To expand the feather forest is to deal with those monsters outside the city. Su Mu looks very upset. He is a feather forest body. I’m afraid many of my brothers will go outside the city to destroy monsters. This death and injury will be quite huge. It will be much better to join the gas refiner in the new army of feather forest.

My father is going to be right about this matter. Today, when I came, I was already refining the gas in Zhen Zhen. Have you ever heard of the red-violet temple? Leitian is still arrogant, so that Zhen Zhen’s gas can’t always get along, but Zhen Zhen, who plays the red-violet temple in vain, can’t […]

Hehe, Lin Dong’s younger brother didn’t come to see his sister for so long, but you forgot others. When he was leafing through some files, Dong Su raised his charming face and smiled at Lin Dong, which was charming.

Lin was a little too much for a quick laugh. The beauty manager, who exudes a mature and elegant charm, teased her. She knew that Dong Su’s age was actually a big deal, but Xia Zhilan could also call her aunt because of her seniority. Come on, what’s the matter with your sister? Dong Su […]

Xiao Yan Lin looked at the tower-like figure, and a bright color appeared in his eyes. Xiao Yan seems to be stronger today than in the past, but his skin seems to be particularly rough and faint with a subtle purple and gold color.

This kind of fluctuation Lin’s eyes flashed, and he noticed a quite familiar wave from his childhood, which was Zufu’s power. It’s the owner of the universe who smiles and looks at a little inflammation and then nods, but he is satisfied with the owner’s choice of a new owner. Xiaoyan also took a smile […]

Shut up, Long Yin, raise my hand and angrily drink the wind. This visit is sincere. General Lin, you are really too radical. Don’t take it amiss when he turns to the wind.

The emperor must never slack off. Carrying a lance into the palace is a dangerous emperor, which is equivalent to rebellion. How can it be a precedent? Anyone who enters Tianlong Gate will be discharged by the guards, but this person still has a lance. It depends on the rules in my palace, but he […]

Hungry eyes can also be heroic?

Endure to laugh wildly impulse, her face twitched and nodded. After a big turn, she went to the small lounge to nurse her baby through the stunt of nursing Kang Jian. Lift up the cotton material and reveal the beautiful shape of the breast. The breast is a little bigger and a little firmer during […]

Jade Qing master one leng, she didn’t expect this person to be so generous, not only to give it, but also to react after five people took the flying sword and said with a smile.

"I didn’t expect you to be so generous, and I’m not sentimental. If you have anything to do after the sword is collected, I will never refuse. I hope we can help each other." Helping each other is her goal. At first, she begged Master Youtan to transfer from western magic to Buddhism in the […]

I don’t know why I have such vitality. Fu Chen was afraid that his father would ask this matter, but he didn’t have the heart to deceive his father to change the subject. Dad, why did you get so badly hurt? Who hurt you?

Fu Junzhan struggled to get up with the help of Gao Fei, and took a deep breath. Three years ago, Zubi was injured by Li Jia and Li Gang, but I didn’t want to disappoint your grandfather. I came to Song Qingdan, a wonderful doctor, to suppress the physical injury and defeat the other three […]