Lager nodded his head and asked about Karin.

Alex simply said what happened to himself and Robert Karin, and then said, "Robert is afraid that Karin will be in danger at this time, so he will leave new york temporarily and let me come to you."
Lager nodded his head, but he didn’t hate the original body as much as the former Karin did. He made a clear distinction between good and evil and immediately said, "The luggage has been packed, so let’s start quickly."
Then they left St. Paul’s hospital.
And this time in a y and n sen alley, the petite brown-haired beauty leaned out to look at a Hummer and went to the shadow. She also followed by conjuring up a motorcycle.
Chapter 69 Collusion
It’s night in one place, black se watch base.
Robert sat in his office and scanned the documents in front of him. The whites of his eyes were clean and his anger gradually spread.
"Is it really him!"
The words sound just fell and a clap on the table.
The metal desk was cracked by his hand and turned into a pile of scrap iron all over the desk.
"Demoted lieutenant colonel suspended investigation … really him!"
This time is to knock at the door.
He took a deep breath and his ferocious expression became calm. Although his heart was still dormant with a mass of anger, he would still suppress it as usual.
"Come in," he said quietly.
A man with flowing long hair came over. He came to Robert and extended his hand to him in a friendly way. "Hello, Mr. Robert, meet you again."
Robert thought for a moment and then recalled this guy. He just joined Black Se Watch recently and is still an ordinary soldier.
So he shook hands with him
However, he doesn’t believe in this kind of black Se watchman who just joined recently, and he thinks this guy is so mysterious that he feels uneasy. Even though he asked to participate in the arrest of Alex in the last two operations, Robert didn’t agree to his request.
But he didn’t know what the purpose was this time.
I remember you, but I’m sorry I forgot your name.
Long-haired man coughed just before he replied, "My name is … Moonlit Maple."
Moonlit maple is a beautiful name.
"Moonlit Maple …" Robert repeated silently and asked, "What do you want me to do?"
"I already know about you, Mr. Robert. I’m here to help you," replied Moonlit Maple.
"Help me? How to help me? "
"This is about to start from the beginning … Mr. Robert, you may also find that the average person is different from us. We are mercenaries from far away and we are here to find a good boss."
Robert soon heard what he meant. "Do you want me to hire you?"
Moonlit maple replied, "Yes, we can help you."
Robert sneer at a "help me? How can you help me? Are you stronger than the black se watch? "
Looking at Robert’s contemptuous expression, Maple didn’t get angry, but laughed. "Sir, your last two activities to arrest the original body have failed."
Robert’s face flashed a trace of Se, but he didn’t refute it.
"In fact, your arrest plan has been limited to a perfect seam, but it still failed because a third party intervened."
Robert wondered, "A third party?"
"They are people like us, a group of mercenaries from distant places. They are different from the evolutionists. Although they are not, they are just as powerful, witty and cunning. What is even more frightening is that they hold history."
Robert opened his eyes wide and asked in surprise, "Master history?"
Moonlit maple nodded. "It may sound ridiculous, but the most terrible thing about them is to master history. He has all the characteristics of strong identity, strength and strength here. They know exactly what will happen in the future. They can make a layout for Xing according to this information … so you can never defeat the original body without the help of such people."
"And because the man calculated that you have mobilized the black Se watch troops to help you … but we can help you."
"Now that we have joined the Black Se Watch, it means that we can help you."
"I need you to hire me and you can mobilize us … let’s not choose."
Robert looked at this guy’s eyes carefully to catch something in his eyes.
But he can’t catch anything. What he sees is calm.
He asked, "Do you have something to hide?"
Moonlit maple one leng did not answer.
"Where are you from? What will help me? Why do you have to deal with Alex when you join Black Se Watch? There are so many doubts like this … You must have a lot to hide. "
Moonlit Maple replied, "As you said, our true identity really can’t tell you, and I can’t tell you my motivation … but please believe me, I will do my best to help you because we all … don’t choose."
"Well," Robert went on to ask, "What reward do you need for helping me?"
Moonlit Maple replied, "We need … strength!"
On the other hand, here in Su Hao, it was already late at night when everyone arrived at the target location.
"Big Apple Hospital? I this name really happy feeling "staring at the front of the hospital a string of letters Su Hao could not help but vomit a way.
"Ha … I was invited by the director of this hospital to be a guest here. The environment and conditions are still very good. It’s remote and difficult to find, and now it’s urgent, so don’t care about these urgent details." Lager said while moving luggage.
Alex put his hand into the keyhole of the hospital gate and counted the tendrils. When the penetration force was twisted, he hit the hospital gate.
The Big Apple Hospital is located at the junction of Queens and Brooklyn. It is a hospital about the same size as St. Paul’s Hospital, but the style is very different from St. Paul’s Hospital. It is a very regular hospital, but it is dark and dusty. No one has cleaned it for a long time. Obviously, it has already gone upstairs.
Laguerre walked around the hospital with a hand barrel and said, "It’s not bad, but there is no bloody smell. It seems that there are no infected monsters in it, and the facilities are all small, such as engine, operating room and brain. The only thing that is unbearable is that the dust is a little bit more. Just clean it up."
Dana volunteered to say, "Leave the cleaning to me."
Su Hao is to start the engine and they came to the dean’s office to roughly clean the house again, which is to insert the source and hit the brain.
Lager’s theory of looking at the screen is that he said, "I didn’t expect Karin’s research results to be so brilliant that it turned out that the evolutionary method of the original form was thoroughly studied … and three viruses, the dominator, Godzilla and the blood phoenix, were needed."
Alex nodded. "I need to upgrade to level 6 as soon as possible. You must help me."
Laguerre replied, "It’s no problem for so many old friends. If you can find the virus sample, I’ll be responsible for preparing the medicine."
Alex nodded. "I’ll look for the master in that fine afternoon."
Chapter seventy Before the storm
It’s another day