Out of curiosity, it is also a kind of prying mind to pack children’s shoes or secretly look at the things in that folder.

It was supposed to be a small film of the island country, but I never thought it was a document marked "Out"!
Then she also specially checked those sales seem to be good, but because she doesn’t understand the children’s shoes, she doesn’t know where it is.
But she knew that it was this little brother who grew up as a childhood sweetheart neighbor. It seemed that he was a little powerful.
According to the actual birthday, Zhao Wuying’s birthday is actually like Siyi for half a year.
But …
Who called her a girl?
There’s always something special
I was worried that Fang Siyi found that she didn’t go to see those children’s shoes, but remembered those names, and then went to the company’s brain to check the results. When she saw the children’s shoes, she became a little fan of Fang Siyi.
Originally, I was going to support one, but when I saw that all the departments were in their thirties and forties, I packed my children’s shoes very decisively and went to the Internet to see if they were connected.
Of course, she thinks it’s not expensive to see money on the regular network, and it’s only about five to ten dollars, which is very close to the people
And at the same time, I occasionally visit the comment area to pack children’s shoes, only to find that Fang Siyi seems to be really powerful.
However, I don’t have a specific concept for these.
But she knows Fang Siyi writes very well!
Now, such a nice guy is about to start writing a new bag of children’s shoes, so he is naturally looking forward to it.
And Fang Siyi did live up to the expectations of the children’s shoes, and an interesting and sweet story quietly appeared in the document.
As time goes by, the story is restored bit by bit.
Before you know it, it’s late at night
Fang Siyi, who was awakened by the sudden ringing, looked strangely aside.
One second is laughing.
Unconsciously, the children’s shoes have fallen asleep, and the side face presses his arms and falls on the back of the chair. It is even more interesting to breathe from the nose and mouth. What is more interesting is that a drop of crystal saliva in the slightly pouting mouth is slipping quietly.
That cute look makes people laugh.
However, it is impossible for Fang Siyi to let her sleep like this. Although it is not cold in the room and it is midsummer, it is very easy to catch cold if she sleeps like this for one night.
Chapter 24 Animals are worse than freshly squeezed soybean milk
"bag?" Tried to gently call a Fang Siyi got up and came to the side of the children’s shoes while gently calling and trying to move the children’s shoes away.
"Well-"I was so sleepy that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I lifted my eyelids a gap and closed my eyes again after seeing Fang Siyi. Fang Siyi picked her up across her waist.
Fang Siyi’s face rose with a wry smile when she watched the sleeping bag of children’s shoes.
Is this girl really not worried about what she will do?
After shaking his head, Fang Siyi calmed down and held Zhao Wuying in a very romantic way in the bedroom that had been booked during the day.
Behind the blanket, Siyi smiled and left with a light.
After a while, there was a gentle exhaling blanket in the bedroom, and after a while, it gradually became quiet.
This is not Fang Siyi’s original story. In fact, there is a TV play in this story dream.
However, Siyi in front seems to think that the ending of the TV play seems to be a bit bad. After thinking about it, I saw the prototype of the characters in this story after the original play and then redesigned it.
What he finally got was the best novel he could revise and think of himself as now.
For example, the branch line of girlfriends of Chinese women and men has been added, for example, the original foundation of emotional entanglements between women and men has been increased, and the scenes encountered by the heroine and men in the company have been expanded.
Of course, the overall style of writing is warm and sweet, mixed with a little cold humor, and try to make the whole story complete and interesting.
But in this way, the number of words is much harder.
Although I was busy all night, I wrote a quarter.
After calculation, it is estimated that it will be finished in about 150 thousand words.
This is a short story and it is unlikely to be written into a long one.
After all, there is neither dog blood sadism nor intrigue in a story. Generally speaking, it will not exceed 200,000 words, and now Fang Siyi is too lazy to irrigate what he wrote, which is also very enjoyable.
After thinking about it, simply log in to the account directly after checking the error.
The first chapter connected to their own number
Then I went online.
Turn around and go to bed.
In the morning, with a ray of golden sunshine, I wake up from my sleep with my children’s shoes on my face.
Awakening for the first time, Zhao Wuying sat up stupidly.
After confirming that the room is alone and the clothes have not been moved, the children’s shoes are quietly relieved.