Xiao Yan Lin looked at the tower-like figure, and a bright color appeared in his eyes. Xiao Yan seems to be stronger today than in the past, but his skin seems to be particularly rough and faint with a subtle purple and gold color.

This kind of fluctuation
Lin’s eyes flashed, and he noticed a quite familiar wave from his childhood, which was Zufu’s power.
It’s the owner of the universe who smiles and looks at a little inflammation and then nods, but he is satisfied with the owner’s choice of a new owner.
Xiaoyan also took a smile and suddenly found it a year ago and then tried it. It was actually recognized by the ancestors of the wild.
Lin also nodded with a smile. Xiaoyan was delighted at this opportunity. He was able to sense it. Today Xiaoyan has also entered the reincarnation environment, and even in the face of the true king level, he will not be afraid.
Lin moved with a smile and then his eyes turned to Xiaoyan’s side, where the handsome young man dressed in black was slender and stood like that, except for the sable, but today he may be in charge of the demon domain alliance, but that handsome face is a little more cold and harsh.
At this time, the sable’s eyes are also looking at Lin’s handsome face with a touch of warmth. Both of them look at each other with a smile, and the brotherhood is not much to say.
By the way, I really want to see you. The little mink seems to think of something. Suddenly, she waved at the rear demon domain Coalition, and then a rainbow swept away. Then the rainbow dispersed and saw a gentle and graceful girl. That’s how she appeared in front of Lin Dong.
The girl’s figure is soft and slender. She is dressed in a skirt and her hair is tied casually. Her skin is still white. Her waist is covered with snow. Her eyebrows are in the mountains, and her nose is quite upturned. Her sexy red lips are slightly sipping her lips and smiling. She has a fascinating look. Just her eyes look like she is in a trance.
You, you’re in a fine mood. Lin didn’t move because she was so charming. What gaffes were startled? She looked at her and exclaimed
Xin Qing has seen Lord Lin.
The young girl smiled at Lin Yingying, but there was a surge of pure natural charm. Her watery and clever eyes were also bold and fiery looking at Lin Dong.
This young girl was originally accompanied by Lin to the demon domain, but in the end it was because she accepted Kyubi no Youko Linghu and finally closed a village.
However, in just a few years, the girl has changed a lot, and she is no longer so charming and timid. Even after staring at Lin Dong with watery eyes, she can’t help feeling backache.
The charm of Kyubi no Youko Linghu is quite severe. No wonder that even when he swallowed his wife, he was still involved in Kyubi no Youko Linghu.
Are you all right in your village? Lin asked with a smile
Heart fine sipping mouth nodded and said, our Kyubi no Youko family has once again become a demon domain bully family. Thanks to Lin Dong’s adult’s help in those years, the heart is fine and unforgettable.
Lin moved with a smile in my heart and was delighted by the changes in Kyubi no Youko Village.
In the distance, once again, a series of figures were swept to Qingtan, Qingzhu Ling, Tang Xinlian, pheasant and many other Coalition high-level officials came here.
We should look at these gathered Coalition forces and take a deep breath. Since everyone is here, then the three major Coalition forces will be commanded by Xinlian girl and the rest of them will try their best to help.
If we lose this battle, maybe all the creatures in this world will fall into the hands of the magic prison.
The smell speech is also solemnly fuels, which is obviously white. The importance of this final battle.
In this case
Should be the Lord of life and death, their glances are all extremely sharp colors.
Then the army set out to attack the West Xuanyu Chapter one thousand two hundred and nineteen Attack the West Xuanyu
The West Xuanyu once had four Xuanyu, but now this vast area has almost changed its appearance. The earth is dark and black, and the sticky magic gas floats in the air, and when the magic gas gathers to some extent, it is in the sky that the magic clouds and the magic rain are overwhelming.
In the depths of the magic gas, it seems that there are a few screams filled with cruelty and violence.
The quiet atmosphere in a mountain range in the West Xuanyu has long been destroyed. In the mountain range, several monsters are fleeing, and there are still many people hiding in the mountains. At this time, they are mixed together, and their eyes looking back are full of fear.
And in their distant rear, the magic gas is rolling in, and in that magic gas, several evil scarlet eyes are now showing that they are ghostly and sharp, and the magic gas sweeps away several monster beasts in front of them, all of whom are human beings, and the thick bloody smell is accompanied by piercing screams.
This is the same hunting.
But at this time, these creatures became prey, and those monsters became love hunters.
Although the West Xuanyu has been occupied by the magic prison for a long time, after all, this area is too vast. Many human beings and other creatures will be blocked if they come or not, but they will face powerful demons and hide as carefully as mice. Once they are found, waiting for them will be the cruel ending.
This is close to the edge of the Western Xuanyu. If you can escape, you can enter the Ann Zone, which is still heaven and hell.
People are holding such expectations and fighting for their lives to overcome their fears, but when they see that the magic is getting closer and closer, they still can’t help but feel some sadness in their hearts. Can’t they escape?
Blood fog came from the rear and dyed many people’s faces red. They wiped the blood from their faces, but just when their eyes were full of despair, suddenly people stopped and stared at the distant sky.
In that distant place, the sky suddenly hurried to the extreme, and the wind broke, and then a piece of dark clouds swept in at a rapid speed. As the dark clouds approached, they discovered that it was actually an army formed by several human beings.
Several figures have been swept away with them, and they are still covered by locusts. The terrible fighting spirit that unites together turns out to be the terror magic gas that will pervade this West Xuanyu, and it is shocking and retreating.
All the fugitives in the mountains stopped. They looked at the overwhelming army, and their desperate eyes suddenly flooded in with madness.
Ah ah ah
They waved their arms wildly, and some shrill howls resounded. This despair now almost made them cry.
The rear came after them, and the magic troops also stopped at this time. The scarlet eyes looked at the current alliance army, which was also a flash of surprise. Immediately, a sharp ring resounded through the magic gas, but it quickly retreated.
However, just as they retreated, they heard a sound that almost made heaven and earth tremble and binge drinking resounded, and immediately there was a riot of heaven and earth, and several lines of force roared past with overwhelming force, and finally they fell madly to those strange forces.
The earth trembled violently, but it was directly in this kind of covering attack that all the magic forces were blasted and even the magic gas was completely shaken away.
The three major allied forces listened to orders, and if they encountered an alien spirit along the way, they immediately killed and forgave the sky. A sweet cold drink wrapped in a majestic force filled with thick majesty and finally resounded through heaven and earth.