"ah! Fat boy! Aren’t you afraid she won’t give you fish to eat in the future? " After hearing the words of Fat Boy’s ambition, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help asking in surprise.

"Ha ha! She won’t give my fish food! I do not play with her. No one will play with her! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian inquiries, fat upturned face, a face of satisfiedly say.
Fat boy this answer, let Zhang Xiaotian is not a funny! It turns out that fat boy can also judge the situation! However, Zhang Xiaotian looked back at the little sunny girl. I think she is also quite pitiful! In this compound, she was the only girl, Ling Tian often didn’t come here before, but later because of the Chen brothers. Three talents have lived here for a long time, but they often practice martial arts! No one communicates with her at ordinary times! Zhang Xiaotian, after they came. Also is each have each thing, Zhang Dianfei wholeheartedly on Lin Er, Lin Er didn’t wake up and didn’t communicate with people flying habit! Yang Xiao devoted himself to his two wives. Gong Sunziyin and Li Yaner were afraid of Yang Xiao’s philandering. Before, they were born in a hierarchical family, so naturally they would not take the initiative to provoke a small sunny girl! Only Zhang Yande and Zhang Dahai and his wife noticed this little girl who was ignored! They are born in a new society, and everyone is equal! Yes, this little girl. Naturally, there will be no contempt. However, Zhang Yande is busy playing chess and practicing! It didn’t take long for Zhang Dahai and his wife to achieve the second-order cultivation before they came out of the ring space! Although I didn’t look down on Xiao Qing, I didn’t say much. So … This little sunny girl has always been lonely.
Looking at the small sunny girl carrying a pot of Styx carp, bitter a Zhang Xiuqing little face kept knocking! Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, could not help but give birth to a little pity!
"Eldest brother! There is one thing I forgot to tell you! " Suddenly, the fat boy who was counting the soul stones with his head down looked up and said. A look of timidity.
"hmm? What is it? " Zhang Xiaotian zheng, some doubts asked. In the heart is some vigilance! As soon as Fat Boy showed this expression, he knew it was definitely not a good thing!
"I taught Xiaoqing the seven-star wandering step!" Fat boy said with a face of embarrassment.
"What?" Although some psychological preparation, but hear fat say this, Zhang Xiaotian still can’t help but surprised shouted.
"When did you teach her the seven-star wandering step?" With a frown, Zhang Xiaotian sink a voice asked. With a wave of his hand, a layer of soul force cover was released between two people! Just a little pity for Xiao Qing girl. All of a sudden to throw without a trace.
The seven-star trek is a big deal. But the fat boy passed it on to others casually.
Seven stars wander, and the mind is refined by the body. Fat people can’t make it out! And little sunny girl. It’s a ghost repair with blue qualification! Zhang Xiaotian is sure that the ghost repair with general blue qualification can’t be practiced! But he can’t guarantee that little sunny girl won’t tell anyone about it.
"Just a few days ago!" Seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s expression, Fat Boy’s wronged little face was about to cry.
"Why didn’t you tell me when you taught her the seven-star maze step!" See the expression on fat boy’s face, Zhang Xiaotian sighed and said in a slow tone.
"Don’t bully Fat Boy, I asked him to teach me the seven-star maze!" Suddenly, a beautiful girl’s voice came! Then, a figure flapping in the Zhang Xiaotian cloth on the soul force cover.
"poof!" The figure threw itself on the cover of the soul force, bounced out again, and fell not far away! A basin in your hand scatters a lot of taupe fish!
That figure, it is little sunny girl.
Seeing the little sunny girl lying on the ground, the fat boy took two steps at his feet, but he didn’t come forward.
Slightly frowned, Zhang Xiaotian removed the soul force cover!
"Did you pass on the seven-star maze step to others?" After a while, Zhang Xiaotian export sink a voice asked.
"no! I didn’t tell anyone! " At this point, the little sunny girl has got up from the ground, upturned face, said stubbornly. In the eyes, tears are already in my eyes! A look of special grievance.
After hearing Xiao Qing’s answer, Zhang Xiaotian put down the heart slightly, and when she saw her expression again, she couldn’t help but frown! What he fears most is that the girl is crying.
"You don’t cry! I didn’t care about you! " Zhang Xiaotian said with a long face.
