With the opening of the horizon and the appearance of words, primitive people were also uneasy in their excitement. Of course, they never felt uneasy. After eating and wearing warm clothes, Gao Jian doesn’t want these guys to do only two things, one is to worship God and the other is to spread the seeds.

The tasks assigned to primitive people are to build cities and roads.
It is said that a blank sheet of paper is good for painting, and the three systems and seven parts drawn up by the high reduction are pious and strictly implemented under the Oracle of the Great God. Unfortunately, there are too few primitive people, and the primitive people of hundreds of planets add up to less than five million. On every planet, however, tens of thousands of primates are scattered. The high-reduced three-system seven-part system is therefore badly scattered. This is still a high reduction, so that the avatar allows tens of thousands of primates on each planet to live in a tribe of ten thousand people, or it will be even worse.
"Boss, Gao Jian did his best."
A year passed quickly, looking at the meter-wide stone road and the "urban facilities" that can only be described as tattered, facing the review of Tianxin, Lan Bing Dragon was sad.
"Well, ok … personnel, people’s livelihood, education, infrastructure, finance, security, diplomacy …"
"Boss, these guys can only do this."
"Yes, Sanzhi only creates an environment, and the real development depends on their own development. Unfortunately, there is no time. Otherwise, boss, I really want to know what these primitive people will do with steel! "
"Eldest brother, I’m afraid this can’t be achieved in a short period of time. What is left by high reduction alone is enough for these guys to digest for several years. If you want to see their own creativity, it won’t take 30 or 50 years, I’m afraid it won’t work. "
"Maybe!" Tianxin shrugged, took out a pile of materials from Gankun Ring and began to refine bionic robots.
"Boss, what are you doing?"
"God! This space. When you are a great god, the Maos are naturally quiet. When you are a great god, you can’t be confused after ten or eight years. You give things to the land, and with their current population, as long as there is a war, they will destroy themselves. "
"They …"
"Therefore, in order to let them settle down in the future, boss, I plan to build a celestial star station in space to collect data from this space. One hundred and eight bionic robots made of meteorite steel were left behind, which were rated as the internal energy standard. Guide one hundred and eight living planets. "
"Eldest brother, you are too kind to the hairy people in this space!" Lan Bing dragon longan stare slip circle, can’t believe the tunnel. "They walked dumb luck …
"A fart. Boss, all I really left for this side was the internal energy of 30 paragraphs. One hundred and eight bionic robots of meteorite steel, which can be repaired by high-level gods, only maintain the system of everyone judge. One side of the soil and water raises one side, and the splendid civilization of this starry sky has to be created by the residents of this side after the great multiplication. "
"The boss, I left those things of steel civilization?"
"Anti-biological robots will handle …"
"How to deal with it?"
"Now there are physical objects, such as simple paper mills, simple small steel mills, small hydropower plants, farms, farms … these schools are all kept, but they are not expanded or maintained. Can they survive? It depends on how much the Maoren can understand, and how much belongs to them can be extended according to what they have experienced. As for any physical objects that have not yet appeared, such as thermal weapons … they will never appear again. "
"No way. Boss, without these things, how can they open up this vast space? "
"Three systems have a structure. There is water and soil under your feet, and there are anti-life robots to maintain the system of everyone judging. As long as their wisdom goes in the direction of development, you are afraid that they will not be able to play with the wisdom of the stars! Dragon nanny! " Tianxin had no heart.
"No matter, boss, you say how good! Now there are tens of thousands of Mao people on a planet. They want to show great wisdom, but I am afraid that the high reduction will have returned to the Arctic at that time. "
Cold thunder and wild space, in the regression calendar 242, after being properly handled, the heavenly heart is high and the thunder and thunder are thrown behind.
At the end of this year, one man, Yi Long, and two thunder sculptures once again started the process of return, and marched towards the center of Xingyuan World in a straight line.
The so-called five customs, cut six generals so much. Only after five passes, it is the empty pass without seeing the starry sky; The six generals are the space barriers and dangerous star belts that cross the road, and the stars with violent activities appear in the big bang, and then they stop and determine the direction.
Among them, hard work is not enough for humanity.
The ascetic life of the Heavenly Warrior has made one person experience two thunder sculptures in Yi Long for 200 years. This journey is no better than going through the sea of violence. In the sea of explosion, one person, Yi Long, and two thunder sculptures are devoted to how to cross the explosion belt faster. The desolate starry sky is no longer dangerous, and the spirit can be reverie, which is a kind of torture and extremely tests the will.
In the end, even the two thunder sculptures showed a lonely gesture.
A hundred mountains and no bird, a thousand paths without a footprint; A boat on the river, a fisherman in his bagworm moths; Fishing alone, not afraid of snow and ice attack.
