Hu Huan immediately stood up, in the sight of this young man, he really really felt the pressure.

Hu Huan nodded without hesitation, for which he knew that he could not cheat at this time, otherwise he would find himself dead.
The scribe shook his head and said, "Sir, why did Jingzhou Cai Tianhua send 40 thousand troops?" In fact, 20 thousand plus the power of guarding the city can completely help the general defeat the enemy. "
Hu Huan was surprised and asked, "Does that Cai Tianhua want to take this opportunity to take Wancheng into his own pocket?"
The teachers of the law nodded, stopped talking, and let Hu Huan think for himself, knowing the difficulty, and then he gave a hint aloud, which further set off his superior ingenuity.
Hu Huan was puzzled, and then he breathed out a sigh of relief. Only then did he see that the scribe was around, and secretly scolded himself for his stupid head. "Novel Network": "Sir, please advise me."
A faint smile appeared on the face of the scholar Junxiu, saying, "In fact, it is not difficult to solve this crisis."
Hu Huan quickly said more respectfully: "Please teach me."
The teachers of the law smiled and swept away the nonexistent dust in their hands.
Looking at Hu Huan, he said, "Do you know this sentence?"
Hu Huan honestly shook his head and said, "I don’t know, please teach me."
The scribes fanned the feather fan, smiled elegantly, and said, "Let the battlefield be triggered outside the portal, so as not to affect your own territory. If the battlefield occurs in your own territory, the people who are killed or injured are in your own territory, and the things in your own territory are damaged."
"The money and people’s hearts that need to be consumed and lost are still huge for today’s Wancheng."
"So, the battlefield in the territory of Yuzhou. In this way, even if Yuzhou wins, his loss will be great. "
"And even if we win, we can also carry out a series of military actions to weaken the other side’s military strength along the road behind us."
"In this way, the biggest loss will always be Yuzhou."
"Doing so is killing two birds with one stone, which can prevent Cai Tianhua from entering Wancheng under the pretext of defending Wancheng. As long as the other party enters Wancheng, it is impossible to prevent it."
"Secondly, it can also make the troops of Yuzhou and Yanzhou die before entering Wancheng, greatly weakening the strength of Yanzhou, Yuzhou and Jingzhou, thus gaining a valuable development period."
"I wonder if the general is satisfied with my words."
The scribes airily asked after finish.
Hu Huan swallow a mouthful of saliva, look at the eyes of the teachers of the law is shining. . .
Such a great talent! ! ! !
Hu Huan nodded after hearing the inquiry of the scribes, and his attitude towards the scribes was much more eager. He said, "Thank you, Sir, for your clever plan. If I succeed in this crisis, I will definitely reward you."
The scribes shook the feather fan and said, "Don’t do that. It’s not the right time to go out of the mountain. If it hadn’t endangered my place this time, I wouldn’t have spoken to remind you. I’ll leave you now. I hope that two years later, when I join the WTO, you are not extinct. "
Hu Huan looked at the teachers of the law and walked out of the door. Under the sunshine, he suddenly felt a sense of affirmation from a top counselor.
Hu Huan is extremely excited, the rate of twenty thousand, leaving ten thousand guarding city, followed by at the gate to meet the foot soldiers of Jingzhou.
That night, Taurus entered the territory of Wancheng with a smile, only to see that Hu Huan also brought twenty thousand foot soldiers with a smile and stood on the road waiting for them.
When Hu Huan saw the Taurus, he rode forward and said to Hu Huan with his fists in his hands, "Thank you, Cai Jingzhou. General Dosekin came to support you. Hu is grateful and disrespectful. Come on, please come into the city first. Then we will discuss the defense of the enemy. "
When Taurus heard the word "into the city", his eyes lit up and he said, "That’s good, that’s good. Advanced city. "
As soon as Hu Huan saw it in his eyes, he secretly called out, "Sure enough."
Hu Huan "exposed" his body and pointed to a medium-sized town in the distance. He said, "It’s no longer appropriate to travel tonight. Please ask the general to stay here for one night and talk about defending the enemy."
Taurus was dumbfounded at first sight. It turned out that it was not Wancheng, but a medium-sized town. Now it is tangled: "What should I do with what my master asked me to do? It is obvious that he doesn’t want me to enter Wancheng. Do you know our plan? Do you want to withdraw directly? "
Taurus thinks, "Forget it, send the situation back to Jingzhou first, and let Mr. Xun find a way."
Taurus smiled at Hu Huan and said, "Good! Please ask Hu Taishou to lead the way. "
Hu Huan is also a false smile.
After galloping back to Jingzhou, Cai Tianhua took over the information strangely.
Cai Tianhua has some bad feelings. He just left yesterday, and he will return quickly today. Obviously, he has encountered something unpredictable.