International meter 4-4-2: Cesar/Mai Kong, Chivu, Samuel, Maxwell/Zaneti, Vieira. Cambiaso, Montari/Ibrahimovic. Little mancini.

Today, the lineups of both sides have changed unexpectedly. Rhea gave up his most commonly used 3-4-1-2 at home. Coach Rhea may think that the three defenders are a little risky in front of the powerful Inter Milan, because the 3-4-1-2 he used to use is more like a variant of 5-3-2. When playing strong teams, they mainly play defensive counterattacks, but today they obviously can’t play again. Another change in Napoli’s lineup is that young goalkeeper Biagio replaced the main goalkeeper Lezzo. According to the official news of Napoli Club, Lezzo’s injury has not recovered yet, so in this game, Rhea had to replace the more stable Lezzo with young goalkeeper Biagio, hoping that Biagio could withstand the pressure in this crucial game. I think this is also an important reason for Rhea to choose four defenders. After all, Biagio is still too young to make mistakes in the game, so it is necessary for the defenders to protect him more at this time. And Mourinho’s formation is obviously taking into account Naples’s powerful attack at home. The 4-4-2 formation will be more secure than 4- 0 in defense. Ok, the game has already started. The above is just my personal guess. We need to know the specific situation through the game. "
I have to say that as a CCTV commentator with more than ten years’ commentary experience, Wang Xuan does have a good vision and insight. In fact, the idea of changing the formation of Rhea and Mourinho does have such a meaning. In the pre-match deployment, Rhea asked several Napoli midfielders, Qinan, Hamsik, gargano and Marjo, to focus more on the game.
Attack, in this way, the defense of the three defenders will certainly not be able to stop the international attack. So Rhea moved out of the defensive formation of four defenders in this game, and playing four defenders is no stranger to them, and the defenders will not have any problems in cooperation. Naples needs to attack, but Rhea, who started from defense, will never leave the defense behind.
Mourinho’s wishful thinking in this key game is to wait for an opportunity to fight back on the premise of a solid defense. After all, they can win the championship with a draw.
Therefore, in this game, he excluded Vieira and Zaneti’s double-waist combination to keep an eye on Napoli’s Domenica, and with both offensive and defensive Cambiaso and Montari, Inter Milan can take care of both midfield control and defence. The formation is dead, but people are alive. Mourinho believes that his players have the ability to cope with any unexpected situation on the field. After all, the players in any position of Inter Milan are all superstars with rich competition experience, and there is no reason to lose to Napoli, a group of teenagers. Of course, Mourinho also admitted that there are two superstar players in Naples, that is, Cannavaro on the defensive line and Domenica on the offensive line, but in his view, the ability of two people can’t change the overall situation after all. However, the "madman" obviously forgot that these players in Naples are actually not much worse than the so-called superstars in his eyes. In terms of cost performance, players in Naples, such as Hamsik Lavezzi Dennis, have far surpassed the "superstars" in Inter Milan who hold the highest salary in the world! ! !
When the commentators on the top floor of Sao Paulo Stadium are making the most detailed explanations for their respective audiences, the game on the field has been going on for several minutes.
In the face of such an important game, the players on both sides can’t help being cautious, so in the first few minutes of the game, most of the attacks on both sides are based on temptation.
In the first minute, Qinan took the ball in the frontcourt and missed a long shot, which opened the offensive curtain of the game.
The second minute, Cambiaso steals the ball in the frontcourt, and Ibrahimovic retaliates with a long-range shot after getting the ball. His shot allowed Biagio to make the first save of the game. Similarly, his shot did not break the goal of Naples.
The third minute, the fifth minute, …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
As the game continues, the players of both sides who have almost started their physical activities have started a real knife and gun confrontation, and the game has become more and more beautiful! ! !
In the ninth minute, gargano took the ball in the middle, and Zaneti, the main midfielder of Inter Milan, kept a close eye on him and prevented him from passing and shooting comfortably.
In desperation, gargano had to pass the ball back to Hamsik.
Hamsik took the ball and looked up for someone. Inter Milan was worried about his long pass, and the defense immediately pressed forward slightly, ready to make offside.
But Hamsik just passed the ball to the right avant-garde Marjorie, who had just received the ball, and when he was forty meters away from the goal, he suddenly made a long oblique pass and sent the ball to Inter Milan’s restricted area!
