Before she stepped, she suddenly felt a tight waist, and someone got up and she quickly retreated.

"Green ink face?" RuXiaoNan looked up and saw the person holding her.
Green ink Yan held her and took a few steps back to listen to the "bang" behind her. A wok fried flames splashed around with the water, and even the nearby trees were lit.
RuXiaoNan holding the head couldn’t wait to bury the whole people into the blue ink yan’s arms.
There was a sad cry behind him, "Oh, my God, my hair!"
"Help first …" The camp was a mess.
Xuanyu came here, but she didn’t go to the sensitive place. She was choking on smoke and coughing.
"Old miss" RuXiaoNan gee shook his head.
Blue ink yan holding her canthus twitch.
Such a sight … It’s really calming.
The more it rained, the more people quickly put out the fire.
Looking at the charred trees around, people can’t help but feel glad that even the forest would be set on fire if it weren’t for the rain.
Shi Da Tian Fen looks like a charred stake from afar, but the four monks are better, but they are all totally embarassed.
Looking at the iron pot that was blown to pieces, Ru Xiaonan sighed, "It seems that there is no soup to drink tonight."
Green ink yan coldly glanced at all throw a sentence "hurry up" turned and took RuXiaoNan back.
Later, RuXiaoNan had several Fu Qi sent to Shi Datian, one for each of them.
"What is this?" Four monks looked at cinnabar characters in their hands.
"Burn the symbol after drinking it in the water, and it will return to its original appearance." Send the symbol to the dead.
Shi Datian was convinced of what happened to Ru Xiaonan, but the four monks were deeply uneasy about it.
"That patroness was bewitched by a demon. How can you trust her so much?"
"She is our wife, and even the world believes in her." Shi Datian was worried when he took the operator. They fried the pot late and didn’t even have hot water. How can I drink water with this operator?
When the four monks saw Shi Datian’s "stubborn", they shook their heads and sighed again and again, and the first monk looked even more solemn.
"Whenever a demon will hurt people, it must be that demon that confuses your Lord when we first dissolve her witchcraft, and your Lord will be able to recover."
Shi Datian secretly rolled his eyes. He came from Shifang Town. He has seen all kinds of terrible monsters in the mountains outside the town. If Miss Ru is really a monster, it is also a lovely monster. He won’t be afraid.
Four monks bowed their heads and discussed for a long time. Finally, the first monk got up. "Why don’t we go directly to meet her for a while when she is circling the waves?"
Four people turned to see Shi Datian fell to the ground and foamed in his mouth.
The four people were frightened. "What’s wrong with him?"
"That symbol … that symbol just sent by someone is missing!"
"Sure enough, the monster harmed people, and we got rid of the monster to avenge the history benefactor."
Four people threw themselves up Shi Datian.
RuXiaoNan ate some cold and dry food late, and she was full of dissatisfaction with her flat mouth. She saw four monks carrying Shi Datian.
Xuanyu stopped the monk before.
"You … how did you recover?" Monks discovered that Xuanyu was no longer an old man.
"Miss Ru just ordered someone to send you the operator, so you can recover after drinking it." Xuanyu said.
Hearing this, the four men showed solemn colors. "This benefactor of history has become like this because of the demon symbol. We advise you not to be fascinated by the demon. Since ancient times, the demon kind generation has either eaten people or harmed people. How can you protect her!"