"Space imprisonment also wants to trap me?" Poseidon fork regarded Qin Chu’s ban as an ordinary space imprisonment, and couldn’t help laughing at it. On the top of the three-legged fork, a surging wave came out again, but something that depressed Poseidon fork came into being. The wave spewed out slowly in front of your face like a slow-motion replay … and then disappeared into the space in front.

"My wave …" Poseidon gawked at his wave being swallowed up by the vanity in front of him. Only then did he realize that something was wrong around him, and the general space imprisonment could not stop the power of his own wave. Your own wave is the essence of power from the ocean and has invincible destructive power. But somehow disappeared?
While Poseidon was still thinking about what was going on, he only felt that the pressure around him was getting bigger and bigger, and then his perception lost its function, so he couldn’t move at all.
Qin Chu looked at the forbidden ball in his hand and was very excited: "I didn’t expect to get it so soon, haha.
Small white dissatisfied way: "boss, why don’t you let me burn it to death?" This bastard, who used to bully me, finally got a chance this time! " Very easy to have a chance to avenge, but I didn’t expect to be stopped by Qin Chu. Think of the depression and dissatisfaction in Xiao Bai’s heart.
"Ha ha, these are small things. After you go back, you will have a chance to tidy up him. Not only should we clean him up, but we should also let him call you the boss like Da Guangming Book! " Qin Chu looked at the forbidden ball in his hand, freely.
Xiao Bai’s eyes suddenly beamed: "Poseidon called me boss? Gaga, that’s really embarrassing. It’s only natural for the boss to teach the younger brother a lesson. In this way, I can teach him every day! "
Qin Chu immediately wry smile, small white turned out to be a violent person!
"Well, you don’t tell others about this matter. Now go down and clean up the battlefield, we still have a lot of things to do! " Qin Chu afraid of big sleep, one thousand Poseidon fork lost things, be noticed by others, it’s hard to say.
Without the help of Poseidon fork, the dark clouds in the sky quickly dispersed, but in a moment, the hot day emerged. Without the moisture, the fighting capacity of those sirens will drop quickly, and they are no match for Warcraft fighters at all. Plus Qin Chu’s and Xiao Bai’s hands on one side, large tracts of siren were annihilated.
In the fifth sector in the distance, on the watchtower, several officers are observing the sky on this side of the Naman tribe.
The shape of.
"What was the red in the sky just now?" An officer asked in surprise.
"I don’t know, but look at that, as if someone is casting fire magic.
"Fire is magic? Such a wide range of knowledge of magic, the other side’s strength must be the level of care division. But there, will there be such a powerful fire care teacher? " The person next to him immediately put forward his own doubts, "and from the scope of the flame, it seems to be a large-scale magic, right?" This level of magic is not something that can be released by a care teacher. "
"Who knows! The world is full of wonders! Hey, look, the dark clouds over there seem to have dispersed.
Go! "A man saw the dark clouds in the sky disperse and cried in surprise at once.
"Really dispersed! Who can tell me what happened there? "
"Tube he what things! As long as the dark clouds clear, that means that the siren will not come for the time being.
Yes! We can relax! "The person next to immediately laughed.
Within the fifth defense zone, Barton sat in a wheelchair J1 on the balcony of a small building, and his wise eyes stared at the abnormality in the distant horizon: "That’s where the Naman tribe is located. Was it Qin Chu’s adult who was there just now?"
"Well, I can’t understand a word these guys say without Barton!" Qin Chu looked at Grimm in front of him and spoke excitedly, full of depression. Without a translator around, there was a problem in Qin Chu’s communication with the Naman tribe. "This time, I should take Barton with me.
I wonder how he is doing in the fifth sector now. "
Barton is a handsome man who led the troops to fight, and he is proficient in the affairs of the Naman tribe, which is exactly what Qin Chu can’t lack. With Barton around, Qin Chu can have normal communication with people from these Na ‘nan tribes. Moreover, Qin Chu himself is not a man who is good at leading troops to fight, but Barton is a master of this convenience. Qin Chu has planned to hand over Na ‘nan tribes to Commander Barton.
"I promised to cure Barton’s legs, so it’s nothing to take him away." Qin Chu found a reason for himself, look at the time, the sun is setting at the moment, and it will soon enter the night.
Qin Chu had no choice but to use his spiritual strength directly, had a spiritual communication with Grimm and told him what he meant: "This place is no longer suitable for living, and I will take you out of here tomorrow. Tonight, you tell everyone to pack up the necessary things you want to take away. "
"Get out of here?" Grimm stay leng, "god, get out of here, where are we going? South Xinjiang is the home of our Naman tribe? " Grimm grew up here in southern Xinjiang, and it’s hard to accept this fact for a while to let him leave here.
But Qin Chu doesn’t need Grimm to accept it. This matter is not a negotiation, but an order. This thing must be done! Qin Chu threatened: "Look, this place has been destroyed by the siren. Do you still want to live here? Can you guarantee that the siren will not attack again? I showed up in time this time. If I can’t show up next time, wouldn’t the Naman tribe be exterminated? "
Qin Chu’s words made Grimm sweat. Yes, if there is another time, the tribe might really be exterminated! Grimm immediately agreed: "God, we will follow in your footsteps, I hope you can give us glory!" "
"Well, go pack your things." Qin Chu said, for these uncivilized barbarians,
You have to intimidate me. Alas, it’s really hard to be a good person!
Grimm immediately went down to convey Qin Chu’s words. Although many people didn’t want to, after Grimm’s explanation, all the Na ‘an tribes had to accept this fact.
Qin Chu, on the other hand, took out the boat and, under the cover of darkness, flew to the fifth sector.

Chapter 145 Barton centering
The sky be dark. ※. There is not a bit of star rice. There are hundreds of teams in the station of the fifth defense zone, and they are constantly patrolling to guard the safety of the station. The soldiers on the patrol tower are also absorbed in watching around. Once there is any abnormality, they will use the alarm on the patrol tower to instantly notify the people in the whole sector and prepare for the battle.
In the protected area, although it is calm for the time being, it can still make people feel the tension everywhere. The mountains are coming again!
On the second floor of a small building in a remote place, the night wind blows in from the window constantly, which makes the candlelight on the desk sway. Sitting in front of the desk, I quietly look at a heavy war case, my fingers beat rhythmically, making a clear sound, and my wise eyes reveal the light of thinking.