At the moment of Marjorie’s cross, Inter Milan’s defense line pressed forward as a whole, and center Dennis was immediately offside. At the same time, Chivu immediately raised his hand to signal Dennis offside to the referee.
But at this time, Lavezzi suddenly fought his way out of the crowd and rushed to the front of the goal, and the alert back row plugged in! ! ! ! ! He accelerated in the running and jumped high. At this time, the football from Marjorie flew just right, and Lavezzi headed the top with a header that he was not very good at!
A rebound ball, the football hit the ground and bounced off to the goal!
Cesar was already in the air at the moment when Lavezzi headed the ball. He thought about the general direction of Lavezzi’s header, but he didn’t expect Lavezzi to head a rebound ball that hit the ground, which caught him off guard.
The cheers of Sao Paulo have already rung ahead of time.
However, the ball was a little positive. After Cesar jumped in place, it was almost instinctive. He held out his left hand and flicked his fingertips to dial the ball out of the beam!
The ball didn’t score! It was just a corner kick! ! ! ! !
Watching the football pass the crossbar, Lavezzi waved his hand in annoyance. He bounced the ball just to catch Cesar off guard. I didn’t expect the Argentine’s sworn enemy, Brazilian goalkeeper Cesar, to be so flexible that he blocked his close attack with his fingertips. The spear of Argentina and the shield of Brazil had a real confrontation at this time.
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven
By the time Ravizi inserted the header in the back row, Nabler at Sao Paulo Stadium was already cheering to celebrate the goal, but now his goal was miraculously resolved by Inter Milan goalkeeper. At this time, the cheers in Sao Paulo Stadium also turned into sighs in an instant. About 10,000 Inter Milan fans in the stadium shouted Cesar’s name excitedly.
However, the danger of Inter Milan has not been lifted. Ravizi’s header brought Naples a corner kick on the right side of the goal, and Qinan Station was ready to take the penalty in the corner flag area! ! !
In the face of Qinan, a "Martian" who once directly broke Buffon’s gate with a corner kick, no one among Inter Milan players dared to underestimate this corner kick, and almost all Inter Milan players returned to their own restricted area to defend this corner kick from outside.
After a whistle, under the gaze of countless eyes, Qi Nan swung his right leg, which could make a fatal arc. Suddenly, the "click" sound of countless flashlights sounded, and countless reporters and fans photographed Qi Nan’s elegant figure when he took the corner kick with their cameras! ! ! !
While other fans who concentrate on watching the ball watch the dazzling arc around the restricted area of Inter Milan with affectionate eyes like lovers! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"Domenica corner kick, Dennis! ! ! Dennis jumped high in the middle! ! ! Head. . . +:Before the ball, two Argentines confronted each other, but obviously the Argentine of Inter Milan is better this time. " Moro looked at Dennis and Samuel, who were roommates, and sighed. If he knew the Seven Steps Poem written by Cao Zhi of Three Kingdoms, he would definitely sing it to Samuel on behalf of Dennis: "This is the same root. What’s the hurry?
However, although Napoli didn’t score a goal in this attack, Napoli’s attack idea has been played out. Just like Rhea’s deployment before the game, Dennis relied on a strong impact to make a sudden advance and attract the attention of the defense. The two wingers made more crosses. With Qinan’s coordination and set-piece tactics in the middle, we strive to score goals in the first half so as to master the initiative of the game.
Judging from the minutes before the match, the Napoli team also implemented the strategic thinking of Rhea’s pre-match deployment.
However, as the competition continued, the disadvantage of Naples in overall strength was gradually exposed. Although Naples has the advantage of home court, the players of Inter Milan are very good in mind, and they are not influenced by Naples fans at all. Although Naples players are excited by the atmosphere, it is precisely this excitement that makes them lose their usual calm mentality, because players are easily too excited and lead to inattention. Then ignore many important things, such as not noticing that your teammates are in a better position. Or lose their position on the field. Their eyes only have victory at this time, and they only want to score goals for Naples. Among these people, Dennis and Hamsik are the most obvious.
Although their running is more active than before, their active mistakes are obviously more.
In the 15th minute, Hamsik caught the ball in the midfield, and this time he still chose to break through. In the past few minutes. He has successfully broken through Montari and Vieira several times in a row, which has made him confident, and his confidence has gradually exploded, so this time he intends to force Vieira who has been posted again.
