Hungry eyes can also be heroic?

Endure to laugh wildly impulse, her face twitched and nodded.
After a big turn, she went to the small lounge to nurse her baby through the stunt of nursing Kang Jian.
Lift up the cotton material and reveal the beautiful shape of the breast. The breast is a little bigger and a little firmer during lactation. She pinched a swollen chest and then untied the bra buckle.
My arms are well-off, and I smell milk, and my eyes shine instantly.
He waved his little hand and grabbed her bra accurately, his eyes closed slightly, his expression was painful and he enjoyed his little mouth like a pig, humming and licking it until it smelled like milk.
Gu Mengmeng heart and then giggle.
She put her little head to her chest, almost to her mouth, and deliberately hid it several times. She remembered that Xiaokangjian was almost crazy when he snorted.
Haha, if I ask you to eat, I won’t let you succeed. Haha, smelly son, she likes it and teases him repeatedly. Conway is slowly becoming a bad face.
Ii yiliang
In the future, she will have to exclaim that a black hand grabbed her bloated chest and rubbed her eyes slightly. When stimulated by external force, she suddenly loosened a milky white line, and another black hand quickly softened the back of her head and held her mouth tightly, sucking her ru head.
Hum, hum, and be healthy, while satisfied with humming, Jingjing looked at his parents with bright eyes.
Smelly son, what are you looking at? If dad hadn’t saved you, you would still be hungry. Conway was limited in love and rubbed his healthy ass, causing the little guy to stop and look at Conway with his nipple in his mouth and giggle.
Ha ha, you little cutie. Conway Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help laughing.
Kang Jian winked, probably knowing that he was teasing him, so he turned to nurse and stopped looking at them.
How old are you still bullying your son? Conway is sitting next to her with iron hard arms around their mother and lamenting the childlike innocence of his wife.
Gu Mengmeng face a red argued that I didn’t.
No, then why did my son hum? He pinched her other side while she was concentrating on nursing.
She elbowed him and said she hated you and wanted to eat.
Conway ha ha laugh is not unheard of.
Gu Mengmeng’s face turned red. Did he really suck her milk or did he ask him to suck it?
A while ago, she was still in the warm box and couldn’t come back. She couldn’t suck clean every day by breast pump. The experienced nurse looked shyly at her handsome husband and said, let your lover help you suck, which is definitely better than breast pump.
Conway worked as a milkman for a long time.
He is also addicted to her milk.
Conway is coming to lick Gu Mengmeng, smiling and dodging, shouting Xiaojian, help Xiaojian, save mom.
Conway laughed and rushed to kill.
Oh, there was a sharp pain in my nose. Conway was dumbfounded. He kicked himself and was speechless.
Gu Mengmeng laughed.
Her son is really amazing
The strength of kicking his hoof is extraordinary, and his father is kicked.
Conway in distress situation rubbed his red nose and waved it with a big slap.
Don’t you dare to beat Gu Mengmeng and stop.
Conway slapped him on the thigh for a temporary turn.
Xiaokangjian didn’t eat well again. He stared at his parents with round black eyes and once again showed his cosmic enemy a fascinating smile.
Conway caressed his head and stared at his little magic star and lamented.
Son, grow up quickly. When you grow up, you will be afraid of me. Dad is very good, but he is laughing and holding his angry wife. Dad is still afraid of your mother.
Gu Mengmeng snorted JiaoChen stared his one eye.
The headstrong man doesn’t care about you.
Conway quickly stole a fragrance in her face, patted her on the shoulder and said, feed the milk. Come on, the royal regiment came with a large army. Oh, and Enya He Yang just came here and saw it red and sent it to the hospital.
Gu Mengmeng a surprised with eat satisfied and healthy.
Did you ask if you were born?
Conway shook his head and felt uncomfortable. He Yang threw a red envelope and ran away. He said Enya was going to lift someone’s ward.
Two people couldn’t help smiling at each other.
Conway surrounded his wife and children and walked towards the crowded banquet hall.
After the banquet, she Conway arrived at the general manager of the army.
Enya just gave birth to a six-pound, six-two-year-old lying in the ward.