Although it is the same kind of posture as that made by the Heaven and Earth Gang! But it is possible to use fifteen figures!

Can use the posture of fifteen figures!
It must be three figures, combined with five figures!
Since Zhang Xiaotian’s cultivation has improved. He has been thinking about Luo Xiu’s three steps! During this time, Heaven and Earth Gang also sent many people to look for Luo Xiu, but they didn’t find him!
Unexpectedly, the three steps actually appeared! Along with. There are also ways to use five figures!
This ….. Zhang Xiao, as some surprises! Wrong! It should be ecstasy!
Strength after a period of running-in, now let him against the earth treasure king, Zhang Xiaotian although some uneasy, but have confidence in the first world war! And if Zhang Xiaotian learns three steps and the posture of using five figures again, then Zhang Xiaotian will have enough confidence to defeat Dizang.
The figure has increased fourteen times! Coupled with the strong body, Zhang Xiaotian’s strength will go up in geometric times!
Thought of here, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help turning to Xiao Qing again, staring at her tightly. However, the eyes are different from last time. Deep in the eyes, there is a faint expectation.
"Ghost Guard!" Who knows. After watching the image, Xiao Qing shouted with surprise.
"Ghost Guard?" They looked at each other, a face of doubt.
Xiaoqing was silent for a while, and then said, "The Guarding of the Ghosts was transformed by ordinary ghosts through a secret method! After the ordinary ghost repair is transformed into a ghost guard, the ability of the same level will be the same as that of our ghost people! However, the Guardian of the Ghost has one shortcoming, that is. The practice of turning into a ghost guard can’t be increased any more! " .
Speaking of which, Xiao Qing’s eyes looked at the side.
"We are ghosts! I won’t harm you ghosts, and I won’t tell your secrets! " Seeing Xiao Qing looking at herself, Xiao Ran quickly said. Yeah, the ghost He also has a little curiosity! Naturally, I won’t give up this opportunity to learn about the ghost people.
"You said! Regardless of race. There are all kinds of people! Some people love peace, while others like fighting. There are people who like aggression! Whether you will do this or not seems to have little to do with us being ghosts! " Xiao Qing smiled indifferently. Said slowly.
"Uh …" Xiao Qing said today (Monday), but Xiao Ran suddenly remained.
"But … for you are my eldest brother Xiao’s sake, I will choose to believe you!" Xiao Qing (turn, naughty said.
Before XiaoRan said anything, Xiao Qing spoke.
I saw Xiao Qing frowning slightly and said slowly, "It’s just that there are no ghost guards among the sleeping ghosts. Where did these ghost nurses come from?" .
"Don’t just those ghosts … guards are transformed from ordinary ghosts in hell?" Zhang Xiaotian asked in surprise.
"May be my people woke up! These ghost guards are what they transformed! " Xiao Qing nodded and murmured.
"Maybe? Haven’t you been in touch with your people? " Zhang Xiaotian paused and asked doubtfully.
"Among the sleeping people, I was the first to wake up! When I woke up, I came out! Originally, I was going to come out to see the situation, but I didn’t expect that after I came out, I couldn’t get in! " Xiao Qing nodded and said helplessly.
"Sleeping … waking up … you … you were a person hundreds of thousands of years ago?" Looking at Xiaoqing, a face of helpless expression. Zhang Xiaotian stare big eyes! Really can’t think of, in the sight of this sister, turned out to be hundreds of thousands of years ago.
"After sleeping, everything is still! I was a teenager before I fell asleep! " Perhaps guess what Zhang Xiaotian is thinking, Xiao Qing said with a reddish face.
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian face reddish, slowly nodded his head.
In order not to dwell on this topic, Zhang Xiaotian changed the subject and asked, "You just said that after you came out. You can’t get in! What the hell is going on? " .
"Yes! In order to ensure the continuation of our ghosts! Where we sleep, we can only go out, not into the ground! I forgot about it when I woke up, and I accidentally came out! " Xiao Qing sighed and whispered.
"Then can you contact your people now?" At this time. One side of the XiaoRan export asked. Look, it seems a little nervous!
Xiaoqing bowed her head and was silent for a moment. She looked up and said, "If our people or those ghost guards are within a hundred thousand miles of me, I can sense their position! You can also let them sense my position! " .
"That …" After hearing what Xiao Qing said, Xiao Ran’s face was not surprised.
"What do you want?" Small fine eyes gazed at XiaoRan, light asked.
"I want them to stop this useless disturbance!" XiaoRan sighed and said with a wry smile.
"Useless disturbance?" Xiao Qing frowned slightly.
"Yes! By doing so, they will not do any harm to those Buddhist practitioners in the upper bound! On the contrary, you ghosts will also attract the attention of the upper Lingshan Buddha! " XiaoRan nodded and said.