Hamsik sank his shoulders. He made a feint to break through to the right. In fact, his intention was to induce Vieira to shift his center of gravity and then knock the ball back. But this time Vieira was obviously not deceived. The Frenchman stretched out his long legs and stabbed the ball at Hamsik’s foot. And Hamsik has made a move, and can only watch Vieira cross his own break to the ball he poked.
Vieira, who broke the ball, didn’t continue to take the ball. He quickly distributed the ball to Cambiaso, who was plugged in. Although Cambiaso, who has a Mediterranean hairstyle and comes from Argentina, has almost lost his hair, his wisdom on the court has not diminished at all. Just as he once teased himself in an interview: Every time I lose a hair on the court, I accumulate a little more experience. When my hair falls out, I think I will become a "bald version" of Diego Maradona (Cambiaso’s idol is Diego Maradona).
After Cambiaso dodged Marjorie’s tackle with a light pull, he made a just-right straight plug through Napoli’s entire defense line, and Ibrahimovic, who had been working with Cambiaso for several seasons, understood it, and then dropped the straight plug from Cambiaso with a diagonal line.
Single-handed! ! ! ! !
Oh, not completely single-handedly, the big Cannavaro blocked Ibrahimovic’s side at the last minute at a speed beyond his age. But now Ibrahimovic obviously won’t be afraid of the iron guard who once made a great impact in Serie A. He used his tall body to protect the ball under his feet and suddenly threw off Cannavaro, but the one-on-one cannavaro couldn’t get rid of the big Cannavaro! ! !
But this time, Ibrahimovic
I found a blue-black figure being inserted from the back row at high speed. He didn’t have one, and suddenly he turned his back to the big Cannavaro and lightly knocked with his heel.
The blue-black figure pushed the ball directly before it stopped, and the ball flew to the gate guarded by Biagio on the turf! ! ! !
A second later, cheers came from the stands of Inter fans, and the goal was scored! ! !
When Mancini, Jr., received Ibrahimovic’s wonderful pass and easily broke Biagio’s ten-finger pass, Inter coach Mourinho jumped high from the coach’s bench excitedly, celebrating as exaggerated as ever, and his expression on his face was as unruly as usual.
And Napoli coach Rhea looked calmly at Mourinho, who was celebrating crazily not far in front of him, although the Portuguese’s move was undoubtedly a criticism of him in the eyes of many people. Like the old coaches in Serie A, Rhea also disdains to deal with Mourinho, because Mourinho, who has the nickname of "madman", really makes it impossible for people to live in peace with him. But in his heart, Rhea still appreciates Mourinho’s coaching ability. After all, in such a superstar-gathering team, you can still establish your supreme authority, which requires great ability and personal charm. No one doubts that the current Inter Milan team has been deeply branded as a "madman". Arrogant, domineering, and with a hint of rationality and enthusiasm, this is the first impression that this Inter Milan gives people now. Rhea also has to admit that there is still a big gap between his team and the current Inter Milan team. If there is not a Domonica with super personal ability, it can be said that Rhea has no confidence in winning this game.
After Napoli conceded the goal, some young players were obviously a little nervous and anxious, although Rhea pointed his finger at his head on the sidelines and shouted in this way to signal the players to keep calm. But it has little effect on those players who are too involved in the game.
In the 20 th minute, Dennis was intercepted by Chievo in the narrow restricted area, and Chievo was given a yellow card warning when the Argentine tripped in anger during the counter-grab.
In the 21st minute, Inter Milan counterattacked. Montari’s midfielder slipped past gargano and was pulled down by Marjorie, the referee fined Marjorie for malicious foul, which was another yellow card.
In the 25th minute, Lavezzi broke through on the left and was intercepted by Mai Kong. The Brazilian in Serie A, who is famous for his strong assists, decisively took the ball forward and drove straight ahead, until he reached the right side of the restricted area in Naples and easily shook the impatient San Crauser. Ibrahimovic resisted Rinaudo in the restricted area and headed for a ferry. Cambiaso’s powerful long-range shot from the middle of the road almost penetrated the gate guarded by Biagio again. Although the ball missed the door, it also gave Naples’s defense system. Because before Cambiaso shot, Napoli’s midfield defense didn’t play a protective role.
