According to the encyclopedia of the Association of Silk Association, a rank identity order is worth 20 pieces of identity, which makes Xingqi feel numb when he thinks about it. After that, these six-star king masters are rushing to take care of these Junjie.

Xingqilai decided not to give blood to the venerable Yang, and now he knows that this venerable Yang has caused so much trouble, and of course he is more determined to participate in the competition and qualify.
Xingqi also wants to meet the strong people in various places. This competition is also a good opportunity to practice. Through many experts, we can see again how strong the strong people are. We have a preliminary understanding, but Ziyi is a soul beast, and human beings are very different.
"Nie Lao, you said that tonight’s auction won’t be the private auction of these families in this book?" Xingqi has read the encyclopedia of the Association of Silk, and now Nie Laosan asks, "I wonder if there are any requirements for attending the meeting?" This is just a little too much. "
"Hehe, if you don’t want to be rescued, you will be given a corresponding card if you can show the highest price you can. Hehe, this is also because people are afraid that they will not be able to pay the price after they have reported the price for a while." Qian Lao explained carefully
"Ha ha don’t you can rest assured that the auction here is definitely more orthodox than those outside. Hey hey, you know, the people who participated in the auction are all with the same face. After the auction, no one knows who auctioned that.
In this encyclopedia, my three brothers also bought a medium-sized one, and waited for it. "Hua Lao laughed but was a little embarrassed and said," My three brothers chose this medium in order to save money and buy more Dan medicine. "
Actually, it seems that this person is really a big businessman. Xing Qi thought that he could write about whether this person is also sold by intelligence. Xing Qi’s eyes suddenly lit up.
【 Chapter 172 Private Auction 】
* * There are many powerful masters sitting in a huge building in the hills, and all of them are sitting silently waiting for the auction to start with the same mask.
"Ha ha! This is the Yuntian brothers. We will no longer be worthy of the name when we enter the venue. You will call us money, flowers, Nie and three, "Nie said, pointing to the admission gate.
Xingqi came to the * * hills for a long time, and of course noticed that the only huge building in this place had not been seen in and out for more than a month. There was not even a signboard or some abandoned house. I didn’t expect it to be an auction venue.
How many people will be accommodated in such a conference? Xing Qi smashed his tongue and followed Nie People wearing a mask and walked towards the building. Inside the hall was the venue, Xing Qi was happy to treat people, but it stopped because two masters were stopped by the guard in front of him.
"What can’t go in? I’m a six-star king …" A red strong man glared at the young doorman and another gray-shirted old man, who was also very angry but still endured.
A young brother smiled at two angry masters. "I’m really sorry that you really let us admire it with your strength, but this is the auction rule. Because there are limited places here and there are too many masters, you can let the two seniors with purchasing power enter first, then get the license next door and come in."
The young family * * has a kind face and lets it wait aside. All the masters are satisfied and nod. Who is not strong here?
"Hum! Still a six-star king master, who is not here to take some medicine to participate in the Adi Silk Association? " Next to some masters, they disdained to show their cards to the young doormen and walked into the venue.
I want to say that the two people didn’t realize that there were many people in the hills here. That was not a powerful master. Maybe they relied on their six-star master status in front of the outside. Those auctions didn’t invite themselves in. Two people became ashamed because of anger than left quickly.
"Alas, although this venue is so huge, people who don’t have a certain price can’t enter this price. Of course, pointing to money is not strength. I forgot to say that this card not only represents your maximum bid but also the admission certificate." Nie Lao sighed and said to Xingqile San, and led Xingqile San and two people to a door next to it.
Star wonder saw this scene, but it was Zou who followed the people with a frown. Of course, the people also found the look of Star wonder, and the three men looked at each other.
Nie Lao, Qian Lao and Hua Lao all stopped suddenly at the door.
"The cloud brother just now, you also saw it. Hehe, this entry into this auction will cost five million gold coins." Qian Lao couldn’t finish, and all three of them handed a mustard to Xingqi.
"This is a little something from the three of us, hehe." The old flower patted Xingqi’s shoulder and said that Xingqi suddenly realized that he had just been misunderstood by Zou frowning.
Ha ha! Star has revealed a face in distress situation "this ….."
Bang! Just want to speak xingqi was interrupted by le San again "brother! Come on, big masters, it’s hard to feel anything. You gave us a few altars at midnight that day, so we made brothers. I’m usually a clown, but I didn’t see this. Fortunately, when I was old, I found out that I also had two million gold coins. "
Xingqi was deceived by the roar of Le San. Is he really like a poor man? But Xingqi found himself dressed like that just now. Those two people know how to practice penance and don’t smell people’s fireworks. They are very similar. Look at that Le San San Lao tonight, but they are wearing a lot of brocade.
