventure Group and named Baling Military Region.
Five districts, because Baling has a vast territory and tens of millions of light-years of Fiona Fang, are still in the distant future even after more than 700 years of development, and because of the different concepts pursued, five districts have developed for 700 years, making a world of difference.
The Tianxu area, perhaps due to the painful experience of Tianxu Gate and the fact that it is a local strongman, has done a good job in the reproduction and development of Zixi. The population of this area has reached two million. But this seems to be its bottleneck. Although the living environment of Baling Day is much better than that of a well-off day, it is definitely far worse than that of Dahuang Day and summer, and there are not many places suitable for children to grow up into boundless people smoothly. It can be said that the population of Tianxu area, if not to find a way in this regard. There is no possibility of further increase.
In Sanqing area, there is a problem of the distribution of living resources. After 700 years, the population is only half of Tianxu area, that is, about one million.
Panlong area has the largest population. Born in poverty, the Duke Geng Hua Taoist accepted the internal energy more firmly, and with the assistance of xiaokangmen and five halls, the population of Panlong area grew from 80,000 at first to 8 million now after 700 years. Xiaokangmen has millions of disciples.
Guangling area. It is the most chaotic area with poor construction, with intermittent development for 700 years and a population of only 300 thousand, not to mention it.
The Baling Military Region is under the general control of the four knights of Baling Terrace, which is also an area with unsatisfactory development. The four knights of Baling Terrace lay too much emphasis on the military, resulting in a serious lag in other aspects, which makes the development of the whole area seriously unbalanced, showing that the population is weaker than that of the Tianxu area. There are less than 1.8 million people. Balingtai Adventure Group has 500,000 soldiers after 700 years, but only 80,000 soldiers are worth mentioning. This may be the only bright spot in Baling Military Region. These 80,000 adventure fighters have basically reached the level of Hong Xuan Blood. Secondly, the four knights of Balingtai have been practicing penance for hundreds of years, respectively, and they have cultivated their own world into the green of the local products. They are the only four masters in Balingtian.
In a word, the development of Baling Day in 700 years is far from the conjecture of Tianxin. It is even more incredible that there are few contacts between the five districts, and all Taoists are much more alienated than in the well-off days.
"That’s all right!"
Tianxin sighed after knowing the situation. Of the five districts in Balingtian, only Panlong District and Baling Military Region have his real right to speak and respond. In Panlong area, Geng Hua absolutely follows Tianxin. Xiaokangmen, needless to say, Tianxin is the founder of the mountain; In Baling Military Region, Tianxin is the head of Balingtai Adventure Group. This name has not been cancelled because Tianxin has been away for 700 years. Therefore, Tianxin can command the Balingtai Adventure Group. The only thing to do is to play the running-in game.
As for the other three areas, there is no contact, so don’t disturb them for the time being.
Come quietly and go slowly.
Tianxin spent about 20 years in Tianpanlong Area and Baling Military Region, trying to integrate these two areas, and building seven halls in Xiaokangmen to realize the three systems, and then recruiting two million Taoists in the two areas, giving two million fangs and shallow blood worlds.
As a result, in the past 20 years, the Balingtai Adventure Group has been transformed into the Balingtai Adventure Army, with a total of 20 brigades according to the establishment of Infinite World. Tianxin also divided the twenty brigades into four legions, each with five brigades and 500,000 Taoist priests, who were divided by Princess Jinyun, Water Cloud, Wood Cloud and Fire Cloud, the four knights of Balingtai.
Twenty years later, the two million fighters of Balingtai Adventure Army quietly left Balingtian.
This time, Geng Hua, the world’s leading Taoist, has followed. This guy has been giving Tianxin a dirty look for 20 years. Every time he meets, he shouts, "Big Brother, you are cool outside, so what should I do to open my eyes and let me dream of becoming a leading Taoist for hundreds of years!"
"Well, if you really want to go, just be a staff officer!"
Tianxin had to agree. In his original idea, Geng Hua Taoist had better manage Panlong area well, especially after the departure of the four knights of Baling Taiwan, Baling Military Region also needed a manager, and Geng Hua Taoist was undoubtedly the best in this field. Helpless, this guy, Tianxin, knew from the moment he met him that he was bloodthirsty, otherwise it would be impossible to lay a piece of territory in a well-off day. Or, as he put it, it’s been suppressed for 700 years. If he doesn’t go out for a walk, he will break down. Besides, people over 700 years old, so far, only know a well-off and Baling days, are really ashamed to be a leader in this direction? "
Needless to say, Tieli and the whole general account know that the Taoist master of the Zhou class who once brought great losses to the Tusk Army has come back after hundreds of years. So-called good people don’t come, furious, opponents since exhibition crackdown again, there must be a series of plans, and more to their headache, comprehensive dragon and yellow days ten thousand fangs detection ride finished before sending back the message, recite. I can borrow your corresponding squads, squadrons, brigades and legions for military exercises. If you win, you will get the position. If you lose, you will be the prime minister of the two districts. "As laughed.
"Come on, those guys, who doesn’t know you forged in these twenty years. I can still play and fight with them, so forget it. ….. Hey hey, I also want to settle in the beautiful yellow sky and summer! "
"It’s good to know!"
"By the way, eldest brother. Do we really not go directly to the sky, but only attack the fangs of Xiaokangtian and Longhuangtian? "
"Go directly to heaven, do you think two million adventure troops are enough to plug the fangs army’s teeth?" As a result, we have to pour cold water on the staff of Geng Hua, who is hot-headed. "There are Taoist priests and wizards who can be used for military purposes in the world, above and below the main level, adding up to at least 1.2 billion, but all of them are in heaven except for the fangs army’s lack of Yu-level Taoist priests in the peripheral airspace, and they have stood firm and played brilliantly. Two million adventure troops put in … "