In the battle for the midfield, Naples was completely at a disadvantage. Although the fans at the scene kept singing the songs of Naples team to cheer for the players, Naples team gradually lost control of the midfield in a passive way. In front of the experienced and tough Vieira, Cambiaso and Zaneti, the young Hamsik gargano are obviously a little immature.
Although their ability is not much worse than these Serie A veterans, their unbalanced mentality hinders their play.
On the defensive line, San Crauser, who was a little nervous in this game, became the breakthrough point of Inter Milan. Mancini consciously pulled Bian Zhuan to find him a breakthrough in this direction, and Mai Kong also assisted from time to time to send a high-quality cross for Ibrahimovic.
Qinan, who lacked the help of teammates in the frontcourt, was also defended by Vieira and Zaneti. Every time he took the ball, he didn’t get the ball intercepted by Vieira and Zaneti, but he also lost the space and position for shooting. Also became an angel with broken wings. Without the support of the "wings" of teammates, "angels" will also fall to the ground.
Everyone knows that Naples needs someone to stand up at this moment, otherwise they will drift away from the champion. Only at this time, who will stand up and save Naples? ? ?
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and twenty-eight
The match lasted for more than 20 minutes. As the game went on, Naples became more passive. While Inter Milan gained the advantage on the field, it gradually turned it into a victory. However, the morale of the Naples team went from bad to worse, and the attack of Inter Milan became sharper and sharper. Zuilu academy
In the 30th minute, the Inter left-back Maxwell, who came up with the assist, made a beautiful "pedaling bicycle" and passed the ball past Cannavaro. Napoli central defender Rinaudo was blocked by Ibrahimovic, who was the same height as him, and it was seen that the Swede would easily unload the ball in the penalty area again and then give Naples a fatal blow. When Rinaudo himself began to despair, a sky-blue figure jumped high from the back at the right time and pushed the ball out of the bottom line before Ibrahimovic.
It’s captain cannavaro! ! ! ! ! This time, it is just the right rescue for the big Cannavaro! ! ! !
In the past ten minutes, the captain of Naples has become the busiest person in the defense line. He will not only make up for San Crauser, who has made several mistakes, but also try his best to defend the space in the middle with Rinaudo. It is simply a standard "firefighting" player. The fire department minister of Naples, who is watching the ball on the spot, sighed in his heart: What a high-level firefighter! ! Put it in our fire department, it must be the top ten firefighters in the city! ! !
"Focus, everyone spirit, Paul, on the post, Antonio (San Crauser), you guard the front point. Marek, Christian, you keep an eye on the peripheral Inter players, Deni, you should pay attention to observing the coming ball to seal their shooting angle. If you want to attack and get the ball, please remind us and we will help you get stuck. " Before the corner kick of Inter Milan, the big Cannavaro clapped his hands and loudly arranged his teammates’ defensive positions.
In Napoli, no one doubts the authority of his captain. Everyone respects the captain of the Italian national team, and the big Cannavaro does have the strength to lead the team’s defense line. Generally, the players will do everything he says.
The team is in a passive position. As a defense leader, Cannavaro is actually under the greatest pressure, but he is as calm and calm as ever during this time. Drunk dew academy big cannavaro knows that if even he is out of shape at this time, then Naples is really not far from losing. Although cannavaro’s jumping ability and speed are not as good as before because of his age, he still tried his best to do every defense well. Perhaps no one can really understand the feelings of big Cannavaro for Napoli. As a native of Naples, big Cannavaro dreamed of personally bringing a championship trophy to his favorite Naples team. Now he is only one step away from his dream, and he will not hesitate to do it even at the cost of his life. If Inter Milan want to beat Napoli to the top of Serie A, they need to step on his body to get there! ! ! This is the big cannavaro inner thoughts at this time.
After the big Cannavaro commanded his teammates to set up their defensive positions. Inter Milan took the corner kick from Cambiaso. The Argentine’s corner kick is a bit slow and the arc is a bit high. So Napoli goalkeeper Biagio decisively chose to attack. However, Inter striker Ibrahimovic just got stuck in front of the ball. Biagio had to hit the ball with both fists. But the ball he hit just hit Zaneti’s shoulder not far ahead and bounced high again.
The restricted area in Naples is in chaos! ! !