"Ha ha, you may have misunderstood me. Just now, I frowned, but those two bitter monks were sympathetic to us who regarded money as an external thing, but we were slapped in the face by money here. It seems that it is not necessarily a good thing to be too divorced from the customs of the world. Thank you for your kindness. I am still a little hehe about this money!" Xingqi took the lead in stepping into the door when he explained to the people who were happy.
It turns out that the house licensing means giving all your gold coins to an inspector. When you see how much wealth you have, you will be given a piece of it. The house has more than ten houses that are isolated from each other. Xingqi took out a mustard containing 200 million gold coins and got a red card.
As soon as Xingqi came out, he found that everyone was waiting for him, but Le San toyed with a * * card and watched Xingqi come out. Le San quickly put away the cards he was carrying, but looked at Xingqi for questioning.
Xingqi smiled and nodded his head and took out the red card from the sleeve. He also learned to be happy and spread it to several people.
"wow! Red card! "Le San exclaimed when he saw Xingqi take out his card.
There are five kinds of gold, silver, red, * * and white cards in this brand. Only gold, silver and red cards are eligible for bidding, while * * requires tens of millions of gold coins and white also requires five million gold coins. This auction is not only an auction, but also a fair. * *, white cards are all aimed at the fair after the auction.
Le San San San Lao got the card, and just now several people were quite worried about Xing Qi. This penance has no money, and now he even took out a red card that is better than himself. It is no wonder that I can’t help it.
"Ha ha, well, let’s go." Nie Lao said that the smile on his face didn’t mask the excitement in his heart, but they silently walked towards the venue.
Came to the door of the venue, "Please show me your membership card". A young doorman made his debut. Le Sandu showed his * * card and quickly passed and walked into the door.
And when Xingqi was about to show his cards, "Please show your cards!" A sound comes from the side of Xingqi.
Starkey looked at this supercilious young man with a smile, only to find the sarcastic smile in his eyes and a few people next to him, but looked at himself as if he had a good impression on these young family brothers. Starkey also lost it. It seems that there is something wrong with his clothes.
Ignore a few people look, Xingqi shook his clothes, took out his red card, and went in with arrogance in the young man’s discolored face
There is still more than half an hour before the auction, but the whole venue is almost full, with Starkey’s red card, three old people and three happy people sitting in the front rows and sitting in the back. Most of them are white and have no ability to participate in filming. Of course, they have to sit in the back.
The whole meeting is distributed in a circular shape, with thousands of seats, but thousands of people are sitting in the venue, but your clothes are quieter than the masks. Everyone is closed and refreshed. It is also the first time for several people to attend this meeting, and they are waiting around.
Half an hour later, a few gray-haired Hu old people came to the central circular platform, and several people briefly announced to everyone that the auction was made up of several big families, so without any fancy, it was announced that the auction began and was presided over by a middle-aged platform.
"It is now announced that there are two rules for bidding: the price increase should not be less than one million gold coins at a time, and you should not quote more than you can afford. Today, the first 20 auction items are 20 bottles of Fuyuan Dan Dan San Dan medicine, which is to restore the efficacy of quarrelling Dan medicine. It is not specifically introduced that each bottle has 25 reserve prices of 10 million gold coins, and now the first bottle of auction begins." Middle-aged people even started bidding without introducing themselves.
"I gave a hundred million dollars" and a red card was raised.
"120 million!" A silver medal was raised.
"160 million!" Another red card was raised.
Because the participants in this auction are different, the participants in the auction are masters of the king level. There are many differences in the ordinary auction, except for the host and the offeror sound stage, who is quiet.
After two minutes, the auctioneer made sure that no one would come back. Bang! The stress of the auctioneer’s hammer hitting the table made the first bottle of Dan medicine fall into the pocket of the red card lifter with 160 million gold coins.
"Now the auction of the second bottle begins," the auctioneer announced again …
When you hear the starting price, you will know what these * * brand white cards are not eligible for bidding. This deserves to be a large-scale auction in one thousand. These Dan medicines are dozens of pieces at a time.
Although the auction is calm on the surface, Xingqi still feels sitting with his own ears. Everyone’s heart is pounding with masks, and his face is also excited. He is also eager to watch a bottle of Dan medicine being taken away. Lesan also watches Xingqi from time to time.