"Who is crying?" After hearing what Zhang Xiaotian said, Xiao Qing girl smiled through tears, and tears in her eyes finally flowed out. Zhang Xiaotian shook his head slightly and asked slowly, "Why did you let Fat Boy teach you the seven-star lost step?"
"They can all learn, why can’t I?" Small fine wiped the tears on her face, upturned face asked.
Hear Xiao Qing’s answer. Zhang Xiaotian is not dumb!
"Then why don’t you let Ling Tian and them teach you, and let Fat Boy teach you?" Silent for a while, Zhang Xiaotian sink a voice asked. That’s the problem. In his mind, Fat Boy is still young. Not sensible. Xiao Qing asked Fat Boy to teach her the seven-star wandering step. He was afraid that Xiao Qing took advantage of this, but not useful.
"I used to let master taught me wushu, but master never taught me! Fat boy and I have the best relationship. He knows, too. I won’t let him teach. Why let others teach? " Small fine first a face of dim, followed by a strange asks.
Hearing Xiao Qing’s answer and rhetorical question, Zhang Xiaotian remained again!
"Eldest brother! I want to teach her! " At this time, one side to fat is open.
Zhang Xiaotian looked back at the fat boy, with some doubts on his face.
"Small fine is not a bad person! She’s a great couple! She didn’t ask me to teach her. I just taught her because she wanted to learn! " Fat boy lifted up his face and added.
When you hear this, fat boy. Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help laughing! Good guys and bad guys? He knows that in the fat boy’s heart, all those who are good to him are good people, and those who are bad to him are bad people.
"I didn’t know you would. If I had known, I would have let you teach! " After hearing the fat boy, Xiao Qing said with a reddish face.
"What did you learn that footwork for?" Zhang Xiaotian asked.
"Fun! Make seven figures at a time, and the fat boy will not catch me next time! " Small fine some curious asked. It seems that I feel very strange about Zhang Xiao’s problem of heaven and earth.
"That posture can’t be taught to others casually, and most people can’t learn it!" Wanted to think, Zhang Xiaotian said some depressed. I don’t know if this little sunny girl is intentional or just like this.
"Fat can be stupid! So simple, how can you not learn? " Xiao Qing nodded in agreement and said.
After hearing Xiao Qing’s words, Fat Boy bowed his head in shame.
"Simple?" For small fine words. Zhang Xiaotian was greatly surprised.
"Yes! It’s simple. I will learn it as soon as I learn it! " Xiao Qing nodded and said. Say that finish, the figure flashed. Seven figures came out.
"This ….." Zhang Xiaotian shocked, a blue qualification ghost repair could use seven stars lost step.
"Who the hell are you?" Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian looked at the little sunny girl and asked sharply.
If you can make a seven-star maze, then your qualification will not be weak! The lowest is higher than the purple ghost repair! If Xiaoqing is really a natural blue ghost, then it is necessary to refine many natural materials and treasures to increase the mind, in order to achieve higher qualifications than Purple Ghost. However, in hell, there are so many talented people who can make a blue ghost repair and refine, and there can be no others except Xiao Ran! So, Xiao Qing girl can’t be born a blue ghost! But Xiaoqing is blue now, so there is only one explanation. She has a magic weapon to change the color of her head.
A ghost with a purple mind is a little girl here in Lingtian! There must be some conspiracy! Zhang Xiaotian instantly come to the conclusion.
"I … I’m Xiao … Xiao Qing!" Seems to be frightened by the expression of Zhang Xiaotian, said Xiao Qing with trepidation.
Look at Xiao Qing’s appearance and don’t want to pretend. Zhang Xiaotian frowned. He really can’t think of anything. Ling Tianyou can make Xiao Qing’s ghost repair lurking beside him as a girl. This footwork is really rare, and it is worth doing. But before Ling Tian didn’t learn from Zhang Xiaotian, Xiao Qing worked here as a girl for a long time.
"Are you a born blue ghost?" Zhang Xiaotian sink a voice asked.
"Yes! What’s wrong? " Small sunny zheng, just asked.
Hearing Xiao Qing’s rhetorical question, Zhang Xiaotian frowned more tightly, but decided to give Xiao Qing another chance: "How high is your qualification? How many waves can the mental attack wave reach? "