Lu Xinyi’s pressure comes not only from Miyun Sect, but also from Zhu Lan’s own elders and relatives, which can’t be cut down by broadsword films. Zhu Lan’s own knot is also difficult to untie. What should I do?

After much consideration, Lu Xinyi lost her pride and coldness in the past, and became an ordinary girl who was sentimental and swayed by considerations of gain and loss. At this time, she did not find that the noise around her was gradually quiet, and countless excited faces looked in the same direction, with tears of joy and bitter expectations, waiting, waiting.
It’s closer! It’s closer!
Funny and joyful songs have stopped. I don’t know when, the military songs of Spike began to echo in the air. The rough and loud songs started flying crows, shook the mountains and echoed, and the rivers surged, even the warm sun hanging high in the sky became more and more dazzling.
Silly, bulging his eyes, Artest began to follow, and Zhulan’s declining old face was full of tears, sobbing and singing like a child.
More and more people joined in, and joined the team that was shocked and passionate, but it was not standard, but it was extremely involved; It’s not wonderful, but it’s extraordinarily tough!
"Ask the sky, ask the land, how many miles are left"
"beg for the wind, beg for the rain, and get away from me."
"There are too many mountains and too many waters to tell things apart."
"There are too many people and too many mouths to make sense."
"How to say and do is who you really are."
"How to sing, how to sing, this heart is proud."
Rows of teams pass by, rows of high-spirited and excited faces are flowing, and on the top of the light, a torrent of ten thousand people is gradually gathered, which spreads around and resounds through the mountains and plains of Yanlong and everyone’s heart.
Until the figure appeared, the tall and straight figure like a gun, thick as a mountain, crazy as a bandit, holding Shuang’er but gentle as cotton appeared, and the vigorous voices exploded, and countless cheers, screams, screams and screams gathered in one place, and went to the sky with tangible potential, straight into the unreachable sky.
Everyone is opening his mouth, but he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Everyone is calling for a sign, but he can’t hear his own voice. The only thing that people can be sure of is that they must use their greatest strength to roar out the filth that is squeezing in their chest. Otherwise, it will be unpleasant. Otherwise, I am afraid that they will be bored.
"Shit, it’s a good thing I didn’t go with Shaoshao."
Ink green carrying ShuaiRen, staring with his mouth open, his nostrils wheezing at the white gas, as if he had been unable to bear the burden, his hands could not help but tighten, and he almost folded the good leg of Xiaoshuai, in exchange for a chestnut explosion and a few laughs at sunspots, holding his chest hard and striding forward.
Ou Yezi is almost jumping to walk, he was completely submerged in the sea of people, excited and extremely uncomfortable. In order to show his face, the old man spared no effort, like a bamboo pole that was constantly pressed down, ups and downs.
"Who said that concentrated is the essence! I’d rather be a bad slag! " Heart sad thinking, Ou Yezi kept jumping, falling, jumping again.
Dragon, Tang Qing took Shuang’er’s hand, and looked at Tianzhu Peak, which was shrouded in white clouds, with a fine mans eyes.
He knew that someone there was watching himself, watching how the drama would come to an end, and it would not be long before everything that happened here would be truthfully or exaggeratedly sent back to Kyoto for the reference of the great people who were above the clouds overlooking the world.
"The big picture? Ha ha, no matter how beautiful the palace is, there are corners blinded by dust. Who said that? "
Frown pondered over, no clue, Tang Qing tossed and threw it to the outside of the cloud nine.
"Tang Ye doesn’t care so much, just make yourself fresh."
Turning around, Tang Qing looked at the gradually quiet crowd, smiled and said, "Today is a good day for Xiaoshuai, but this boy is afraid of the package now, and the bridal chamber is definitely not going to work. Let’s have a good time later. What do you say?"
After a startled silence, there seemed to be a sudden explosion of fireworks, and there was a roar and screams like a brotherhood of the Wolf. Countless contemptuous and mocking eyes turned to the unstable disabled person and laughed loudly at his incompetence.
"Shit, who said I couldn’t get married?"
Shuairen spent all his training and tried to prove himself as a man, but he was submerged in the sea like a wave, and even a Shui Piao could not be started.
"Brother, I sympathize with you."
Mohiko wanted to comfort him, but she felt powerless. She shook her head and sighed, "I can’t help it. The boss says you can’t do it. You just can’t do it. You can’t do it!"
Frolic quickly in the past, and after a while, they looked back at the high platform and looked at the man who made them straighten their backs, and their expression gradually condensed.
"As you can see, this officer is back."
Eagle-like eyes swept the audience, and Tang Qing smiled and began to make a serious speech. On the way, Su Yi specially reminded him that it is the time when people are available, and the high-altitude flag will be erected, which will not only inspire morale, but also create momentum, which is very good for the end.
Worthy of being a court official, Su Lao has a very accurate grasp of the psychology of someone who outranks him. According to word of mouth, I’m afraid it’s not much slower than passing notes. In this situation, we must use all the power we can to make the empire think about it.
Tang Qing understands what Su Yi is worried about. He doesn’t know what chips Tang Qing has in his hand. It’s normal to have concerns. However, Tang Qing agrees with Su Lao’s point of view. The publicity is to worship the hero at high altitude. What’s more, this hero is still himself. For someone who is modest on the surface and hypocritical on the inside, it is a good job to be disrespectful.
As the saying goes, clothes make the horse depend on the saddle. Don’t look at Tang Ye’s usual bandits. After grooming, Tang’s adult is dressed in the orthodox official uniform of Sesame Officer, with a face like a crown jade and a heroic temperament that can’t be concealed. It is really the hero image that most conforms to human aesthetics.
"Now that the officer is back, the dragon will still be a dragon, not a dragon plate, not a wilder."
The square of ten thousand people was quiet, only that passionate voice echoed, and everyone pricked up their ears for fear of missing a word.
"I remember a year ago, when I first arrived here, I once said here that you are not worthy to be human beings, to be called imperial people, and to be called the masters of this land."
Cold eyes scanning the audience, Tang Qing as if waving a sword medical officer, constantly dig out carrion rotten bones, revealing bright red and painful fresh muscles.
"At that time, you were a group of bleeding dead people, a group of walking dead, and a pile of rotten sores that only flies and smelly maggots were willing to parasitize."
A heavy breathing, a pile of bloodshot eyes, in exchange for Tang’s adult nodded slightly.