Deep in the pure white clouds
There are also a large number of figures looming, some as huge as mountains and some as small as dust.
"Five Dynasties of Rivers and Mountains"
You can easily see them by raising your head.
At the same time
The influence of each contestant here is gradually declining.
Such as Ortega
What has become more and more direct arrival here.
More is [trapezoidal time layer], that is, each layer with strong endurance moves.
in like manner; in a similar way
Although the situation of the remaining contestants is better than him, it is very limited.
Most of them have been blacklisted.
This means that this place is able to resist all kinds of forces that can destroy itself.
But as we all know, the contestants are all free-wheelers …
How can it be so simple to be rejected?
All kinds of invisible effects are happening simultaneously …
Even if all the contestants are excluded from this place, they can grow rapidly through their dedication.
Something they left here is still tenaciously in effect …
A towering mountain face surround by various giant plants.
It is located in the huge green cocoon on the top of the mountain.
A consciousness is recovering.
Just like those handwriting left by Olga.
This thing was also written by a contestant.
Compared with Olga, it is discriminated against [evil camp]
The other side belongs to the [neutral camp]
In a sense,
The repression that the other party needs to bear will naturally be less accordingly.
Sure …
And talk more.
Bad things and good things seem to have nothing to do with her.
Can be forced to make soy sauce
After a period of development
In a tweet
An elegant figure shine with golden fluorescence slowly walked out of that crack cocoon.
at this moment
This layer [time] suddenly blooms as if the kingdom of heaven had arrived!
Even the dazzling stars overhead
Also this moment has become a little dark!
Exhausting the original creatures, even those who were born with extraordinary power to move mountains and topple the stars, and later generations were regarded as [gods] and worshipped extraordinary beings, and they all knelt down to show their high respect to her at this moment!
That’s a deer.
A golden deer
The height when landing on all fours is about 20 meters.
She is sending out the golden light.
Standing on the top of the mountain
The sun shines
That’s softer than blond hair
Every moment reveals a harsh and extremely sacred!
And that huge antlers, full of all kinds of precious stones, have a very strange sense of beauty and ceremony, as if they were some special objects that can not be ignored.
After appearing
First, she looked around.
Eye contact
Whether it is the top of the ceiling or the deep underground gap, it comes into her eyes as if she is looking at the true god of all things!
Chapter 1639 Their respective means
Probably after inspecting the situation.
The golden stag gently flicked its tail behind it.
Dozens of slender golden hairs floating with bright golden light are slowly falling in the wind with that move.
have a rest
Dozens of cocoons with different colors have rapidly evolved from the top of the mountain.
Inside those cocoons
Each with a deer.
That’s her future.
There are stags with humanoid faces and cream-colored hair, pine blue-green hair and magnificent horns on their heads, which are showing their grandeur.
There are also some with orange-red scales, which look a bit like some kind of unicorn unicorn deer …
Even if it just infiltrated.
Their own strength is not so good for the time being.
But at the moment, the golden stag still created many genera and gave them some special abilities one after another.
"Manipulating microscopic particles", "temperature control", "telepathy", "manufacturing" …
like that
The heart of the golden stag
The biggest idea at the moment is that those creations are nothing.