Tianxin experienced the emptiness of the starry journey, and now he is too lazy to run the spiritual knowledge. Every time, determine the direction, and then sit on the back of Lan Bing Longlong, and let Lan Bing Dragon "fly" like a big move forward.
In this way, it is silent and extinct until it returns to C, and it appears in the spiritual knowledge of acquiring spatial data occasionally.
Well, it’s a bit of a world.
As soon as the heavenly heart shook, Pang Hong, the spiritual god, sent it out.
This is a good space, where there are stars and beasts, and the spiritual knowledge of Tianxin can even sense the derivation and annihilation of the planet.
So fast for three months.
Tianxin is really sure that after nearly 500 years’ journey, we finally see the dawn of turning to the original world. There is an empty and beautiful fairy world ahead.
"Ha ha, boss, Gao Jian seems to smell the wonderful fairy crystal again." Under the seat, Lan Bing’s dragon saliva hangs long, and he doesn’t realize it at all. At this time, the dragon saliva is many times more precious than the fairy crystal.
Two thunder sculptures are curious to look at this space that is a bit similar to their growth.
There is no technology to fix the real world.
"Boss, do you want to stop here?" The blue ice dragon glides.
Go and have a look! "
Beautiful space is wrapped in thick space barriers.
Lan Bing Dragon carries heavenly heart. With two thunder sculptures, I bumped into it.
No Buddha.
No way.
Only cultivate immortals.

"Boss, what space is this?"
"The ancient immortal space that strives for survival with wild beasts." As the gods acquire more and more data, Tianxin frowns.
"Isn’t that strong!"
"Strong not necessarily. This space seems to control the first few relatively small spaces, and there seems to be a fairy fighting at the junction with one of them. "
"The fairy war?" Blue Ice Dragon is excited.
"Like, also don’t like. Slowly cover your body and wait for the boss to see clearly. "
Nine times is too clear.
"That boy is finally going to get out of the control of cloud nine." Too big spirit suddenly opened his eyes.
"Take off, this guy is a disorderly jump king, however, sooner or later, he will still come back! No one can escape the temptation of cloud nine. " Too two spirit also opened his eyes.
"Ha ha ….. not the kui qingxu level guy, less than five hundred years. I ran so far. At that time, millions of people of all orders were lost in the blue sky, and half of them were annihilated in the sea of stars; Another 30% was killed in the sea of fire caused by the geomagnetic storm, 15% was blown away by his own world, and less than half was lost. Those who survived are still struggling within the scope of the influence of ascended a cloud, and only one person has escaped from the fence of ascended a cloud. However, that guy has spent ten million years. I don’t know if it’s finished now! " The eyes of the three spirits of Taixu crossed the light of memories.
"It’s all strange little things, and the upper bound of chaos is clearly on the blue sky. These guys just go down. " Too four spirits grunted and moved. Go to sleep.
Said sitting on the back of the high-reduced dragon, the heavenly heart gradually deepened. He didn’t know the whisper of the four spirits, but the powerful spiritual knowledge gradually felt something was wrong.
This kind of wrong, began to feel with him when he first entered the world, a feeling that his skill was suppressed. It’s just that he’s a pure Taoist at this moment, so this feeling is not so fierce.
The heavenly heart, regardless of the willy-nilly, called out the ruler version of the jade tablet from the Gankun ring, and the spirit and knowledge were injected.
"Eldest brother, how do you disturb this jade-like dream again? Hey. Is WuLing channel … "
"What is the Wuling Passage?" Interrupted the fluctuation of heavenly mind knowledge.
"Nine heavy too clear to two worlds trial channel, because of the extremely strange, breath like nine deep and remote, spirit like a monster. When the immortal Taiqing enters this channel, his mind is often distorted. So this passage has the name Wu Ling. "
"So simple?"
"Simple. Brother, this passage is like a vision from another world at that time. It took the Chaos Three Gods less than half a universe to build this space. If it weren’t for this trial space, block it. There is not a fairy who has entered the outer world who is too clear to be regarded as a ghost. In the twenty-seventh generation of civilization, the universe changed dramatically, and this space lost its destination and shadow. Since then, Jiuzhong Taiqingtian and Tianwaitian have been faintly separated. "
"What are the characteristics of the Wuling Passage?"
"Wu Ling channel is a feature, but Wu is power, but Wu Zheng Ling. However, now this passage is like ascended a cloud, and a lot of changes have taken place. Before the 27th generation civilization, the Wuling passage was much worse, but now it is an empty show of Spirit, which is twice as big. If it weren’t for that basic witch’s breath, I’m afraid Ben Yuxi wouldn’t recognize it. "
"Witch breath?"